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  • Sunday, January 07, 2007
    TVB Top Ten Artists Vote
    There is a poll over at NetMovie (China Site) here

    I voted for Jess of course, with my newly rejuvenated fan-ish behavior due to Dicey Business. I well ashamed that I had dropped my interest in her these past few months.

    I say Vote for Jess! She is in Third with 3,385,477 votes behind Liza Wang and Tavia Yeung.

    No limit

    Instructions: Here (provided kindly by sehseh)

    I know that Jessica has a huge fan base in China due to her exposure there due to her famous series, pairings, fuctions, etc. I think Jess is very lucky to have so many series that really boost your popularity. Also an added plus that she has filmed a few series outside TVB. Will Drive For Life, make her popularity explode once again? well we will have to wait and see.

    I have to admit I don't know why TVB chose her to do this series. I see this as a huge promotion series, mainly to make money and to expose TVB artist to the China Market. Jess already has that China fanbase, is TVB trying to tap into that to ensure its success? Now that Jessica is no long managed with TVB, is there any true gain for TVB if Jessica becomes Highly Successful. Or is it that these Grand Productions needs people that are very experienced and Jess is a representation of that generation that seems to have disappeared? Or is Jessica's loyalty to TVB for so many years being paid back with this popularity boosting series? Big questions about the world of TVB politics... (sorry this whole paragraph was just a mindless rant)

    On a different note, Jessica's lock is fresh. The short hair reminds me of her early days. Sigh I still miss her long hair.

    and remember to Vote!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:06 PM  
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