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  • Saturday, January 27, 2007
    Dicey Business Review: Part one

    Kiu Jing Chor (Michael Miu) is a successful CEO of a casino called Onisac, who has worked very hard to earn his fame and money that he has now. His life is the opposite of his adversary Chai Foon Cheung (Bobby Au-Yueng). Ah Chueng has nothing, running away from his past (losing his brother) he ends up in the Philippines were he coincidentally runs into Chou Fok Ying (Benz Hui). With the help Ah Chor and Ah Ying, he is able to get his life back together. And the three become the best of friends.

    With the introduction of Lee Ching Wan (Jessica Hsuan), an addicted gambler, she complicates everyone’s lives in many ways. Ah Chueng find his long lost brother who coincidentally is Ah Wan’s tenant back in Hong Kong.

    When things start to turn against Ah Chor, he starts going down a dark path. A path that he himself is not able to turn back. He loses everything, his love (Ah Wan), his friends (Ah Chueng and Ah Ying), money, fame. While Ah Chueng gains everything that he used to have, including Ah Wan.

    He gambles his life away trying to gain back what he loses, only to further go down the wrong path. In the world of gambling, there is always someone that loses.

    Cast List
    Chai Foon Cheung (Bobby Au-Yueng)
    Kiu Jing Chor (Michael Miu)
    Lee Ching Wan (Jessica Hsuan)
    Cheung Loi Fu (Bosco Wong)
    Kiko Chung Chui Yee (Tavia Yeung)
    Chou Fok Ying (Benz Hui)

    Overall Cast:
    I’m not going to individual critique of the main cast because I felt that everyone did a standup job. Impressive for the standards of today. Where each series contains that weak link, and filled with inexperienced cast.

    The trio Bobby Au-Yueng, Michael Miu, Benz Hui, truly stole the show with their talent and experience. Who said men can’t cry? These three prove that they can. I forgot I was watching a series… I truly felt all the emotions all the characters were feeling.

    What I loved:
    Benz Hui- He stole the show at the end. Plain and simple. His character was so sweet, and so unselfish. He was a simple guy, a friend that every one would like to have. He was a mediator between his friends, taking both sides. No matter what anyone said, he would stand up for them even when things looked grim. His simple solution to all the problems in the world? Hot Pot.

    Bobby and Jessica’s friendship- I’m just saying friendship here. I am personally not a fan of their romantic relationship, but as friends. They rocked! They were just so fun to watch on screen, whether they were fighting or I would like to call it bickering. I love bickering couples! All my favorite couples bicker. There was just such an intense friend chemistry that no one can deny. BFFs!

    Bosco and Tavia: One word: Cute!! They are so sweet together.

    Michael and Jessica's "Love": Besides how they got together *rolls eyes at the originality of it* I couldn’t help but to like these two together. Was it true love? I would like to believe it was. I never thought that I would see the chemistry between these two. I was pleasantly surprised.

    The trio Bobby Au-Yueng, Michael Miu, Benz Hui. Hot pot!!! Ying’s Honey and Baby.

    Not so much

    Tavia Yeung- That wisps in her speech irked me to no end… how is her character perfect without it (referring to Tavia adding the wisp to make her character not so perfect) She was ditzy but she had a good heart. Besides the wisps, I liked her character.

    Bosco Wong- He was so cute when he started working at the Casino. All the way up to when he left the casino I really liked his character. Then he became so naïve. It kills me that he chose that path. Okay and one more thing, I do not believe he was the best actor in the series… just look at the show from an objective standpoint, I know there is a lot of Bosco fans around but his acting was grossly overshadowed by more talented and more experienced actors. He still needs a few more years. Plus he’s change in character was a bit awkward.

    Simple equations for DB
    Ah Chor + Ah Wan = Bad Luck
    Ah Chueng + Ah Wan = Good Luck

    Part Two: Coming Soon.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:14 PM  
    • At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Kerry said…

      Nicely written. I agree with the stuff you got there =) (including the thing about Tavia's character being perect)

    • At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Nice review. DB is a good series.

      From my POV all the main cast did awesome job, including Bosco and Tavia.

      Of course not up to Bobby's or Michael's standard, but I think Bosco did a nice job and blend in quite well with the veterans, considering that he's only been acting for a few years.

    • At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      nice only i think you mean lisp...

    • At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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    • At 5:22 PM, Blogger tvb_4_ever said…

      Tavia's name in this series is Mimi Tam Chu Mei =)

      Kiko Chung Chui Yee is her character from Golden Faith

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