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  • Saturday, March 17, 2007
    When Fandom collide
    Bones vs FH

    I hope that everyone knows by now that Bones, a American show on FOX, is by far my favorite show on TV right now. Now I keep US shows apart from TVB series, because comparing them is just unfair, one trounces the other in terms of quality. This isn't exactly the issue. My favorite TVB series of last year is Forensic Heroes.

    Bones' latest episode features Dr. Brennan, who has a new mystery novel that had just come out and immediately becomes a bestseller(again). Brennan along with her partner Agent Seeley Booth, get a cases were a body is tied to an anchor, wrapped around red tape, and fed to the opportunistic Crabs. Why is this important? Because that is exactly how Brennan wrote it in her latest novel 'Red Tape, White Bones'. Though she denies that it has a connection with her book, it obviously does. One huge problem, there are two other murders in the book.

    This might seem very familiar to those who saw Forensic Heroes.

    • Brennan and Sam both write mystery novels including specific ways that the person is disposed of.
    • Their murders are acted out, in exactly the same way that it is in the Book.
    (spoilers for both from now on)
    • The killer(s) were huge fans of the author and were members at the chat room on her book discussion site.
    • Obsessed fans were huge part of the episode (oh me Oliver was back, oh how I missed your creepy ways)
    • Both Brennan and Sam feel guilty about these killings, and are on the cases to find out who is doing this. They both are emotional during this time.

    There was actually a twist at the end of 'Bones' instead of a typical serial killer, copy cat, there was three separate killers who took part in this scheme. Killing each other's target, so that even though they were the primary suspect, they had airtight alibis. They had met on Brennnan's book discussion chatroom.

    I had found Forensic Heroes' plot way too
    cliché, it was the typical obessive fan. While Bones had that too Oliver, who previously appeared in the pilot of the show, he was eliminated as a suspect when Brennan backhand him, breaking his nose for trying to get too close to her. Yeah he faints at the sight of blood, go figure. I was so realized that he wasn't the killer. This is where I realized that it was three separate killers, which later was revealed to be the three main suspects in each of the killings.

    The killings themselves where so interesting. Forensics Heroes, Sam had pretty distinct killings in his novels (I don't remember most of them unfortunately). So did Brennan, where each were each were killed, them fed to various animals (crabs, rats, and fire ants). The last killing was someone that they knew.

    In Bones they had talked more about the Book, where one of the squints (lab geeks under Brennan) Hodgins, a conspiracy freak, talks about the symbolism in her books. All the victims were corrupt bureaucrats (red tape that bound them) who have been eating away at the people, so in return are eaten away by animals. Basically gross killings with a splash of social commentary). Plus there is alot of relationship stuff in their too, and Brennan's colorful sexual imagination. Which was just briefly mentioned.

    While Forensics Heroes had many episodes to unfold the mystery. Bones had only one single episode. I had figured out FH's mystery rather quickly, I had pegged her as odd in the beginning. When the killing started, I knew it was her. Bones I was so unsure of myself. I'm usually great at solving these cases, because I used to watch tons of this stuff (I've dropped CSI for years though). They threw a curveball. On Bones the cases aren't its strong point and aren't a huge part of the show. Its about the chemistry between the leads, and the whole cast. I really liked this case, plus going back to Brennan being author Brennan is kinda awesome and Brennan-ites.

    I like how Bones features the science better, and also the Squints (the people in the lab) as a huge part of the show. And is allowed to feature humor, in the most gloomy of situations. Hodgins cracks a joke about a rat who ate a bullet. When Angela ask why can't they let nature take its course. He replies 'Do you have any idea how tight a rat's rectum is?', Angela: 'Please don't tell me you do'. Oh the flirting over disgusting things.

    Conclusion: While the plots and many elements are very similar. It was purely coincidence that they are so similar, but they end up very different.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 10:53 AM   0 comments

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