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  • Thursday, May 04, 2006
    Most Wanted News | Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan are Dating!
    Many fans always wanted miracle news on things to happen in TVB.
    For instance: Some fans wanted to have Triumph in the Skies II ft. Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan and wanted news on that. But Louis turned down the role, so then fans waited for a miracle to happen. They wanted a piece of news on Louis Koo accepting the role in Triumph in the Skies!

    Or when fans waited for Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion to air as soon as possible. It kept being delayed and delayed. Fans wanted news on it saying when it'll air!

    Well... Here is the kind of news I've always wanted to see. toomanysidesofme too!

    [I know, this piece of news is not real and it doesn't sound real at all. This is just a fake article.] Sorry, this is very unrealistic...
    Yesterday evening on May 3, 2006, Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were spotted eating dinner together. Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan arrived around 6:30 P.M. walking hand in hand into the restaurant smiling brightly.

    As soon as they got their seats, it seemed as if Louis was making jokes or doing something funny. Jessica kept laughing which made Louis smile 120 watts.

    After dinner, they were sitting around joking and laughing happily. When asked if they were dating, Louis answered, “Yes, we’ve been dating!”

    Moments later, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu came in the restaurant, seeing Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan, they immediately rushed over. Asking his idol and his older ‘sister’ how to keep things down low, Jessica replied, “We didn’t keep it down low! Back then, reporters didn’t pay much attention to us. I’ve been rumored with Gallen Lo Kar Leung numerous times. Louie and I have always been close back in 1999-2002 but reporters never to have rumored us about relationships. Instead, friends and family have always asked me if I was dating him.”

    Louis added, “We come over to each other’s houses a load of times recently but no one ever suspected us. Bosco, if you weren’t so popular, you wouldn’t have been caught dating Myolie!”

    Obviously embarrassed when complimented by Louis, Bosco waved bye and went on with his date Myolie.

    Later on, Louis and Jessica accepted an interview; they could be in the mood for anything!

    Reporter: When did you guys start this relationship?

    Louis: Ehh… in 2003.

    Jessica: Yeah, we met a while back filming in Class of Distinction.

    Reporter: How was it that you guys created great sparks for Fei and Quin?

    Louis: We were very close friends back then so we felt more comfortable acting together.

    Reporter: Have you ever noticed how many fans of yours you guys have created?

    Jessica: *laughs* Haha, yes! After Detective Investigation Files IV we have gather many fans from around the world since our hell ending in there.

    Reporter: Will there be another LJ pairing?

    Jessica: I remember that interview!

    Louis: Oh, I know which interview! I agree with Michael and Kenix, if their fans can wait 7 seven years, I'm sure LJ fans can wait 10!

    Louis: Which make us the Golden Couple of TVB. *laughs*

    Reporter: Do you guys plan on getting married?

    Louis/Jessica: Of course!

    After that question, Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan left the restaurant driving home.
    posted by x3LKJH @ 7:43 PM  
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