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  • Thursday, November 23, 2006
    The 5 Things: What toomanysidesofme is thankful for

    Happy Turkey umm I mean… Thanksgiving, Day!

    Wee… so lets list the things I’m thankful of! I actually remember last year, today, this blog just had started, and I wrote a thanksgiving post. Seems so far away.

    The 5 Things: What toomanysidesofme is thankful for (ent related)

    1. TVB – toomany may now be close to really disliking TVB but it has let her discover new minions to control, I mean new friends online. (echoes muhahaha)

    2. TV blogs – Whether its TVB related or not, blogs are the way to be! So much information can be shared, including personal thoughts. Toomany says she likes blog because they allow her to brainwash her followers.

    3. Internet- The all holy medium, only thing that toomany will blow down to.

    4. Toomany gave the following a shot this year (turkey day to turkey day)
    Forensic Heroes/Beneath the Charm (or whatever the title was)- I honestly like Yoyo now, hey throw all the tomatoes at toomany but she is really not as annoying as her HH2 days.
    Bones- toomany’s favorite show on TV currently. If she would spread the love she would cover all over the world. She highly recommends it! Very happy that she was bored on day in the summer and watched the series and was hooked at second episode she watched. And so happy she did.

    5. Bigger TV screen for all toomany’s entertainment she watches! Weee, Oh yeah and playing that new Wii that Rita’s brother bought on it is nice too, fun.

    What RIta is thankful for is simple, Friends and Family. Life’s been good. =)

    So Happy Turkey day again!

    next post will prob be about what I currently watch....

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    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:25 PM  
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