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  • Sunday, November 27, 2005
    Round Two Niki vs. Bernice- winner Bernice

    Niki Chow and Bernice Liu both attended Sony’s Photo Imaging Asia 2005 event yesterday to publicise the products. Since the Anniversary Show, rumours have been rife about Niki’s win over Bernice, and their paths crossed once more yesterday.

    On the ground, Niki made her appearance flanked by two ninjas, while Bernice had a posse of models to pave her path. With the stir caused by the models, the ‘victory’ for this round went undoubtedly to Bernice. When asked if she knew that Niki was also attending that event, Bernice replied that she had not bumped into her, but even if they did, she would not feel awkward at all.

    She also said that recently, she had fallen in love with collecting antique cameras, and had gotten her two cousins to be models for her own nostalgic photo shoot.

    Niki on the other hand, said that Polaroid cameras were the most practical inventions ever, and said that her wish is to do a nude photo shot while pregnant (a la Demi Moore), as she felt that such shots depicted maternal warmth and love.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:12 PM   2 comments

    Saturday, November 26, 2005
    New target: Bosco and Bernice?
    translations by xbunnylicious Thursday November 24, 2005

    Yesterday Bernice Liu and Bosco Wong filmed an outdoor scene for their new series, 'Keung Gim Gong Woo'. The plot narrates Bosco and Bernice liking each other and Bosco goes and get flowers. Lately, there were more rumors about Bosco driving Myolie home, no wonder why Bernice didn't 'accept his flowers', she said jokingly, "Bosco has never been my driver, I have my own car! (Does he only drive Myolie home?) What? Maybe her car broke down. I would have been her driver too if that happened!"Last night Bernice wore Chinese style clothings for a lighting ceremony and sang Christmas songs on stage. First time attending a Christmas lighting ceremony, she felt that Hong Kong's lighting style is very beautiful and is very different than Canada's.

    ==toomanysidesofme view

    Could this be the new rumored couple? Bosco and Bernice are not new to this game. As both have been previously linked to many other actors. Currently Bosco and Myolie, and Moses and Bernice. The rumor mill will never stop as long as there are the tabloids which mean as long as there are celebrities. Sigh… some rumored couples are just harmless like Moses and Bernice…every single time there is some interview with either of them one the other is always mentioned. Lol, I find it hilarious! =), But some are really serious… and hurtful. Take the case of Gallen and Jessica. Ok I totally see the chemistry! BUT he has a wife! The tabloids saw the closeness of the two (as they are long time friends) and the upcoming divorce, and they took that opportunity in making up lies… ridiculous ones might I add. In the end everyone was hurt, but at least it ended with Gallen’s wife saying that Jessica had nothing to do with their divorce. Back to rumored couples… anyways usually they are just harmless fun of people’s wild imagination. Ahh.. I can see LJ being together… hehe. Well back to Bosco and Bernice. They look great together! Could this be the new toy for the tabloid readers? The tabloid's new target?
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:21 PM   3 comments

    TVB Programme Highlights 2006
    All Credits to Lucie

    THE DANCE OF PASSION (30 episodes)
    Cast: Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Chan Hung Lit, Maggie Siu & Kenny Wong.

    WAR AND DESTINY (30 episodes)
    Cast: Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, Leila Tong & Mandy Cho.

    WHEN RULES TURN TO LOOSE (20 episodes)
    Cast: Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, Har Yu, Wayne Lai & Patricia Liu.

    BAR BENDERS (20 episodes)
    Cast: Adam Cheng, Sammul Chan, Leila Tong, Louisa So & Power Chan.

    LE FEMME DESPERADO (20 episodes)
    Cast: Sheren Tang, Melissa Ng, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui & Michael Tse.

    LOVE GUARANTEED (20 episodes)
    Cast: Sunny Chan, Melissa Ng, Kenneth Ma, Paul Chun & Cherie King.

    UNDER THE CANOPY OF LOVE (20 episodes)
    Cast: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong, Claire Yiu & Charles Szeto.

    THE BITTER BITTEN (20 episodes)
    Cast: Benny Chan, Michael Tong, Shirley Yeung & Linda Chung.

    FORENSIC HEROES (25 episodes)
    Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung, Vivien Yeo & Patrick Tang.

    AU REVOIR SHANGHAI (20 episodes)
    Cast: Miu Kiu Wai, Anne Heung, Bosco Wong, Shirley Yeung, Evergreen Mak & Derek Kwok.

    A PILLOW CASE OF MYSTERY (20 episodes)
    Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Benny Chan, Tavia Yeung, Annie Man & Gordon Liu.

    FACE TO FATE (30 episodes)
    Cast: Frankie Lam, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Selina Li & David Chiang.

    WARLORDS (40 episodes)
    Cast: Joe Ma, Damian Lau, Aloys Chen (Mainland actor), Sonija Kwok & Power Chan.

    VAGABOND VIGILANTE (40 episodes)
    Cast: Sonija Kwok, Sunny Chan, Kenny Ho, Tammy Chen (Taiwanese actress) & Eric Li.

    SAFE GUARDS (20 episodes)
    Cast: Steven Ma, Elaine Yiu, Wayne Lai, Ben Wong & Lai Lok Yi.

    LAND OF WEALTH (30 episodes)
    Cast: Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, David Chiang, Claire Yiu & Kenny Wong.

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:59 AM   1 comments

    Friday, November 25, 2005
    LMS Part II Couples: Bossica?

    I know, totally werid.. Bosco and Jessica? Age defying couple... with 10 year in between them how in the world did this couple pull it off?

    I for one, liked this couple from the start... I know! but don't throw tomatoes at me! I would never thought that I would like this couple (no I'm not obessing over it... LJ is a couple that is worthy of obessing over. Something about how Bosco looked at Jessica in the beginning of the series... Some sorta chemistry from the start. I seriously doubt that TVB ever imagine people actually liking this couple. There are people in the official LMS forum to have an alternative ending were Bosco and Jessica would end up together... as we all know what couples are ending up together and its not Bosco.

    Theories of Why people want Bossica

    Theory number 1: People want Catherine (Jessica) to be with someone better off than Ah Wong (Roger)...

    Theory number 2: Jessica just looks so young and Bosco seems so mature then the age gap shrunk and you don't really realized now far apart it is. (Not saying that Jessica looks younger than Bosco just young enough to be a couple?)

    Theory number 3: Oh they are just great actors! Jessica can be paired up with everyone! (except Joe Ma... but they did improve in HFOL, just a tad, If I list them I would go crazy....well we can start Louis, Gallen, Chillam, Nick, Wonghei...) And Bosco too!

    Theory number 4: They hate Ah Wong and find him annoying... (I read some post... and there are Ah Wong haters!)

    Theory number 5: People are just plain crazy!

    I like Bosco and Jessica together but... I know a whole lotta you hate for one reason only.. Bosco and Lelia (I personally have not seen Aqua Heros so... but I do think that they look cute together). BUT Lelia's character is just... plain evil. but I'm not liking Bosco character too much either.. he still looks cute! <3 Bosco

    If only people looked past the age... people its modern time!

    I'm sure if I watch Aqua Heros I too would be BL obessed.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:30 PM   3 comments

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005
    Happy Turkey Day!
    To those who celebrate Thanksgiving day! Happy Turkey Day!

    Have a Great Thanksgiving Day, Stuff you mouth with food and get fat! haha that is what I'm doing... updates suspended till the day is over
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:09 PM   2 comments

    Currently playing Jay Chou- Nocturnal
    only clilk on the link and then refresh my site to hear the song
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:29 PM   3 comments

    LMS Part I Leila/Angel
    Well I'm watching Life Made Simple now and I really do like it. I don't actually think of the first series (Square Pegs) much... maybe once in a while. but I have nearly completly separated the two series.

    Part I
    Evaulation of Leila/Angel

    Leila's Angel character is rather interesting,not your typical flat character. At first you hate her, but love her long hair. And then you like her, then practically love her charater, then a 360 to completly hating her and back to liking her? and then you hate her even more now. What a charater! Even when is does somthing evil, she somehow makes you wonder if she is good or bad? is she doing this for the best of others (mostly Ah Fung) or is she just plain evil and selfish.... who knows? maybe at the end. I applaude Lelia's acting! her expression hits the mark at the right time. And I never knew she could play an evil character. Different from her usaul innocent roles! Oh yeah I'm at the stage of Completely hating her right now...

    Comments? post them on comments or Shoutbox! sugesstions? give them to me!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 12:12 AM   4 comments

    Tuesday, November 22, 2005
    Fashion Best! Jessica and Bernice
    I know I said I didn't want to talk about the Aniversary but I had to post up the pic for the 2 Best Dressed Female!

    All the ladies look wonderful. If there is one thing that TVB Ani improved one its fashion

    AH Wong with his Lo Par Jai

    Jessica's Two Dresses, She looks so elegant! SO stunning! and those Diamonds... (worth ~3million Dollars)
    She wore Harvey Nicholis, I rememebered the name after!

    Evaluation by Nelson Cheung, fashion designer,

    Jessica Hsuan, elegant and beautiful- Jessica’s outfit really matches well. Jessica was the best dressed and accessorised female celebrity of the night. Not only is this outfit elegant and beautiful, it looked extremely natural on Jessica. It would have looked better if Jessica didn’t wear a necklace though.

    For evaluation other actress go to

    And Bernice! Sexy! and the Gucci dress fits her well!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:00 PM   0 comments

    Monday, November 21, 2005
    Triumphs in the Skies II cancelled or just shelved?

    Fuzzybear @

    TITSII, which was scheduled to begin production in Jan 2006, has been shelved. This is due to a request from the series' main sponsor Cathay Pacific. TVB is preparing two new series for cast members like Liza, Jessica and Ron instead. Ron will star with Damian Lau in something called 'Nam Yan Zi Fu', while Liza and Jess will cooperate on a nostalgic series.

    Source: Ming Pao Weekly


    Eh... I'm Half Half on this.... I wanna see Jessica! but.. this get a chance for a better cast. Now they have time to get more people. The current isi pretty boring, even wit Jessica as lead.. mightI sugest Louis Koo? (i know he said no already, I can wish can't I?) Ask again?

    Well since Jessica is taking on other project its okay now... but with Liza again? seems like another Matter of Customs in Ancient times...

    Who knows this project could be shelved forever....
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:44 PM   3 comments

    Welcome! I thought that I should make a new website to talk about TVB related stuff and a bit personal things too.

    I wanted to start this AFTER the TVB aniversary, because it starts the new year for TVB. Forget the past year... (in case your wondering I wasn't happy about this years aniversary... A big upset always happens... this year poor Bernice) anyways... Welcome!

    Facts you should know:

    I am a die hard Jessica Fan...
    Diehard LJ fan
    TVB is a big part of my life.
    An Asianfantics news contributer
    Mod at Asainsurfz and TVBsquare forum

    Bravenet- Jessica
    New TVB series (Banned currently IDK why)

    TVB Generation

    TVB News
    AF Asian News
    TVB on the spot
    TVB Entertainment
    TVB Chinese News Collection
    TVB space
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:43 PM   4 comments

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