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  • Thursday, August 31, 2006
    unfinished layout
    I know I know the layout is unfinshed, still haven't completed it looks weird with columns on the side. I was sick of the old one... I haven't had alot of time so I made this one really quick.
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    My Fall tv Lineup
    I’m back kinda… I was bored doing hw so I thought I might write a little something. However I’m holding off on TVB stuff.
    So what am I going to talk about? My fall tv lineup, what is worth watching on my screen. Featuring the show Bones, see Wednesday. All times and dates are for US.
    For Full tv lineup: [here]

    Mondays: I pretty eh on the returning Monday shows, why couldn’t they end 7th heaven like they were originally planning to? The show is way way overdue, like Charmed (which thankfully they ended, I was a fan in the beginning then it went downhill) WB had some issues letting go…opposite of Fox (which let go of their series way too easily, over promotion of some series and not caring for some)

    24, the Emmy Winning show, I have never caught on to it. Though from the beginning I knew it was going to be a hit (I have a good sense on it though it doesn’t mean they are shows that I would watch)

    My Pick for the strangest show: Heros (9/25): People with powers? Time, flying stuff like that? Yeah weird… one of the previews has Asian guy stopping time on a Clock with Chinese numbers.

    In the end I think I’m going to be free on Mondays! (Hint: time to talk to me)

    Tuesdays: What to do on Tuesday? I have two shows facing off against each other at 8!
    Gilmore Girls (9/26) and House (9/5)! Most likely I’ll stick to Gilmore Girls and catch House on the reruns (like I’m doing this summer). But with Gilmore Girls under a new producers it became a grey area though…

    At 9, Standoff (9/5) seems okay, they are just purely playing on the sexual connection, at least on the previews they are… Fox must have faith in it since its paired with House.

    Wednesday: Another face off though I have to say this one is no contest.

    During the summer I caught maybe two episodes of Bones? My interest in it didn’t stick but I did think it was a pretty good show. It wasn’t until I caught the season finale did it capture me entirely heart, soul and all. It has to be one of the best season finales I have seen. I cannot help but to feature this show on my blog…. Too bad it’s a day late because the Season 2 premiered yesterday.

    Bones is not your typical procedural show (CSI, Law and Order, etc). It plays on the dynamics of the character, it’s a character driven show. Much lighter tone of CSI is what I would describe Bones, it has humor in what seems like dark cases. Based on a real life forensic anthropologist and bestselling author Kathy Reichs.

    You have to main lead Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Steely Booth (David Boreanaz). She is a Forensic Anthropologist at Jeffersonian (your made up Smithsonian here in the real world) and he is FBI. Brennan is the only forensic anthropologist around so she is loaned out to the FBI (Jeffersonian is a private and state funded institute, so they kinda have to).
    They assist in murder investigations where the bodies are too burned, mangled are destroyed beyond recognition for normal autopsies to be conducted. (Yes graphic show so don’t eat while watching, and remind yourself everything is fake!, even though they are convincing props)

    Brennan as brilliant as she is has serious issues, one lacking pop culture knowledge (which is hilarious, she says “I don’t know what that means” on references to pop culture…), she lacks “people skills” which is why she is in the lab all the time. But after she is forced to help (consult) the FBI, she want to be part of the full investigation on all the cases she works on, effectively making her partners with Booth. Oh did I metioned she is trained in three types of martial arts, skilled shooter, and extremely smart (has three degrees)? Add she is also a bestselling author too... lol. You may not like her character in the beginning but she will grow on you, I myself love this character. I can promise she will win you over with innocent naivety and also her intelligence.

    Yeah… but Booth has all the “people skills” that Brennan lacks, which makes this partnership perfect. Booth is trying to balance his “cosmic rap sheet”, atone to all the killings he committed when he was a sniper.

    Anyways Brennan (who Booth nicknamed “Bones”) and Booth have the opposite attracts thing going on. They are so different on so many levels; they can’t have small talk without arguing, the bickering between the two is hilarious and awfully cute. They balance each other out in a very odd way but it totally works. From the start (I went back and watched all the episodes, yes I was that hooked on the finale) the chemistry were there, first as sexual tension then it built more of a friend chemistry without taking some of that other chemistry away. There are those subtle things that they do, that you just can’t help to smile at. Amazing and very convincing chemistry here. But they are just both in denial right now, and confused with thier feelings.

    Clearly there is some great writing here, there are so many great scenes, and the dialogue hits the spot every time. There is some amazing character development; there are no flat characters here. I love seeing how Brennan opens up to Booth. Dedicating her book to Booth and taking his advice on the title, its so touching. You will understand if you saw her character in the beginning she was cold to the bone. Which she still sometimes to other people. An ongoing plot with Brennan’s parents, which is pretty captivating.

    Oh I forgot to mention the squint squad! (Booth’s name for the “the people with high IQs and have basic reasoning skills”(the people who squint at things hence the name squint))
    This show has great supporting characters, who are part of Brennan’s team. Best friend, Angela Montenegro (The actress is half Chinese btw), squint and very sociable, she makes the holograms and put the faces on the skull, the “artist”, and very good people reader, very non squint like. Zack Addy is Dr. Brennan's brilliant young assistant, who is your typical geek and often lost. Dr. Jack Hodgins is an expert on spores, mineral, and bugs. Who so happen to be extremely rich (family is the single largest donator, making him the boss but doesn’t want people to know affecting his career) He is also into conspiracy… lol. Dr. Daniel Goodman was the boss before, pretty interesting character, and a former archeologist. He is the one who gave Brennan her job despite her poorer credentials back then against her professor. It’s interesting how they all work together.

    Acting is top notch on both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz parts. Emily is very convincing as her character, she can cry at the right moment never overdoing it on emotional scenes. Perfect as far I can see it. Including a courtroom scene, where it became personal. Reminds me of GF scene but that’s a totally different. David is just David, he is just hilarious. But his role doesn’t require a lot of acting anyways. Anyone can play this role, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, he is just perfect too. I seen Angel, but this role seems so much more like him, he smiles!

    All in all, what I’m just saying is that the show (Bones) is extremely witty, fun, crime solving, touching show. That I highly recommend, in my opinion are better then similar shows like CSI and House. I blame FOX lack of promotion, I know the first episode wasn’t great so it lost a lot of viewer, but it really has gotten a whole lot better.

    Few Fav quotes:

    You know you’re a smart ass. You know that?
    Brennan: Objectively I’d say I’m very smart although it has nothing to do with my ass.

    Brennan: (speaking with Angela) Suddenly, no one cared where I was. I miss that. Someone caring where I am all the time.
    Booth: Bones? Bones, you up there? Come on, let’s go, huh? Chop, chop.

    Brennan: You're ordering a prostitute from my cell phone?

    Booth: We're Scully and Mulder.
    Brennan: I don't know what that means.

    Lol I know that was long, but what show you may wonder is competing against? America Next Top Model (9/20) of course! But the show is more about the drama now, and I must admit I don’t like a lot of the contestants and winners. So for how many cycles it has been on, I have seen, but I have to say goodbye to it.

    Thursday: ABC moved Grey’s Anatomy (9/21) to Thursday against powerhouse CSI. Which I think its stupid on ABC part… anyways I will be watching Grey. I’m more into character drama’s. There is a nice ensemble here and it works. Can’t wait.

    Oh yeah I suddenly am interested in Survivor (9/14) because of the controversial groups spilt by race. Ugly Betty (9/28) is so on because of success of Devil Wear Prada.

    Friday: Free! Until winter comes because Bones switches to Fridays in the winter.

    Saturday: Free again

    Sunday: America’s Next Top Model encore, and Brother and Sister (9/24) seems okay. Few Former Alias people are there. I can’t say I miss Alias anymore. Its time was due glad they didn’t drag it on too long =) Desperate Housewives (9/24) is so overrated, though I love Bree.

    Its feels good to write something for my blog again. I’m not back yet till tons of things I haven’t finished. But I will be back soon enough, at least I think. Less about TVB stuff though.
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    Tuesday, August 15, 2006
    As most of you guys can see I haven't updated in quite some time, too long I should say. But I been busy doing assignments. I have written some feature but I am going to save them for when I start to update daily again! See you next month (I know long time but hang on) !

    Besides there are a millon other blogs out there now here are some:
    TVB Sidsation TVB Generation TVB Musings Sehseh's Blog
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