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  • Sunday, December 10, 2006
    toomanysidesofme's wishlist 2006

    Toomanysidesofme has a lot of sides to please (49 to be exact). Can you help each sides get what it wants?

    Side 1 wants Golden Faith DVD part 1
    Side 2 wants Golden Faith DVD too but wants part 2
    Side 3 wants Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for wii, Monkeys are fun and crazy
    Side 4 wants an extra Wii remote (already got the wii, this side just need an extra controller to play along with its other sides)
    Side 5 wants Bones DVD complete first season ;-)
    Side 6 wants Alias DVDs (preferably the awesome Rambaldi box but individual seasons isn’t bad either)
    Side 7 wants new computer speakers
    Side 8 wants new Ipod (preferably a video one, nano is fine)
    Side 9 wants iTunes gift certificates
    Side 10 wants Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest DVD (maybe this time around this side will actually “get” it)
    Side 11 wants Pirate hat and eye patch
    Side 12 wants Some good books to read
    Side 13 wants All About Women CD (yes this side still has not gotten it)
    Side 14 wants some nice warm new slippers
    Side 15 wants Grey's Anatomy DVD- Season One
    Side 16 wants Grey's Anatomy DVD- Season Two
    Side 17 wants a pogo stick so it can jump around
    Side 18 wants a new deck of cards to pawn its other sides at Chinese poker
    Side 19 wants a new Slinky
    Side 20 wants an electric guitar or a new guitar would be okay
    Side 21 wants a Portable External Hard Drive
    Side 22 wants some nice smelling candles
    Side 23 wants The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
    Side 24 wants all Snow Patrol CDs mostly Eyes Open
    Side 25 wants The Official SAT Study Guide wait nvm that side already has it, maybe another study guide for SATs or AP
    Side 26 wants How To Save A Life ~ The Fray
    Side 27 wants SanDisk 1+GB SD Memory Card
    Side 28 wants to see the awesome Doctor House with House, M.D. - Season one and two
    Side 29 wants The Sims 2 extension packs
    Side 30 wants a new puppy
    Side 31 wants a new kitten
    Side 32 wants more sweaters it’s getting chilly here
    Side 33 wants Square Pegs DVD
    Side 34 wants a new flannel pajama set
    Side 35 wants more stuff animals
    Side 36 wants faster dual channel DDR Memory
    Side 37 wants poster to post in its room
    Side 38 wants Christmas cards
    Side 39 wants Gift cards for Amazon or Barnes and Nobles
    Side 40 wants a new cool messenger bag, the side’s kinda broke
    Side 41 wants Gift Certificates from: Barnes & Noble
    Intangible things
    Side 42 wants some forces to make Gallen make another TVB series, Louis and Jessica to actually get together (in real life) or just in a new series.
    Side 43 wants Internal Peace
    Side 44 Higher grades
    Side 45 Really good SAT scores
    Side 46 wants Happiness
    Side 47 wants Fun
    Side 48 wants Love, the unconditional kind
    Side 49 wants to wish everyone good luck in getting what they want for the holidays and in life

    Did you really think I would go to 49? Haha… it was ridiculously hard to be selfish for the past hour thinking up items I..err the sides want (in all seriousness, absolutely no sarcasm here! I looked at a million wishlist of other random people to get to 49!)

    You know If you want to get any of the above items for me, much appreciated =) even though this wishlist is kinda a joke, 49 items? haha but all things above are thing I want, to different degrees of course (order up there is random).

    Side 50, I want him for Christmas -->
    Yeah just get me the DVDs and I’ll just want for this season DVDs to come out and watch it. Also love the icon credits to mooners icons

    Oh hint if you do not get why I got the number 49 sides look at above poster

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    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 12:36 AM  
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