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  • Monday, October 09, 2006
    Chinese in American Televison
    Sometimes when in American television, it incorperates Chinese in some way shape or form.
    Here are some examples I have personally seen and there is prob a whole lot more out there but I unforunately don't have to time to see every single show.

    note: btw writing everything from memory so I may have some facts wrong, names a searched online, and

    Grey's Anatomy
    "The First Cut Is the Deepest" s1e2
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Alice Lo as Qing Lu and Dr. Izzie Stevens(Katherine Heigl); Scarlett Lam as Ahn, Qing Lu, and Izzie

    Ahn, Qing Lu, and Izzie; Izzie and Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh); Qing Lu

    In season one, episode 2 named "
    The First Cut Is the Deepest" There is a women, who speaks no english, well barely any. She is in the hospital seeking assistance, she is not seriously injured but Izzie tends to her. The women Qing Lu speaks Cantonese thoughout the episode (awesome I understood everything as the episode did not provide subtitles) , and Izzie has no idea what she wants. I remember Issie trying to find someone to translate for her, and she does find Christina, but I forget if she even is chinese or speaks it... idk. Eventually Qing Lu leads Izzie outside where she finds a girl Ahn (I say 14-17?) and she has a deep cut across her forehead. The girl fortuntely speaks english (more like broken english but you can understand it). She says that she is an illegal immigrant and that is the reason she can't go inside to get treated and her aunt can because she holds a green card. Izzie risk her career by helping them, she tends to the cut and gives her stiches telling her to come back in three days to take them out.

    Two things I remember about this episode, they spoke cantonese in this episode! and Meredith carrying around that ice box the whole episode... lol. Overall I liked this episode and was a great second episode.

    Credits for sc: and

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Bones"The truth in the lye" s2e5

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Chopsticks with Chinese Characters

    Angela Montenegro; Squints (left to right Dr.Hodgins, Dr.Cam, Zach, Angela)

    This showed up in a recent episode of Bones. As they try to figure out the whos (victim and murder/s) and the other 4 Ws plus the one H, they come across this piece of evidence found in the "lye" (basically a Corrosive which is base if I'm not wrong) , chopsticks that have Chinese markings on them.

    Angela (artist and computer whiz/expert): What you thought to be teeth marking are actually chinese marking engraved along the side
    Hodgins: What do they say?
    Angela: They say, what makes foolish man think I speak Chinese
    Hodgins: I thought you are half chinese
    Angela: I think your half swedish, lets me hear some swedish
    Cam: [cam butts in] What is it Angela, please
    Angela: Its a chopstick, onlt its not the kind you eat with
    Hodgins: Like there is another kind?
    Angela: Well you wouldn't comb your hair with a fork, would you?
    Hodgins: My hair?
    Angela: Look the one character I was able to translate off the internet, is the word beauty, then I realize that its meant for hair
    Cam: Where you twist it in a bun and stick it in to hold it in place
    Angela nods
    Cam: If this is what it is then we can be pretty sure that it wasn't Larry's (the victim)

    Personally I don't get why they figured out the harder character, just looking at it you can see which one is indeed harder. But "mei" has a bigger significance of course. I which she just translated the whole thing. And the half chinese/speak/half swedish thing was hilarious. Damn Cam for ruining the moment, well more like inturrupting. This episode made me a little queasy... something I have never happen watching TV, nope not even that CSI with the guy in the tub this guy in tube beats the CSI one. Okay episode.

    X-Files "Hell Money" s3e19
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Lucy Liu as Kim Hsin
    screencap credits to

    Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) and investigator of this case Detective Glen Chao James Hong(B.D. Wong)

    Freaky freaky case, Kim Hsin is very sick. Mulder and Scully uncover a black market for body parts. And Kim Hsin is in need for one (one of the internal organs... I forgot which one, maybe a liver?) Well it happens that her dad is involved in this black market, reason? He is gambling his own body parts to try to get a ____ for his daugther Kim. You see that he already lose his eye (eww...) and has a eye patch over it. In the end it turns out that the dad has been gambling for nothing as all of the little tablets (used to see which body part you have to give or get) says to give a body part. And the guy in charge says some freaky thing about giving hope to those people. Its sick...

    Lucy Liu and her onscreen dad speaks cantonese thoughout the episode. There is english subtitles to them. Lucy's character is able to speak english, but at first and when speaking to her father she speaks cantonese. Lucy Liu has a degree in
    Chinese Language and Culture, and learned Mandarin not Cantonese. Her pronounciation is off, and is very heavy in accent. Her father also has a strong accent (I'm not sure what region), and I thought it was harder to understand him personally. I caught this episode when fox was rerunning x-files... it was prob on a saturday when I flipped though the channels to see whats on in the afternoon. This is one of two episodes of x-files I have ever seen.

    Gilmore Girls "That's What You Get Folks For Makin' Whopee" s7e2
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel)

    In last week's episode Rory comes back to stars hollow and Lorelai throws her a Asian party to replace the canceled Asian tour she was suppose to go with Logan this summer. Rory says Thank you in mando and that mostly it, they talk about origami, and other asian things. And also the Hello Kitty shrine! hehe made me laugh


    Alias "The Two" s3e1
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner)

    Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong not remembering the last two years of her life. She says a bit of cantonese here (sorry Jen its very very poorly spoken), there are numerous episodes that she speaks cantonese and I don't remember them all. Interestingly her "final battle" with her mother is also in Hong Kong on top of a very tall building. Sydney is a super spy who knows like a million languages, a ploygot, so knowing cantonese wasn't random...


    Note: And thats all I can think of today, sorry for sp errors I'll check them tommorrow, time for me to go do some hw and then sleep.

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    Sunday, October 01, 2006
    Oct 1- TV rant
    So I dropped of the face of the earth (err… I mean the Internet) for quite sometime. No worries I’m still here, but barely.

    Seriously school took over my life and even if I just wanted to be lazy I couldn’t. Even small electives are taking over let alone AP classes. I see very little breaks in the near future, sigh… lol its like anyone really misses me.

    I haven’t thought of much things relating to TVB much lately. Last series I saw was Forensic Heroes, which was a while ago. Which for a TVB series was pretty average, including filled with many errors but those don’t bother me as much because TVB standards have gone considerably down anyways. Plus the fact I have raised the bar also. One thing the series has done is, making me a fan of Yoyo Mung. Which I really have grown to like, Charm Beneath, really started it. Her character is likeable and I didn’t annoy me (Burning Flames, Armed Reaction IV), or so-so (Healing Hands II)

    Jessica Hsuan is officially finally leaving TVB, which is not a surprise since numerous article have stated that before and also seeing her last contract, she was very close to leaving last time also. And she is back with Carri Ma! Go figure… it was obvious that she would go to her. Well its not like Jessica is totally going to disassociate with TVB unlike many others (Louis Koo, Gallen Lo, Flora Chan, Michelle Ye, etc). Which does show where people’s loyalty really lie, but I can totally understand actor’s decision but for a fan its disappointing.

    Fung Wan Shui Yuet, all I can say is… well I’m just speechless. And no the cast does not impress me, I need Gallen Lo back to be impressed. One thing is TVB is willing to dish out HKD 1 billion (US$ 133,333,333). Meaning that TVB is paying American network money for a show, the price at a little over 2 million per episode. Because CCTV is collaborating with TVB, FWSY will be aired simultaneously by TVB and CCTV in their prime time slot, making the show have an estimated 140 million viewers (lol corrected info...). (info provided by sehsheh) No wonder TVB is willing to dish out so much for one series. And talk about major promotion for all involved in the series. Jessica’s timely termination of contract? Raymond Lam and Jessica have all been exposed in the China market already and very popular, also Charm Sheh and Sheren Tang with the majorly popular War and Beauty.

    Jess in FWSY, Jess being professional again (hey I’m not complaining), Jess with Joe Ma again. But I have to say, maybe this time will be better as its with more of a eviler semi villain… which I liked in Revolving Door of Vengeance. I’m going to let this pairing slide until I see it. Something new, Jess with Michael Wong Man-Tak (whom I quickly googled, grew up in NY, speaks poor Cantonese but great English no doubt, HK actor). He seems familiar to me, of the several HK movies I have seen I have never remembered any of the names of the movies because none of them was worth it. Pairing is interesting something fresh contrasting something… well not fresh rather rotten in a sense (not a fan of Jess/Joe pairing).

    (info about FWSY is based on info on
    Enough with TVB stuff… one more thing I finally finshed TW/CN/HK collaboration A Chinese Ghost Story starring Jessica Hsuan, Daniel Chan, Barbie Hsu. It took me the longest time ever! Over series was interesting kinda… but very draggy and confusing most of the time! Jess being all powerful was cool, and her being emotionless is a good change.

    American Television!

    I had cut my viewing schedule due to my busy schedule so there is hardly any new shows on my list.

    Tuesday- Gilmore Girls has returned, and it doesn’t feel any different even though the creators has left. I can’t believe Rory has nothing to do over the summer. Paris is hilarious with her prep course. By far the funniest part of the episode, love her blunt, straightforward talking all the time. I should seriously take her course, she would get me great SAT scores. The episode was very sad from Lorelei and Luke, and Rory and Logan. Sigh… guess I’m sticking with the series. I flip on House from time to time, I see the repeats when ever there is any, after Bones now and also full rerun in the summer. I seen parts of Standoff, nothing really to make me stick, but its funny and chemistry is there but where is it going to go? They admitted their relationship to the world, actually started dating; I can only see it gong their ratings lately.

    Wednesday- Sorry ANTM, as a long time ANTM fan I really am but anything opposite of Bones will be crushed. Hehe recently Leno made a joke about America's Next Top Model and Bones being on at the same time, but he thought they were the same show. Everyone on ANTM is skinny as bones. In Bones, there was a mention of America's Next Top Model. Man in Wall, when DJ Rulz sees Brennan he say "What, the FBI is recruiting from America's Top Model now?” lol that they were mentioned even though it goes both ways but I'm sure that he meant the Models were bones. Not the other way around, though it would work, Emily Deschanel and Michaela Conlin have the model "look" and are tall. And just realized right now that The Biggest Loser is also on at the same time… coincidence? Anyways Bones can been consistant but last episode, last scene really annoyed me. I can understand the first time but the second time was betrayal, but Brennan's reaction might make up for it, hehe can't wait.

    Thursday- Grey’s Anatomy all the way. Hehe great news McSteamy is staying! As a regular! Excellent news. I caught Ugly Betty before it, very disappointing. I saw most of the episode and before it finished I had to shut it off. I found it far too predictable and the whole "feel bad for me because I'm a dork" appeal... sorry that was mean but. I just felt every element from the show was unoriginal. I don't hate the show. btw before someone throws a tomato, The lead actress America Ferrera, whom I seen before on screen is a good actress and this show isn't showing her talent.

    I don’t watch primetime on any other nights.

    Too much ranting here… con't later.

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    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:03 PM   0 comments

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