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  • Wednesday, December 27, 2006
    Revised TV schedule
    Revised TV schedule

    At the start of each TV season, there are so many new freshman shows around. You take a chance with some of them. The ones that have caught your eye in some way or another. Also there are your returning shows that you have been with the previous year. It seems like a lot to watch in your hectic life. So you drop some you gain some and in the end you have a schedule that will change once again when you enter the mid season. When the networks likes to play around and change timeslots. I have to say for those TV freaks out there (I do mean it in the nicest way possible) thank god for TIVO. I for one don’t have the time or inclination to watch over more than one show a night, okay maybe a possible two if its good tv. So here I am during the time where reruns rome free and there is nothing to actually watch, reflecting on what I been watching.

    Mondays- I actually watched nothing on Mondays. Until Ying talked about Heroes on her blog. I was always intrigued with the show, and see how it has become a hit with the viewers. I said to myself what could go wrong? So Winter Break here, I had nothing better to do… with my thumb hurting like hell. I started watching it online (I am really loving the ability to watch TV online) After first episode, I admit I was hooked. I love the show now. Its not original that’s for sure, very comic book like. Which it’s suppose to. And Hiro, “Save the cheerleader, Save the world”, he is hilarious and cute. Yeah I loved it so much I watched all 11 episodes in one day…yes I was exhausted after all that. So from now on Heroes on Monday.

    Tuesdays- I started out with Gilmore Girls, its last season and I been an avid fan of it since the beginning. Thing were good, I was not a Christopher hater ever… so it was okay. I watched Veronica Mars after it because… well it was after GG. No other reason really. It’s an okay show, enjoyable, but I really don’t see the hype that I have seen. I started to fall really behind in recordings and now I completely dropped both series. I do have the intention on watching it someday though…

    Wednesdays- Nothing changed nothing gained. I still have Bones on top priority above everything including homework. Season 2 is very different, and I have so many changes I hate and some of the missing elements of the show but the quality of the show increased. Too bad it’s starting to become more of the (streamline CSI procedural) with the cases due to the new boss whom I dislike a lot. Anyways… still very good TV. Rewatching all of season one, thanks to Sid (I heart you)!

    Thursdays- Grey’s Anatomy still. Quality of the show dropped a little from last year but overall it’s been good. One of the shows that is always enjoyable to me no matter what happens.

    Fridays - uh there is TV on this day?

    Saturday- I think I’m better off playing Wii then watching anything on this day.

    Sunday –nothing unless watching some TVB or something.

    Currently watching TVB

    Dicey Business…. I hate that name I’ll just call it Dou Chueng Fung Wan. Crazy Jess is rather awesome, I was scared it would be a character I wouldn’t like, but seriously she is fun and enjoyable to watch. Really reminds me of Witness to Persecution, her homeless petty thief character. At least I’m starting to watch TVB again… the last series I watched was Forensic Heroes which was months ago.

    Jewel in Palace- Okay I admit I never saw the appeal of the show when it first aired. I started watching it and liked it but stopped watching it for some reason…. Account issues or something. Well I didn’t think much about it and suddenly I started watching it again and I’m kinda hooked. I actually don’t mind that its like 70 episodes long, very predictable, with many sub plots… anyways I’m glad I’m watching it now .

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    Sunday, December 24, 2006
    Christmas eve
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    -Booth, Bones - The Man in the Fallout Shelter

    Ahh the joys of being high... I did not just say that. *coughs* I was referring to the character.

    Anyways Merry Christmas! Hope everyone enjoys their holidays with family. (look up changed layout!- just banner really)
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    Sunday, December 10, 2006
    toomanysidesofme's wishlist 2006

    Toomanysidesofme has a lot of sides to please (49 to be exact). Can you help each sides get what it wants?

    Side 1 wants Golden Faith DVD part 1
    Side 2 wants Golden Faith DVD too but wants part 2
    Side 3 wants Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for wii, Monkeys are fun and crazy
    Side 4 wants an extra Wii remote (already got the wii, this side just need an extra controller to play along with its other sides)
    Side 5 wants Bones DVD complete first season ;-)
    Side 6 wants Alias DVDs (preferably the awesome Rambaldi box but individual seasons isn’t bad either)
    Side 7 wants new computer speakers
    Side 8 wants new Ipod (preferably a video one, nano is fine)
    Side 9 wants iTunes gift certificates
    Side 10 wants Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest DVD (maybe this time around this side will actually “get” it)
    Side 11 wants Pirate hat and eye patch
    Side 12 wants Some good books to read
    Side 13 wants All About Women CD (yes this side still has not gotten it)
    Side 14 wants some nice warm new slippers
    Side 15 wants Grey's Anatomy DVD- Season One
    Side 16 wants Grey's Anatomy DVD- Season Two
    Side 17 wants a pogo stick so it can jump around
    Side 18 wants a new deck of cards to pawn its other sides at Chinese poker
    Side 19 wants a new Slinky
    Side 20 wants an electric guitar or a new guitar would be okay
    Side 21 wants a Portable External Hard Drive
    Side 22 wants some nice smelling candles
    Side 23 wants The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
    Side 24 wants all Snow Patrol CDs mostly Eyes Open
    Side 25 wants The Official SAT Study Guide wait nvm that side already has it, maybe another study guide for SATs or AP
    Side 26 wants How To Save A Life ~ The Fray
    Side 27 wants SanDisk 1+GB SD Memory Card
    Side 28 wants to see the awesome Doctor House with House, M.D. - Season one and two
    Side 29 wants The Sims 2 extension packs
    Side 30 wants a new puppy
    Side 31 wants a new kitten
    Side 32 wants more sweaters it’s getting chilly here
    Side 33 wants Square Pegs DVD
    Side 34 wants a new flannel pajama set
    Side 35 wants more stuff animals
    Side 36 wants faster dual channel DDR Memory
    Side 37 wants poster to post in its room
    Side 38 wants Christmas cards
    Side 39 wants Gift cards for Amazon or Barnes and Nobles
    Side 40 wants a new cool messenger bag, the side’s kinda broke
    Side 41 wants Gift Certificates from: Barnes & Noble
    Intangible things
    Side 42 wants some forces to make Gallen make another TVB series, Louis and Jessica to actually get together (in real life) or just in a new series.
    Side 43 wants Internal Peace
    Side 44 Higher grades
    Side 45 Really good SAT scores
    Side 46 wants Happiness
    Side 47 wants Fun
    Side 48 wants Love, the unconditional kind
    Side 49 wants to wish everyone good luck in getting what they want for the holidays and in life

    Did you really think I would go to 49? Haha… it was ridiculously hard to be selfish for the past hour thinking up items I..err the sides want (in all seriousness, absolutely no sarcasm here! I looked at a million wishlist of other random people to get to 49!)

    You know If you want to get any of the above items for me, much appreciated =) even though this wishlist is kinda a joke, 49 items? haha but all things above are thing I want, to different degrees of course (order up there is random).

    Side 50, I want him for Christmas -->
    Yeah just get me the DVDs and I’ll just want for this season DVDs to come out and watch it. Also love the icon credits to mooners icons

    Oh hint if you do not get why I got the number 49 sides look at above poster

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    Monday, December 04, 2006
    Next up
    Next up, not sure the order of them though
    1. Christmas Wishlist, cough cough...
    2. Current TV Schedule
    3. I Promise a TVB article!
    4. much much belated CBWH review/analysis. I totally forgot until now 12-10

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    A random meme
    a meme, snagged from uh I forgot…
    well just randomness, guess to know me

    10 things currently on your desk:

    - the computer
    - the cordless phone
    - textbooks
    - a stack of papers
    - oil pastels
    - pens and pencils
    - a small stuff pig that I named Jasper ;-)
    - Digital Camera
    -A glass of water

    9 favorite ships: (in random-ish order, after B/B)

    - Brennan / Booth (Bones)
    - Jack / Sam (SG-1)
    - Angel / Faith (Angel/Buffy)
    - Louis / Jess (various series mostly DIF IV)
    - Gallen / Jess (Golden Faith)
    - Bernice / Moses (various, HH3 and Love Bond)
    - Rory / Logan (Gilmore Girls)
    - Burke / Christina (Grey’s Anatomy)
    - Alex / Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy)

    8 10 of your favorite songs (Current favorite songs):

    - Run - Snow Patrol
    - Through the Glass - Stone Sour
    - Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
    - Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
    - A Light on a Hill - Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
    - Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
    - Trust Me - The Fray
    - How to Save a Life – The Fray
    - Precious - Depeche Mode
    - Life Is Beautiful - Vega4

    password: wootwoot

    added Hinder's Lips of an Angel because How to Save a Life I have on Itunes, sorry.

    7 favourite kinds of candy and/or chocolate:

    - Sour Patch
    - Nerds
    - M&M's
    - Butterfingers
    - Hershey
    - Reese’s
    - idk?

    6 favorite artists/bands: (ever changing so this isn’t permanent in any way)

    - Snow Patrol
    - The Fray
    - very amused by Massive Attack currently…love you if you know why.
    - Keane
    - Depeche Mode
    - Oasis

    5 people you talk to most:

    - Mom
    - Brother
    - Dad
    - Laura, Alex, Alexis, and a few others.
    - Sidney, I seem to talk to her too much… =P

    4 websites you visit daily:


    3 favorite fictional characters:

    - Dr. Temperance Brennan and the rest of her squints
    - Dr. Christina Yang and sometimes Meredith when she doesn’t whine.
    - Mc Steamy and Alex
    - Rory Gilmore (sorry but Lorelei has made some really bad decisions lately)
    - Col. Samantha Carter
    - Dr. Greg House

    2 favorite sayings/quotes:

    - Nothing in this universe happens just once. Nothing. Infinity goes in both directions. There is no unique event, no singular moment - Temperance Brennan, Bones

    - There are many things in life besides Love – Jessica Hsuan, DIF IV

    - Love, doesn't need one single reason; Hate, comes with thousands of reason. (Just Love)

    - If you play with me now, I'll play with you for life. Louis Koo, DIF 4

    - The more you try to grasp it the harder it becomes, just let go and follow you own path
    Jessica Hsuan , Golden Faith

    You know what I have too many to list them out.

    1 favorite movie:

    - I can’t pick…

    added on

    5 Favorite Series: Current: (in order)
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Gilmore Girls
    Uhh…nothing else

    10 All-time Favorite Series.
    Golden Faith
    Burning Flames
    DIF IV
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Gilmore Girls
    Charmed (at one point)
    Buffy/Angel (at one point)
    SG- 1

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