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  • Thursday, September 21, 2006
    Happy kinda-belated Birthday to my pal, Sidney!

    My master for the day ;-P Sidney over at her blog TVB Sidsation, is turning the big [insert large number here] She is turning into a grandma! Losing her vision, memory and getting those stiff joints and gets tired easily... hehe. j/k! I met Sidney almost a year now (I do mean when we officailly met, since I don't remember too well the em's shoutbox days) Seriously she is one of the best person you will ever meet, she is everything you want in a friend (except her evil twin sister, which is totally different story) I'm so glad that we met on that fateful day, and how things have gone from there. So a toast (lol..because I don't drink..) to Sid, for just being there! and I hope she has a Great Day, a Great year, and a Great Life in front of her. Let her happiness grow and have wonderful memories to keep forever!
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    Monday, September 18, 2006
    Tvbsquare's 2 Million Hits Party

    Tvbsquare's 2 Million Hits Party
    Tvbsquare / Tvfansquare is getting 2 million hits soon! Our Hit Counter is getting bigger and bigger. We are on the way to mark one of the most important stage in TVB fans' community. Come and join us for the fun, and of course, we got an exciting contest going:

    Party Contest: TVB Element International Contest
    Design Categories:
    1 Image (including TVB stars or series photos, and also collage or composition)
    2 Graphic (created by hand or computer graphic)
    3 Animation (including moving image, or clips)
    4 Object (including any objects you see in a TVB series, such as weapons, clothings, etc)
    5 Tvfansquare (banners for tvfansquare, sizes include: 88 X 31, 120 X 60, 125 X 125 or 468 X 60)

    Size Requirement: for categories 1 to 4, you can create avatar, banner or poster size for each category. Avatars must be 100 X 100, no size requirement for the others. For category 5, please use the required size dimension listed.

    Eligibility & Submission Deadline:

    The competition is open to designers from all regions and countries.
    You can enter any category, and send in unlimited entries. All entries must be original work.
    Entries will be accepted from September 16, 2006 until October 6, 2006.
    Entries must sent to [go here to get the email to send it too]
    Contest Prize:
    1 Grand Prize Winner - $30.00 gift card from
    2 Contest Winners - $10.00 gift card from
    2 Million Hits Award Presentation - October 8, 2006
    Individuals and groups will be awarded during Tvbsquare's 2 Million Hits Celebration. The Award Presentation will be presented on October 8, 2006. The Awards include: Contest Awards, Fun Zone Awards and Forum Awards.
    more info [here]

    note: 2 million hits is on our main page not in any other pages on the site. Hope you join!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:21 PM   1 comments

    Sunday, September 17, 2006
    Happy Birthday Ada Choi!
    I don't have time to write great stuff about her today. But today, September 17, 2006, is her 33rd birthday! Her consistent great work will always be appreciated, her roles were never disappointing, and she delivers the best performance she could make. She's a beautiful talented artist.

    Check out Forever Ada Choi and see Kay's wishes for Ada. :D
    Forever Ada Choi
    or Sere's, Sere-Visions

    Both GREAT blogs.



    posted by x3LKJH @ 10:08 PM   0 comments

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