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  • Friday, June 30, 2006
    Betrayal of TVB?
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Honestly I feel a bit of lost when you see TVB actors leave whether to ATV or Mainland. So seeing that ex-tvb actors now are leads in an ATV series, I feel a bit of betrayal.

    I totally understand why they went to ATV, TVB is a rather ruthless, dominate, and quite ignorant at times. TVB does not provide a living for most who work under them. Most do sponserships to get extra cash so they can live in the world of the celeb world , where you must have the high fashion clothes and where you are in the public eye meaning you must present yourself in a certain way. TVB just gives you fame, more then ATV can ever give. TVB has a habit of promoting certain artist and ONLY them, no matter if you have talent or not, if TVB likes you. A paved path to stardom.

    So we can't blame them for switching to ATV. Better pay, better hours, a chance to lead in a series, your company actually caring about you. So can't blame them.

    There have been many switchs between TVB and ATV, yet they all manage to come back to TVB. Astrid Chan is back, its been a long long time. Sunny Chan came back last year. Michael Tao came back, Fimed Shine on You, Love Bond and Fantasy Hotel last year(but hasn't filmed anything else with TVB)

    I really wish TVB wasn't so dominating, then they would have to pay more attention to thier artist, and come up with better plots and scripts! Come on TVB shape up!

    So is this batrayal? I say the answer is no


    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 3:04 PM   1 comments

    Thursday, June 29, 2006
    Big CBWH review/Indepth
    stay tuned... still writing it, sorry for the wait!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 2:41 PM   4 comments

    Friday, June 23, 2006
    What Song is This?
    Maybe I'm posting a little bit too much, but my friend sent me this song, I recognize the melody. It's a.. I think a classic chinese song sang by some ... good singer lol.

    My friend sent me the English version of the song and the melody is veryy familar, and I'm trying to find the chinese version of the song. I'm kinda frustrated that I can't find it.

    Please listen to this song:

    >>Click Here <<

    If you ever know who sang the Chinese version, or even have the song, please be my lifesaver and give it to me? Please? Pleaaaaaaaaase? Or just telling me who sang it would do good and help a lot also!

    Thanks for reading this.. :D
    posted by x3LKJH @ 11:28 PM   8 comments

    Kenix Kwok + Bernice Liu = Michelle Reis?

    + =?
    I saw Michelle Reis picture at jaynestars and hmm... When I look at her, I see a Kenix Kwok... But when I look at her eyes.. I see a Bernice Liu!
    I can see the resemblence only in this picture.. lol
    posted by x3LKJH @ 4:56 PM   2 comments

    Thursday, June 22, 2006
    Bosco Wong looking like Marco Ngai?

    When I saw this picture at, I mistook Bosco for Marco Ngai. I thought Marco returned to TVB to film a serie, but I guess not.

    In this picture, Bosco looks a lot like Marco for some reason.. or is it just me?
    posted by x3LKJH @ 10:36 PM   3 comments

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006
    Warning Email
    Your site contains the following videos copyrighted by TVB, please remove them right away. Legal action would be committed if not once removed within two days.
    Internet Department,
    Jared Ting

    I have doubts its real but real or not I'm taking all vids offline. I'm sure everyone has downloaded them already since they have been online for so long. Again I have serious doubts, plus I have only 5 downloads? All super trio or super trio ish... so it doesn't matter. And it reminded me that I forgot to take the MVS off too. Whoops.

    I'm just afaird that if it is real, this is just the tip of the iceberg. First TVB targets TVBsquare, now into the territory of blogs? And TVB is looking at everyone's sites. Freaky kinda.

    whatever, real or fake I'm just going to take the stuff offline prevent any further trouble
    But seriously no need to worry!

    My response :

    To Jared Ting,

    I would gladly comply with your request to remove all videos on my blog. But I would like to recieve authenticity of your status with TVB, either by sending an email using a TVB account or by other means. If I do no recieve a reply within two days I will consider your request cancelled and assumed that no legal action with be used against me or the site. Until I have recieved a reply I will also not remove any materials from my blog. <--because I have already taken it off anyways


    I know I have lots of umm enemies out there for whatever reason, not sure why anyone would hate me THAT much, but this is just one sick joke (if it is).
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:59 PM   0 comments

    TVB Pays Restaurants in the US to Advertise?
    Okay, this is weird. It's .. off topic in a way. It's kinda about my personal life too but oh well, I thought it was weird..

    I was with my uncle on Saturday. We ate at this restaurant named "King of Buffet" its a Chinese cuisine. n a buffet.

    When I walked in, they were playing Under the Canopy of Love's theme song sung by Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow. I was surprised and told my brother and uncle about the series and about the song and they said it must be a coincidence or something. Then after we ordered our drinks, I went to the bathroom and on the bathroom door was TVB's sign. You know, the symbol.. blue on top, then green in the middle and then red at the very bottom. The restaurant played various TVB songs..

    After I finished using the bathroom, they started playing "Detective Investigation Files IV" theme sang by Edmond Leung. It was weird how they played TVB themes and on their bathroom door, there is the 'sign' of TVB. I asked the cashier guy about the songs they were playing and why there is TVB's sign.

    Then he said that TVB pays them to advertise. As in, TVB pays King of Buffet to uh.. promote TVB by playing themes n stuff.

    I didn't quite believe that. Why would TVB pay a restaurant to... advertise?
    Er maybe the restaurant is just.. weird? Can anyone come up with a better conclusion?
    posted by x3LKJH @ 12:15 AM   3 comments

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    The single most shocking thing
    I can't believe this, I don't even know what this is. This is one of the single most shocking thing this community has felt in years. I don't think the internet has every made me this depressed because this was something I really got attached... I shouldn't say more, not until an official announcement.

    As a good I mean great friend said "(sigh) great way to start the week"

    Must stay strong!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 12:23 AM   1 comments

    Monday, June 19, 2006
    Just checking in
    just checking in, saying still here and alive.. lol

    I'm in this weird mode right now, so non-TVB. I stopped watching CBWH (I assure all I will continue) because of all my exams. So I'm not watching anything TVB. I lost interest in news related to TVB. Not sure what is going on. I really think I need a break from TVB. This weekend I just watched 4 movies. three action I rented and then I had enough and went out and watched Cars. All four were to a surprise, pretty good films . All enjoyable though one of them a tad too long. oh well.

    Just right now I went back to CBWH to look for a particular scene to make screen caps. Makes me want to see it now. But I must resist!

    Chilam looks quite fine

    comtemplating on "someone"
    in CBWH --->

    No reason why I'm posting these two, it wasn't the scene I was looking for....
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:53 PM   0 comments

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006
    Exams and LeeHom
    Well I'm going to be busy for a while since I have so many exams coming up. Must study ... or at least stare at information that I should know. Well anyways expect less updates. I'll still be around. This whole lack of updates won't last long, I have only a few left anyways.

    ooo I'm loving this interview by CNN and Leehom. Can I love him anymore then I already do? I guess so. Interview is all in english. *heart*

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    CNN Talk Asia Part 1:
    CNN Talk Asia Part 2:
    CNN Talk Asia Part 3:
    -I did not upload these- credits to tinahigh
    found link and pic on asianfanatics
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 3:21 PM   2 comments

    Sunday, June 11, 2006
    Fei Fei's IQ Game Show
    One of Fei Fei's game show

    Guest: Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam, Flora Chan, Charmaine Sheh, and Frankie Lam
    Year: 2000?

    My Fav parts of the show:
    1. When they had to guess what english word it was (I guess it right!) It so funny the guys reaction (None of them speak English well..haha) But the girls team (Jess, Flora and Charm) I know Flora and Jess have excellent english. I believe Charm too. Anyways the Guys came up with Lover... haha no where close. it started with Nov and and ended with ber.. gee what else could it be. Woot Girls rock!
    2. Seeing Jess and Flora's close relationship. Its'nt it nice to see they have such a close relationship. Jess coaching Flora so she can win second. Its sweet.
    3. Charmaine's amazing photographic memory! Very Impressive.

    Other things:
    Jess looks really tan! I'm guessing after AMOC.
    Bowie and Gallen are rather smart when it comes to numbers.
    Funny how Fei Fei kept on pointing out Flora's weak cantonese. "finally you're useful" haha

    The show is called
    "Happy Family _____ Show!"
    I can't figure out the third word... niether can sid.. oh well
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:46 PM   6 comments

    Saturday, June 10, 2006
    Yet another milestone!
    Its been a while since the last one, this blog is closing in to 100,000!

    Image Hosted by

    I know some of you guys are laughing... whats the big deal with 100,000? Well to me it means alot. it seems like I just started this blog like it was yesterday. I had some time, and some thoughts and a little inspiration by Asia (Thanks =) your blog is awesome) , I decided to start this.

    It grew little by little and had its ups and downs and what seems to be frequent hiatus. But I'm happy at where it has gone. Happy that people still come here.

    lol I found my blog the most random. I don't follow up on features that I start. When I think of something new I just write it and forget about it later. There is always something different. lol like what happened to the "Its in the eyes", well the thing is I was busy one Sunday (well actually Sundays are always busy but this one is particular was very busy) and it just slipped my mind. Next week I missed it too and now I just completely stopped it for now anyways. Who know I may just start it again soon!

    My Plans: I really don't have many since I have time this summer might as well. You can expect follow-ups on the Paralell Paths (I thought of a few others- less obvious but I found very interesting) PLEASE remind me. Lately I seem let alot of things slip. Also reviews for series that I have seen since the last time I wrote one Meaning I'll be writing one for Witness to Persecution and when I finsh Cold Blooded Warm Heart I must must MUST write one for it! That reminds me SORRY SORRY and SORRY for not updating I just have so much going on many many exams (all regents) and also CBWH =) (did I ever tell you have much I'm loving this series?) oh yeah a possible LJ feature too (something that I have on my harddrive since... forever but never ended up finshing.

    Well here it is so close to 100,000

    Big thanks to all who have supported me past and present (and hope future)
    I don't want to say name because I'll end up forgetting someone and you know. So Yeah you guys know who you are! Love you guys!

    so yeah thats it... YAY!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 10:21 PM   2 comments

    Quote of the Day
    It's not like you're the only one going through tough times. [Charmaine Sheh to Power Chan - Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion]

    Even if I'm ever going to a far place, I'll still be with you, in your heart. [Jacky Liu - Side Beat]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 9:43 AM   8 comments

    Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?
    Not exactly TVB related, goolly goo gosh, nothing I post is TVB related except for quotes XD haha.

    Well, I found this cute video, it's probably the cutestttt thing everr!!

    You have to watch it!!!

    Can you guys imagine Jacky Wong in this??

    Image Hosted by
    posted by x3LKJH @ 9:37 AM   1 comments

    Thursday, June 08, 2006
    2nd Top Chinese TV Drama Award: Part 2
    I suddenly realized this yesterday (I was meaning to post it yesterday but blogger was down). I found it really interesting.

    1st Top Chinese TV Drama Award:
    HK Favorite Actor/Actress
    Bobby Au-Yueng and Jessica Hsuan

    Image Hosted by

    2nd Top Chinese TV Drama Award:
    HK Favorite Actor/Actress
    Roger Kwok and Charmaine Sheh
    Image Hosted by


    Jessica And Bobby filming "Do Chueng Fung Wan"

    Image Hosted by

    Charm and Roger in Pearl of Orient

    Image Hosted by

    hey I guess who ever win next awards will pair up in a
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 3:22 PM   1 comments

    Monday, June 05, 2006
    Me rant about TV China Awards and stuff to do with Me
    Where to vent my anger? There isn't a better place then to vent it here on my personal blog.

    warning I guess... this will be a rant...

    Lets see, lets start with the TVB related ... well kinda... sorta related. Anyways, I have known about the 2nd (or in this case 2st? <--- some bad english here) China TV awards. Well last year Jessica won it for Favorite HK actress along with Bobby Au-Yeung (Favorite Hk Actor). The results are from votes. The votes are casted via text message only from mainland China (so this is a China award even though they have categories in HK and Taiwan) Well this year the votes were casted for a period of time (a month ot two) From the start Jessica was leading by thousands, it was a huge lead. Then there was something was a recount.. don't exactly remember. And the lead did drop. Still she was far ahead. I remember around 3 days before the voting ends she was still in the lead but Others started to catch up pretty quickly (Last minute voting?) When it was all over Jessica fell to third place behind Charmaine and Kenix. Grr... I say!

    What happened! Sigh most of you know me as a die hard Jess fan... such a hard defeat to take. I know Jessica's popularity has dropped because its been a while since she had a huge series (She had LMS but it seriously a Jess series... more like Roger.. I mean "Ah Wong" everywhere, you can say Square Pegs (02') but yet again its "Ah Wong" all the time... Golden Faith and that Mainland series? something Love? yeah Where is my Love... also with Gallen Lo. There was also A Chinese Ghost Story.. a huge Taiwan production... I'm guessing China also watch Taiwan stuff because the Taiwan actors had a huge amount of votes too (I'm sure that was a huge popularity booster because she won rave reviews). All this was in 2003... three yearsago so it kinda expected that you can loose some fans. Well this rant is helping alot with my anger. I know breathe in breathe out.... in... out.

    hmm anything else on my mind... I'm ALMOST off from school. So Close yet so far because I have tons of regents to take. Oh yeah I hate summer assignments... just ruins your summer. For my research class I think its either 40-90 hours this summer (I'm getting mixed info here) Also AP stuff.. like huge outlines...etc. And what else... the yearly summer book (Already finshed mine... it was enjoyable) I guess this ends my rant...

    well hope I didn't bore anyone to tears =P

    Oh yeah congrats to the people who made the list on the China TV Drama Award Roger Kwok
    Raymond Lam
    Julian Cheung
    Bowie Lam
    Wallace Zhong
    Charmaine Sheh
    Kenix Kwok
    Jessica Hsuan
    Gigi Lai
    Michelle Ye

    Go to for the complete list of winners

    excuse any spelling errors... sorry =\ and ALSO sorry for lack of updates recently just been busy
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:02 PM   2 comments

    Saturday, June 03, 2006
    Quote of the Day
    Sorry, whenever I'm sick, my father turns into a women! [Nnadia Chan to Sharon Chan - Trimming Success]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 11:20 AM   0 comments

    Friday, June 02, 2006
    Parallel Paths
    Parallel Paths ||

    Flora Chan and Bernice Liu.
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

    Their starting points may have not been the same but it seems like Bernice is walking on a path parallel to Flora’s.

    Before Fame: They both are from western countries, Flora from Boston, Mass and Bernice from a small town of Prince Rupert, Canada.

    Starting point:
    Image Hosted by
    Flora Chan- A reporter for the English language channel TVB Pearl. Who was offered a role in Files of Justice V and later signed with TVB

    Image Hosted by
    Bernice Liu- The complete opposite, more traditional way to get into TVB, Bernice won a pageant Miss International Award

    Both danced at a very young age and had dreams of being a dancer, but unfortunately Flora was injured and her dream was crushed.

    Flora Chan was born in Hong Kong and at a very young age she moved to the US. When she moved to the US she focused on her English. Therefore her Cantonese was quite weak and unable to read Chinese. Similarly, Bernice Liu has very weak Cantonese. Her parents never forced her to learn. She entered the pageant as way to improver her weak Cantonese, but she ended up winning the pageant.

    Along the road:

    Image Hosted by
    Flora’s first series was Files of Justice V among a grand cast of Bobby Au-Yueng, Michael Tong, Jessica Hsuan, and Ada Choi to name a few. She caught the attention of HK audience and signed with TVB.

    Image Hosted by
    Bernice Liu signed with TVB soon after winning Miss Chinese International. She already was known in HK. She made a cameo in Golden Faith. Her first series was the ancient version of Virtues of Harmony. She found much fame as her “Princess” role.

    Moses Chan: Their Lucky and Rumor Star
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
    When we think of Bernice Liu these days, who is the onscreen companion that immediately pops to our heads? Moses Chan of course! Moses and Bernice have starred in 2 TVB series, together. Both, playing as each other’s love interest at one point or another. Their most memorable would probably lean toward Love Bond. Who could forget the awesome chemistry they build with each other; bringing lots of laughter from us. But that’s now. How about a couple years back? Before the Bermoses era came along. Remember “Family Man?” Flora was paired up with Moses in this comedic series back in 2002. Back then, Flora and Moses were rumored to be the “cutest” couple. See the similarities? Here’s a little extra: Paul Chun was Flora’s dad in FM, while in LB, he was Bernice’s dad. Flora was the 2nd daughter; while likewise, Bernice was the second daughter. Flora won the Best Actress award when paired up with Moses. While Bernice “almost” won the Best Improved Actress when paired up with Moses. (shrugs) Just a little FYI.

    Singing Career

    Flora launched off her singing career, singing TVB’s “Feminine Masculinity” theme song with Gallen Lo back in 1999. Since then, Flora has continued singing numerous theme/sub-themes to many of TVB series that she starred in. Same goes with Bernice. Taking part as one of the VOH cast, and went on functions and performances, Bernice singing career slowly unfolds before our eyes. First off with singing a duet with Frankie Lam (another TVB “siu sungs”) in VOH’s Happy Harmony cd and continues from there. Flora released albums (one due soon!), seems Bernice is planning her own too. With Paco, Gold Label manager giving his support, Bernice is sure to follow Flora’s music path.

    The help from Pingyins

    Although Flora’s Cantonese reading and speaking proficiency has improved a lot since her debut, but it was no piece of cake for her. Flora openly admitted that when she first started in the entertainment industry, she had to use pingyin in order to read the scripts or anything! It was frustrating! Well…can’t blame her for it, since it was a hard and crucial time for Flora, when as a newbie in entertainment circle. Bernice was a little bit luckier with her weak point. Bernice’s dad helps out and translated most of Bernice’s script into to pingyin for her! Translated or not, Bernice had to work hard herself in order to get what she achieved today; losing her western accents and able to recognize lots of the characters. Without the pingyin system, how could 2 of TVB’s past and present actresses do so well and become one of favorites of all time! Almost impossible!

    The other “man” in their lives

    Many of you might not know this but Flora was married for quite sometime. Back when she was rising to fame. Her husband helped her a lot with her Chinese and gave a lot of moral support. No Bernice is not married but she had a very significant figure in her life, her father, he father has stayed in Hong Kong with Bernice as translator, bodyguard, everything else, and a father all at the same time. But unfortunately Flora has since parted with her husband. But these two “men” have helped them so much when they needed them the most.

    Note: I am no way comparing the two’s acting ability. Just the path their career has taken, and the many similarities between the two.

    Also since I been rather busy Sidney finshed up typing this article. Many thanks to her! Sids the BEST!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:35 PM   0 comments

    Thursday, June 01, 2006
    Quote of the Day
    Sharon: Sit and study while I go play! *Runs off*
    Bosco: I sit here and study while you go play? Why don't I just marry these books! [Sharon Chan and Bosco Wong - Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 10:30 PM   0 comments

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