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  • Saturday, December 31, 2005
    Happy New Year!
    so it almost time... at least for me. For those who already reached the day... Happy New Year!
    I'm too emersed in watching ASITP... better not miss the drop down... anyways.. one more article to go. It will be up tommorrow.

    Happy New Year...

    A brand new slate on a brand new calender. Make this year better than last.

    New Year resolution...
    1. Finsh series that I need to finsh...
    2. Better manage my time...
    3. Watch some of the series that I have always want to see but haven't
    4. Make this site, better. More articles!
    5. Just have a great year!

    Looking back at this year... it seems to be a life changing one. Both Off and online. How times has change... for the better. Its best we not look at the past and focus more to the future.

    We leave this year with this quote:
    "The more you try to grasp it the harder it becomes, just let go and follow you own path" (Jessica Hsuan to Gallen Lo [Golden Faith])
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 10:53 PM   5 comments

    Sad News to start the New Year
    R.I.P. Yeung Ka Luo

    Yeung Ka Luo had cancer a few years ago and the doctor told him that he would have only 6 months to live. However he lived beyond his sixth month (which I think was some time around August 2004) and continued to act for TVB till the very end. He recently finished filming his last series with Michael Mui, Anne, Bosco and Shirley (Shanghai Fung Wah) and prior to that he also filmed the ancient series with Steve Ma, Wayne Lai,etc (Safe Guards). It is also said that before he died, he insisted on wearing the outfit that he wore to the recent TVB anniversary. He has two kids and recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife.

    Yeung Ka Luo was 43 Years Old. Too young... R I P
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:02 PM   1 comments

    Year of 2005: Toomanysidesofme's Picks
    Best Series:
    Life Made Simple [Comedy]
    Revolving Doors of Vengeance [Drama]

    Best Actress:
    Kenix Kwok [RDOV]
    Jessica Hsuan [Just Love, Life Made Simple]

    Best Actor:
    Roger Kwok [Life Made Simple]
    Moses Chan [Beneath the Charm, Love Bond]

    Most Improved:
    Bernice Liu [Love Bond, Into Thin Air]
    Bosco Wong [War of In-Laws, Life Made Simple]

    Fresh Face:
    Natalie Tong [Love Bond, Just Love]

    Best Child Star:
    Jacky Wong and Tiffany Tse

    Best Themesong
    Bernice Lui- [Into Thin Air]
    Hacken - [Revolving Doors of Vengeance]

    Most Welcome Back Star
    Michelle Yim [Into Thin Air, The Academy]
    Micheal Miu [Into Thin Air, The Academy]

    Best Chemistry:
    Micheal Tao and Kenix Kwok [Love Bond]
    Moses Chan and Bernice Liu [Love Bond, Healing Hands 3]

    Best Chemistry: [non romantic]
    Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan [Life Made Simple]
    Michelle Yim and Patrick Tong [Into Thin Air]

    Tear Jerk Scenes:
    Michelle's Death [Into Thin Air]
    Roger leaving Jessica [Life Made Simple]

    Best Kiss
    Moses and Bernice [Healing Hands 3, Love Bond]
    Ron Ng and Ella Koon [Revolving Doors of Vengeance]

    The Most Disappointing Series:
    Yummy Yummy
    Healing Hands III

    Learned the most:
    Just Love

    The Best Series for a Sequel
    Nothing... I think start a new unless its DIF V

    Best Supporting
    Angela Tong
    Michelle Yim

    Best Look
    Kenix Kwok [Revolving Doors of Vengeance]
    Leila Tong [Life Made Simple]

    Ron Ng [Revolving Doors of Vengeance]
    Bosco Wong [Life Made Simple]

    [Rank in order]

    More will be added
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:00 PM   0 comments

    Toomanysidesofme's Year of 2005 - By the Numbers
    Toomanysidesofme Year of 2005 - By the Numbers

    By the Numbers
    Total number of TVB series aired in HK Jade Channel: 26 (including three warehouse series from the previous year: Wong Fei Hung, Lost in the Chamber of Love and Hidden Treasures)
    Total number of Warehouse series that won't be aired: 2 (Strike at Heart and Ten Brothers)

    Total number of TVB series I watched: 12
    Total number of TVB series I am planning to watch: 1 no...2 (2006 series)
    Total number of TVB series I gave up watching: 7 (Jewel in the Palace (I plan to continue), War of in Laws, The Academy, Revolving Doors Of Vengeance (also plan to continue),The Prince's Shadow, Always Ready, Beneath the Charm (Plan to Comtinue also) I have never not finshed a series untill thisi year wait maybe once... I forgot what series.
    Total number of TVB series I didn't watch at all: too many to count...
    Total number of TVB series I regret watching completely: 1 (HH3)
    Total number of reviews I wrote: 1... two halves makes a whole..

    Most aired TVB Leading Actress: Myolie Wu, who has 5 series aired in just one year! Did she break the record?
    Most aired TVB Leading Actor: Moses Chan, who has 4 series aired. Also honorable mention to S4: Ron, Sammul, Bosco and Kenneth, all had 3 series aired
    Highest rating for a TVB series: War of In Laws

    The series I watch the fastest: LMS...
    The series I watch the slowest: HH3... oh god the last 10 episodes too me around 2-3 months..
    The series I watched without paying too much attention: Still HH3...
    The series I watched with paying too much attention: Into Thin Air and Life Made Simple
    I was trying to find every little goof... Which i found ALOT!

    Taken from TVBsquare hehe with permission!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:03 PM   1 comments

    Year of 2005: 2004/2005
    Angela Tong the New Sheren Tang?

    Life Made Simple did a few things and one of the biggest imapct is on Angela's Career. With an award under her belt, she seems to be unstoppable. New project in work right and left. The Canadian-born actress seems to be on the rise, but I wonder will it last? Sheren Tang won much sucess after War and Beauty Her role as Yu Fei made her popularity rise to the limits, favored to win Best Actress, everything seemed to be on the up... yet where is she this year? thing big nothing special... What a shame, she was such a great actress. I hope for her to be sucessful in 2006.

    Angela role in Life Made Simple was a rather small one... hardly even supporting role. Yet she won the hearts of the viewers. After winning Best Supporting Actress. I wish not for what happen to Sheren to happen to Angela.

    The Series

    2004 Drama
    War And Beauty

    2005 Dramas
    Jewel in the Palace
    Revolving Door of Vengeance

    2004 Comedy
    To Catch the Uncatchable

    2005 Comedies
    War of in Laws
    Life Made Simple

    When I look at the list of series last... I'm surprised. I thought that this year went downhill but actaully overall it was the complete opposite. There were more Hits in 2005 than 2004. Overall I found this year better when I look back at this year's series.

    The Top Ten Average TVB Series Rating:


    Rating : 32 points (2.133 million)
    Rating : 32.3 (2.12 million)
    Rating : 30 (1.97 million)
    Rating : 29.8 (1.956 million)
    Rating : 29.4 (1.93 million)
    Rating : 29.37 (1.928 million)
    Rating : 29.34 (1.926 million)
    Rating : 29 (1.903 million)
    Rating : 28.5 (1.87 million)
    Rating : 28.4 (1.864 million)


    1. Jewel in the Palace - 36 points with 2,000,000 audiences
    2. War of in Laws - 34 points (but has 25,000 more audiences than LMS)
    3. Life Made Simple - 34 points
    4. The Academy - 34 points (but has 4,000 less audience than LMS)
    5. The Prince's Shadow
    6. Just Love
    7. Scavenger's Paradise
    8. Revolving Door of Vengeance
    9. The Gentle Crackdown
    10. My Family

    Credit To: Heartmonster/xbunnylicious
    Whole thing stolen from TVB Generation

    Tie between Competition for Best Actress
    Liza vs. Kenix vs. Gigi

    WAB Ladies..

    I say tie... but I think last years bit more intense.

    For more though comparision I recommend TVB Generation
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:54 AM   0 comments

    Friday, December 30, 2005
    Year of 2005 The competition,The epic battles within and ofTVB
    The competition
    The epic battles of TVB

    Number one Liza Wang Vs. Kenix Kwok

    Really it was Liza vs Kenix vs Gigi. But the main focus was on Liza vs. Kenix. Kenix even being in TVB for so many years has never won an award. Because the Dectective Investigation Files was before the awards started. If they had awards during that time no doubt she would have one already. The media of course being who they are made this whole thing about who was going to win… who cares what they think. Anyways final result Liza got her second award. The only actress to ever had done so. =( sorry Kenix next year?

    Number two The Attire- TVB anniversary

    The fight to look the best… lets review the attire for the TVB anniversary!

    Yoyo Mung, Jessica Hsuan, Melissa Ng, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok.
    All the ladies look wonderful. If there is one thing that TVB Ani improved one its fashion

    Ron Ng and Bosco Wong

    oh you look so fine!

    uh...what happened to you? Mylioe and Bosco

    Number three The Old Vs the New

    coming soon

    Number four- Nikki Vs. Bernice

    Niki won award for most improved... how many series did she have under her belt two TVB series? Bernice was the favored to win. Fans from both sides fought each other. Niki was booed after winning the award. Oh well Next year Bernice, next year is your year.The controversy is that Niki, in exchange for award will film Gentle Crackdown II... Seems like last year's Best Actress controversy....

    Number five- TVB vs. ATV

    Well I said most of it in previous post, and currently TVB's ratings has gone down down and down...

    TVB+ATV's Rating Report 12/19/05 to 12/25/05


    1. The Herbalist's Maunal ( EPS 16 - 20 ) - 28 PTS
    2. When Rules Turn Loose ( EPS 09 - 13 ) - 26 PTS
    3. Always Ready ( EPS 21 - 25 ) - 21 PTS


    1. Central Affaris ( EPS 16 - 20 ) - 8 PTS
    2. A Great Adventure ( EPS 09 - 13 ) - 7 PTS
    3. Paris Lover ( EPS 11 - 15 ) - 4 PTS

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    Year of 2005: The OVERrated
    The OVERrated

    There is always something in TVB that is overrated… every year. Lets look at this year’s nominees!
    Overrated numbers 1, 2, and 3
    War of In-Laws

    The series itself is comedic, laughs here and there. I myself never finished it… anyways.
    Best series? This is why the Emmy’s (American TV award) spits it into two category…. Drama and Comedy. Really imo a comedy can not complete with a drama, because its those dramatic moments that define a series… that makes it memorable. Well I really wouldn’t say anything about this series if it didn’t win any awards. Almost everything about it is overrated…

    Myolie was rather annoying. Now that I think about it, I have never liked her except in one series. People say she is really pretty yet I don’t see it. I do think that she can act, i.e. Golden Faith (she did excellent in that series, but it was the only series imo that she really excelled)

    Liza Wang winning Best Actress? Maybe I’m biased, but I was rooting for Kenix all the way. Well she comes back after a long absence… the cancer scare. Liza maybe very experienced, but her acting is not that great. I don’t like her singing either… her songs are too slow. (Generation thing I guess) despite all that I respect her.

    Overrated number 4.
    Angela Tong

    I sympathizes her in Life Made Simple. I really did. I liked her in all the other small little roles she played. I really did, but I find the attention she is getting…umm a little too much. I really hope her the best. Maybe because I have never seen her in a lead role, that her acting range isn’t shown, but I can’t see her in a leading role… being the small person in a big world, makes you sympathize her. Like rooting for the underdog. Her acting in Life Made Simple wasn’t the greatest but I do think that she deserved the award 100%. Well good luck in your future endeavors.

    Finally overrated number 5- TVB itself

    Must I really say more. No, its not that I hate TVB. Its just a tad overrated? Too much ratings more poor series and too little ratings for ATV series. Poor ATV…
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:21 PM   4 comments

    Thursday, December 29, 2005
    The Promoted 2006
    A. 黃 宗 澤 、 B. 夏 萍 、 C. 郭 晉 安 、 D. 胡杏 兒 、 E. 梁 乃 鵬 博 士 ( 副 行 政 主 席 ) 、 F. 廖 碧 兒 、 G. 秦 沛 、 H. 樂 易 玲 ( 製 作 資源 部 副 總 監 ) 、 I. 馬 國 明 、 J. 石 修 、 K. 陳 志 雲 ( 總 經 理 ) 、 L. 梁 榮 忠 、 M. 陳佩 華

    Apparently, there was a TVB dinner, where artists that TVB plan to heavily promote in 2006 were introduced to those of higher management.
    The artistes included are:
    Roger Kwok, Angela Tong, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, and Joey Leung (even though he was supposed to be "frozen" by TVB due to his recent bad press, which was the emphasis of the article).

    Roger Kwok, Yay...kinda, does he need to be promoted?

    Angela Tong, I'll leave this commment for later...

    Bosco Wong, <3 but too much is never a good thing...

    Myolie Wu, Blah! TVB has stuff her into our faces so many times.... more?

    Bernice Liu, Woo... she deserves it so always works extra hard!

    Kenneth Ma, hmm... more Kenneth =)

    and Joey Leung Ever since that news I have always been uneasy with him....
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:31 PM   2 comments

    Year of 2005
    The Year of 2005:

    The Overrated,
    The Overshadowed,
    The Competition,
    The Unexpected,
    and the Dissapointing.

    6 Articles will conclude this year, one surprise article! .... so stay tuned!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:24 PM   0 comments

    January starts a new year!
    Before we end the year lets look at whats comming up in the new year!
    TVB makes a fresh start with something new and something old something foriegn and something uhh....stored.

    A Mainland series starts the evening.. the something foriegn- 8pm

    Lethal Weapons of Love And Passion (LWOLAP)
    覆雨翻雲 Fuk Yue Faan Wan - Something new

    40 Episodes
    Airing January 5th, 2006 - 9pm
    Cast: Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sonjia Kwok, Bosco Wong and Sharon Chan.

    One of the most antiscipated series for 2005 but got postponed again and again. Will the same effects as Yummy Yummy (Food for Life) which TVB did the same exact thing... we have to wait and see. Well at least its finally airing.

    10pm - Greed Mask
    Mai Ching Ga Juk- something old
    20 Episodes
    Cast: Roger Kwok, Christine Ng, Annie Man, Gilbert Lam

    TVB decides to air with years after it was first released overseas. I've seen it a few times already. Excellent series. Great that HK can see something different from Roger... stray away from Ah Wong. And Annie is in here! Oh you will be shocked at the end...

    Only overseas

    Trimming Success
    飛短留長父子兵 Fei Duen Lau Cheung Foo Ji Bing - something stored
    (not official poster but the other one was too small this one was from the book)

    Cast: Kevin Cheng, Nadia Chan, Sharon Chan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai, Patricia Liu, Sherming Yiu, and Ellesmere Choi.

    So Nadia is back! This series prob will be the first warehouse. One comes in one goes out. Trimming Success goes in Greek Mask comes out ... I'll prob see this.. for Kevin...and Nadia
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:12 PM   3 comments

    12-28-05 Quote of teh Day

    "You have blackheads!" [Louis Koo to Jessica Hsuan [Step in the Past]

    Haha I am currently rewatching Step in that Past.... oh what a great great show if it had more Jessica... I watch 11 episodes in one day, I would have continued but I was getting really tired. And no I didn't skip any parts!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:10 PM   1 comments

    Wednesday, December 28, 2005
    12-28-05 Quote of teh Day
    Gallen: I said "1...2...3...jump" not "1...2...jump."
    Francis: Really?
    Gallen: Yes.
    Francis: Oh... (Gallen Lo and Francis Ng- [Old Time Buddy])
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 2:24 PM   0 comments

    New Quotes Section
    Archive of the Quotes of the Day- new section enjoy!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:59 AM   0 comments

    Tuesday, December 27, 2005
    I couldn't agree more: HK Headlines get more exaggerated
    Andy Lau says HK Headlines get more exaggerated

    In recent years, the headlines of Hong Kong showbiz is getting more exaggerating, more often are bad news rather than good news.

    Normal news like Initial D competing in the Golden Horse Film Awards, Hacken Lee release a new album would occupy only a small segment while gossips and allegation were published in full pages.

    With regards to pictures, the ugliest photographs of artistes will be published, or the photographs where artistes are scantily-dressed. It's getting so serious that some magazine's cover looked the same as some porn magazine, no wonder nowadays artistes begin to feel that it's best that their news won't be published in magazines to avoid being embarrassed.

    Being in showbiz for so many years, how does Andy Lau see in how reporters work in recent years?

    Andy says: "The world had changed, many things human can't change, if it can't be change, should gave in, I would change a bit, hope in the later days, the newspaper will get better, we had no choice."

    Exhibit A
    Pictures released thought to be naked pictures of Sammi in her OWN home
    Link to article

    Exhibit B
    Sonija went to the bathroom behind some bushes and everyone made a big thing about it!
    Link to Articles 1 2

    Exhibit C
    This remoured love relationsip between Bosco and Myolie....So much news I'm getting sick of it! 600 love sms? comeon who has the time to send that many?
    Link to Articles 1 2 3

    Exhibit D
    Pictures of Shirley Yeung taking a shower at her mother’s house. The pictured also showed Shirley’s white bra hanging on the window sill. What is wrong with these reporters...
    Link to Article

    Need to say more

    and Finally E
    Gallen and Jessica...yes there was alot of Chemistry in GF but how could so possibily think otherwise...

    Case Close

    Verdict: Guilty on all counts

    well I know that you all have to agree with me! HK Headlines are getting more and more fictional... you never know what real and was fake.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:59 PM   2 comments

    Voting results are in! TVB's Seven Original Fa Dan
    These results have been long overdue! but here they are!

    TVB's Seven Original Fa Dan
    Who is your favorite TVB Fa Dan? [139 votes total]

    Ada Choi (24) 17%
    Esther Kwan (5) 4%
    Flora Chan (8) 6%
    Jessica Hsuan (56) 40%
    Kenix Kwok (33) 24%
    Marianne Chan (5) 4%
    Maggie Cheung (8) 6%

    Winner goes to Jessica Hsuan with 56 votes! Honurable mentions Kenix and Ada, they rock too! It seems that the people who left TVB have lost alot of thier Fans. Well need new idea for poll... Email me!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:36 PM   1 comments

    10,000 pageloads!
    Wow, A little over a month and we reached 10,000 pageloads! I know the quality of the site has been below what I expected and prob what you expected but now that I have sometime in my hands finally i can do a little fix up. New Layout? maybe... more articles on the way! I promised... how this year has been hectic for me. A New Year, a fresh start!

    Btw..I made a new site just for Credits on this site Check it out!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:29 PM   2 comments

    Monday, December 26, 2005
    12-26-05 Quote of 2 Days! Late X-mas Present
    I would like to Share some of my Favorite Quotes from DIF IV! (One of the greatest love story withe the greatest couple!)

    "Is it the bigger the kiss, the bigger the diamond will be?" (Jessica Hsuan- DIF IV)

    Why must you suppress your feelings? Why do you think you are betraying Anne when you are with me? People have to look ahead, you can't always live in your memories!!! (Jessica Hsuan - DIF 4)

    I want you to be the only woman to have my house keys. (Louis Koo - DIF 4)

    Jessica: Hurry and tell me something to make me happy.
    Louis:'re very pretty...
    Jessica: And...
    Louis:'re very fun...very sexy...very free really like me. (Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan - DIF 4)

    If you play with me now, I'll play with you for life. (Louis Koo to Jessica Hsuan - DIF 4)

    There are so many other things in life besides love (Jessica Hsuan - DIF 4)

    I once read in a book that, in one's lifetime, if you fall in love with 1 person, you are already very fortunate, but for us, we've both loved twice, it does not matter if you choose someone or not, someone will get hurt (Sunny Chan to Louis Koo - DIF 4)
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    Sunday, December 25, 2005
    Merry Christmas !
    Merry Christmas guys! Hope you got all you wanted for Christmas! Happy Holidays!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:33 PM   1 comments

    Saturday, December 24, 2005
    12-24-05 Quote of teh Day

    "A cup of hot coffee sitting there would turn cold coffee, but I could still heat it back up. Yet when a relationship gets cool off, it will be hard to bring back the heat." (Deric Wan- Golden Faith)

    hmm.. I want some hot coffee right about now... Merry Christmas! on yeah Screen Shot exactly where he says it...
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 3:25 PM   2 comments

    Happy Holidays

    eh this is kinda undone.. but getting tired! Well Happy Holidays!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 12:23 AM   2 comments

    Friday, December 23, 2005
    Just Love review

    English Title: Just Love
    Chinese Title: Lo Por Dai Yan (My wife, your honor)

    Producer: Chong Wai Kin

    Chinese Release: May 2005

    Episodes: 20

    Casts: Jessica Hsuan
    Sunny Chan
    Dave Wong
    Patrick Tang
    Johnson Lee
    Selena Li
    Fiona Yuen
    Natalie Tong
    Chan Hoi Yee
    Helena Lo
    Lo Hoi Pan
    Rosanna Lui

    The basis of the story is rather simple, A modern couple who’s roles are reversed. In traditional society, Husband goes to work and the wife stays home and takes care of the kids. Gou Hei Man (Jessica Hsuan) is a fair and righteous judge who takes her career very seriously. On a vacation skiing, she gets in an accident with Kot Kwok Kwong (Sunny Chan) and they get trapped inside by a fated blizzard. They spend time together resulting in Hei Man becoming pregnant. Kwok Kwong follows Hei Man back to Hong Kong and proposes to her after finding out that she is pregnant. Hei Man, unfortunately doesn’t believe in marriage and doesn’t trust men after what her father did to her family.
    Hei Man rejects his proposal, but he doesn’t give up. To scare him away she makes an unreasonable and very strict prenuptial agreement not expecting him to sign it. unexpectedly, he signs it and she is moved and they get married and starts a family, the three of them.

    But in this family, the wife goes to work, making the money and further advancing her career. The husband stays home and takes care of the kid. When things seemed to be all well for the couple things soon goes downhill. Everytime Kwok Kwong goes back to the village, he becomes the assertive husband, like a village man should. Hei Man plays along with it even though it’s killing her. Kwok Guang’s father finds out that is is Hei Man that is wearing the “Pants” of the story and then makes Kwok Guang break the agreement by getting a job.

    Though many other misunderstandings one after another seriously hurts their relationship. Hei Man finds herself in a situation were she could have signed the divorce papers because she thinks Kwok Guang has a mistress but decides to try to salvage her relationship. She reverts to the traditional role of the wife and even takes time off from work and even thinking of quitting her job, but in the end because of an unresolved misunderstanding causes a rift between them. Adding to the mix is Tai Chi Hung (Dave Wong) who is Hei Man’s ex-boyfriend who still has feelings for Hei Man and is part of most of the misunderstandings.

    In the end they get a divorce but not for the reason that you might think it would be. Hei Man gets in trouble with the law and if convicted loses her career as judge. Kwok Guang sacrifices his marriage to save Hei Man.

    There is even on more big misunderstanding but will they eventually get them back together?

    Gou Hei Man (Jessica Hsaun)-
    I liked how they developed her character. There were reasons for who she became the person she is today. Great character development. You have to feel bad her character. With an unfaithful father, she does not trust men in the world. As a wife she knows nothing about being a traditional wife including how to take care of her baby and how to cook, she leaves all these task to her husband. She can be mean and extremely pushy at times, and takes charge of everything. Yet despite all this I loved her character.

    Jessica has always played the strong career women since the DIF IV era. She nails this role as always. She is perfect as a judge. Though I do want her to deviate from this kind of role. I felt that her one crying scene could have been better. Her dramatic scenes had always been her one of her strong point but this one is a little below par. But this role is perfect for her! She plays a Judge perfectly. And did I mention how beautiful she was in this series?

    Kot Kwok Kwong (Sunny Chan)

    First off what is with the name? Kot Kwok Kwong? A bit hard to say.

    I disliked his character yet loved it, weird yeah. I disliked how wimpy his character was! What happened to the cool calm collective Chi San? But one thing he retains from that character us how caring and loving he is! It was so sweet the thing he would do for his wife, and even cuter how the littlest things she did made him happy. He gets push around by just about everyone! Poor Sunny. But I liked his Chi San better this guy was too wimpy for my liking. There was no character development on how he became so umm… pathetic. I vaguely remember that AK, his friend said that he used to not take anything from no one, so how does he become like this? Yet is pathetic, wimpy side does appeal to me in a way!

    I haven’t seen Sunny in such a long time! Though not a fan of his I enjoyed his return to TVB. His overacting in this series fit perfectly in this series.

    ok didn't finsh writing it, but I recently found it looking though my documents... well I decided to post it up... its not complete.. I'll finsh it later

    Episodes 01-05: 32 pts (peaking at 37 pts)
    Episodes 06-10: 31 pts
    Episodes 11-15: 32 pts (peaking at 37 pts)
    Episodes 16-20: 32 pts (peaking at 36 pts)
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:37 PM   3 comments

    12-23-05 Quote of teh Day

    "If you believe, anything is possible" ( Raymond-Yummy Yummy/Food for Life)

    Thanks to Asia - TVBgeneration

    If you think you can, you can. (Raymond Lam-Yummy Yummy)

    I'm not sure if its the same quote.. I never saw it =\ It would be helpful if you guys send in quote too, I'm running out...well soon!

    Credit for pic AF

    more coming
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 2:49 PM   8 comments

    Thursday, December 22, 2005
    12-22-05 Quote of teh Day

    Even though it's ten thousand to one chance - it's still a chance.. (Yoyo mung- Split Seconds)

    ... rough week it has been. One day to go! Then back to articles and etc. maybe I should finsh a review that I recently remembered about.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:44 PM   1 comments

    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    12-21-05 Quote of teh Day
    "Normally a lady can be late for 10-15 min. For a young and beautiful lady they're allow to be late 30 min. And one that is beautiful and smart are allow 1 hour. For you, you can be late for 2 hours." (Bowie Lam to Bernice Liu- Healing Hands III)

    Happy Winter Solstice! 12-21
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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005
    12-20-05 Quote of teh Day

    Love between 2 people is like basic math. When you add 2 people together, there should be a little more happiness. But if you add two together, and get more burden, guessing and mistrust, then the math is all wrong. You should subtract all that and break (Deric Wan - Golden Faith)
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    Joey Yung in New series

    So Joey is going to film a new series... I saw her other series Not a Pretty Face, I found it hilariuos...Roger's Go Go GO! lol... quite corny but it was an okay series.

    "It is said that Joey will be working on a television series next year. The director of the series, is Joey’s idol who she has admired since she was young. Joey said that the director told her to watch Michelle Pfeiffer and Meryl Streep movies. Joey said that if she does not do will on the series, she will never act again."
    Translated by angelic_eyes25 link
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    Gallen Lo.. his interview
    translation by Jayne
    Throughout the interview, Gallen Lo kept smoking, with the smoke from his cigarettes blurring the image of his face.

    Since leaving TVB in May 2003, there has been very little rumors about Gallen. The only recent news has been about his filming projects in China. In July 2002, Gallen had a lot of negative rumors, including his marital problems with his wife Fong Man Yee. Was Jessica Hsuan the third party? Also in December 2002, Gallen had a drunk driving incident; who was the female passenger on board at the time?

    As to these questions, Gallen didn't respond to them directly and didn't mention Jessica's name. "At the time, I can only tell the truth. If I didn't, the media would eventually find out anyway."

    Over the course of his career, Gallen doesn't do interviews often. He doesn't like to self-promote himself and at the same time, he likes to remain low key. As for today's interview, it was part of a promotion for his movie, "Divergence."

    Recalling from the past, Gallen granted the most interviews during the back half of 2002.

    His Wife
    In July 2002, Gallen acknowledged that he was experiencing marital problems. Rumors indicated that Jessica Hsuan was the third party. As Gallen and his wife "were trying to save their relationship," Gallen made a lot of public appearances with Jessica, such as wearing matching outfits. Also after he won the favorite actor award at the TVB anniversary, Gallen thanked Jessica, but forgot to mention his wife in his excitement. Also in December 2002, the eve before his birthday, he was drunk driving and his license was suspended for 15 months. Also in the car was a female passenger. A few days later, he made a public appearance with his wife and calmed the press' negative rumors.

    "Till this day, I haven't regretted that at the time I said I was experiencing marital problems. Because this is the truth. Before telling the press, I had discussed it with my wife. As to what happened in our marriage, a few years ago, I already stated the facts in a magazine interview, so I will not repeat it again."

    "After that incident, my wife and I didn't have any scars in our relationship. Married couples will always have arguments, but we normally make up after 5 minutes."

    Gallen met his wife, Fong Man Yee, in 1982 at night school. They dated for 16 years before getting married in Canada in 1998. In 2000, their son, Lo Yu Sing, was born.

    The reporter said Gallen has a good wife. Gallen reflected and said, "Yes...yes, I like my wife's kindness, patience, and tolerance. Now she doesn't work anymore (her previous job was at I-Cable). After a woman has a child, it is more suitable for her to stay home and take care of the child. That incident (2002 marital problem and car accident) has not affected us at all. My wife has not changed either, so I'm very happy!"

    Third Party
    Jessica Hsuan was rumored to be involved in both incidents. At the time, Gallen vehemently opposed the rumors with Jessica and said he owes her an apology as a result of the rumors. However after he made a public appearance with his wife in December 2002, Gallen has not mentioned Jessica's name afterwards again, as it was in this interview.

    "I was very angry at the person who said there was a third party! However, I'm an actor and it's inevitable that the press will write about these rumors. But I was very angry that the rumors involved my family and I couldn't accept that! So I tried to clarify the rumors as quickly as possible. I did a lot of interviews over the phone and prepared as to how I would respond to certain questions. I remember at the time of the car accident, the headlines were huge! I know I did wrong. I am a positive person, so I thought about how I could make the situation better."

    His Son
    Throughout the interview, Gallen mentioned his son often. His son, Lo Yu Sing, is 5 years old now. In September, his son entered first grade. According to Gallen, his son is easy to discipline. "My wife taught him very well. He has very good manners, he will even say 'please' to his grandmother and I. He is very organized. When he was 4 years, he already picked up after his toys. He does his homework too. He loves to watch Cartoon Network. He likes Peter Pan because of his magic skills. He has a sense of righteousness and wants to be a police offer. On Halloween, I took him out to play. When he saw some foreigners, he said he wanted to turn into Spiderman and protect me!"

    Last year Gallen filmed 4 series in China and couldn't spend a lot of time with his son. Gallen could only call home and talk to his son 4 or 5 times a day. "A father is usually a son's idol. Each time he sees me on television, his eyes would be glued to the tv with admiration. When he sees my picture in the newspaper, he would ask what the article is about. Whenever he sees me, he will think of ways to play with me and ask me to play in his band. When we go out, he would want me to carry him in my arms, but at the same time embarrassed that his friends might see. Haha! In the past, I didn't like children much until I had my son."

    #1 Brother
    In 1985, Gallen joined the singing contest and entered TVB in 1986 and had worked there for 16 years. In May 2003, after his contract was up with TVB, he signed with a China production company. At the TVB anniversary that year, Gallen's standing position moved from front row center to third or fourth row status. "Actually that time, my position was not preplanned, so I just stood wherever I wanted. My personality is that I don't want to fight for attention...."

    Gallen said that he doesn't reminsce about the days he was the number one brother at TVB. He wanted to move on and improve and doesn't care that his popularity is going down. "I just know that in tv history, I was the first actor branded as number one brother. Over my 16 year career at TVB, I have received the Favorite Male Actor award 3 times. And my album received double platinum status. What more can you ask for?"

    " I have received many awards over the last 16 years. My wife wanted to put them in a visible place in our home, but I like being low key. So in the end we placed them in a corner space. Luckily over the last 16 years, I have gained many tv fans and have recognition in China. Now under my new mangament contract, my earnings have increased. When my parents wanted to go on vacation, I could pay for them. This is what made me the happiest!"

    While Gallen said he will not dwell on his TVB past, he mentioned "16 years" three times, the time when he started from the bottom and climbed to his highest peak.

    Gallen's wife manages all of his earnings. When the earnings are high, they will discuss together how to spend it. Two years ago, after signing with his new production company, he bought a $15 million (HKD) home. Last year after his license was reactivated, he bought a Volvo Jeep to make driving around his family easier.

    To accommodate the photo shoot, Gallen smoked 5 cigarettes consecutively. Gallen started smoking 13 years ago and now he smokes 3 packs a day. He enjoys inhaling the smoke into his lungs.

    As Gallen's earnings increase, his goals become bigger as well. He said, "It's much better than to put it in a bank as the interest rate is so poor."

    Source: Express Weekly # 349

    I really miss Gallen =( things haven't been the same since he left. I WANT HIM BACK! ... and Louis too. But they all moved onto bigger and better things such a shame... I wished that he stopped smoking too...
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    Monday, December 19, 2005
    12-19-05 Quote of teh Day
    Vivi lee: I like cheese fondues, you like bread, we're just not compatible.
    Jim Jim: but you can eat bread with cheese fondue.
    Vivi lee: in simpler terms, you're just not my cup of tea.. (Ada Choi and Michael Tong - To Catch the Uncatchable)

    Haha, guys who don't get hints... we all know a few of those. Anyways a funny series with a ??? ending... I never finsh the series, I know bad me... I saw the ending both the original and the happy version... I saw it on Starbiz, I think that is what made me stop seeing it... maybe one day I'll finsh it.. Well on the sidenote I'm sorry but I can't update as much this week, much stuff I must do. I'll still be around. And also still going to be Quotes each day!
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    Sunday, December 18, 2005
    LJ creation

    I was kinda bored, ok I just didn't want to do my Scholary Journals sum... why must they use so scientific words...well another LJ creation. Well your screen maybe brighter than mine, so change it to see. A quickie. Wow I didn't use any special brushes this time. If you wanna use it for anything, story perhaps, your welcome to take it BUT email me first. I''ll do any changes etc...
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    Look alike trio
    Credits Soly, The Awakening Story function

    I think that they all look so simlar to each other Tavia and Maggie the most
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    12-18-05 Quote of teh Day

    Ivan: "Don't fret, a helicopter is coming for us."
    Rachel: "Really? And a there is spaceship is coming for me." (Gallen Lo and Jessica Hsuan- Golden Faith)
    [Rachel hops on the back of the truck, later a helicopter flies overhead]
    Rachel [yelling]: Then where is my spaceship!

    I am so going to run out of day...
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    Saturday, December 17, 2005
    Imperial Court of TVB
    The Imperial court of TVB

    While I was reading the recent Michelle vs. Pinky article, it reminded me of all the other rumors of catfights. I imagined we were back in Ancient China… TVB was the emperor and all the actresses were his concubines. Think War and Beauty. Ok lets take the most recent RUMOURED catfight Gigi Lai, Kenix Kwok, Liza Wang. Liza would be the empress bestowing power over these concubines. Kenix and Liza were trying to win TVB’s affection, his favor, the Young beautiful Kenix or Elder Empress Liza. But ending up winning the award, as TVB favorite…This whole thing was something that the media made up. Concubines scheming to get ahead, to rise in the ranks (Oh course this is fictional and purely based of rumors), Other Catfights I can think of… hmm lets talk about a real one, Jessica Vs. Maggie. This one was fuel by rumors but the truth is there was tension between them and were not friends. Rumors start way back then, during Old Time Buddy, Jessica supposedly reported Maggie for always being late, being “unprofessional”… Well then public spats, Claws came out…talking to the media…oh those little things they said. They totally avoided each other, then came Burning Flames 2, Jessica was only in it like 10 mins? Yet there were rumors they didn’t get along once again. Hehe reminds you of War and Beauty. Well current day, they have settled, no more spats…Oh how the media can twist things. Signing with TVB is a plus and raises you up in rank, better position with Emperor TVB. Emperor TVB has his favorites, you wanna be on his good side. Favorite concubines, Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, Mylioe Wu, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh… but this emperor like his younger concubines like Myloie, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, and Mandy Cho. Well we fade out as the drama unfolds and a new scheme is unfolding.

    Guess the audience likes War and Bueuty so much the Media is trying to create one outside the series not just TVB but within the Entertainment circle. PersonA Vs. Person B. It could be three way. 2 Vs. 1... all the combos. Another one is Joey, Denise and Miriam.. its most likely all lies...
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    Credits For site and any graphics used
    Blogger, CBox, ImageShack, Photobucket, fastonlineusers, Statcounter
    Aethereality, Hybrid Genesis, 500ml brushes, 8nero
    Aethereality, Hybrid Genesis, Blissgossip, At Last
    DaFont, Fonts for Kids
    Celebrity Images
    AsianFanatics,, TVBsquare
    Adobe Photoshop/Imageready, Picture It, Firefox, Notepad
    Asianfanatics, TVB Entertainment, TVBChineseNewsCollection, Jessica Forum, New TVB forum, TVBsquare
    *updated when new sites/programs used
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    [Yes, no, maybe so] Poll Results are in!
    LMS 2? Should it be made? [35 votes total]

    Yes (2) 6%
    No (16) 46%
    I rather not but... I'll watch it if there is one made (17) 49%

    Yeah its pretty much no, A squeal to LMS should not be made, majority rules. Well if one does happen, there still will be people watching along with me.
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    12-17-05 Quote of teh Day
    只要有恆心, 夢想可成真! (Jessica Hsuan- Life Made Simple)

    Simliar to a english saying, Where there is a will there is a way. Simlar but not exactly...

    "So long as you have a will, your dreams will come true"...
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    Friday, December 16, 2005
    All about Women!
    Will include Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, Will be Released Around Feb or March 2006

    Credit News:
    Kitson link to his site

    Yay there is one released too bad there is no Jessica, but Bernice is in it! Woot!
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    Next promoted stars: Linda Chung and Fala who?

    We all knew that Linda was next to be highly promoted by TVB... but who is Fala Chan? well I just found out that she's was the favourite winner of Miss Chinese International Pageant (MCI) and she did really well on that day but, she only was 1st runner-up. I have heard her name before but I don't know where...also found out that she was Miss NY, NY pride! well, I hope she can act, I highly doubt it, but there might be a chance? About Linda, She was ok in VOH2, for her first time.

    Translations by xbunnylicious
    Every year, when it is nearing the holidays, TVB always promote themselves with short clips. As Christmas is nearing, Linda Chung and Fala Chen are chosen to be in the short clips. Both of them will have to sing Christmas carols and the clip will be aired continously. Their popularity will sure rise and will be the 2006 greatly promoted celebs. Their managers said that they want to find ways to promote them as they are oversea beauties, knows English, and can sing perfectly in Christmas carols.
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    12-16-05 Quote of teh Day

    Eat one "lo por" cookie, marry one wife. Eat two "lo por" cookie, marry two wife... (Bobby Au Yeung- Web of Love)

    Hehe, oh Bobby, lol, he's funny... Oh i forgot to mention a pice of news concerning him and others.

    A news series will began filming next year, including Jessica, Bobby, and Micheal Miu! A love triangle? Well Jessica did mention that the rest of teh cast is with newbies... =
    According to Jessica herself, posted in The Jessica Fan Forum, Jessica says she with Film with Bobby and Micheal in a 30 episode series, instead of the Ancient series with Liza Wang

    Jessica's Forum

    Date Posted: Dec 8, 05 - 4:53 AM
    Message: Hi All!

    Happy to be able to leave a message here! There is no internet access at the hotel, but luckily, one of the girls here has a wireless internet access card and I can use it whenever she has to work.

    Finally moved to our last location. This hotel is not as nice as the last one, but good enough. I was expecting the weather to be much warmer here, but.....Coldish, but not as cold as where we were. It was below 10 degrees there. Here, the only problem is food. Most 'restaurants' are very small, dark and kind of dirty. As most of you know, I have to be very careful of what I eat in China. I did manage to find an ok restaurant close by. I'll be visiting there quite often.

    It is still not confirmed whether I'll be coming back for New Year's Eve. Should know within these couple of days. Only 3 weeks away! :)

    There has been a slight change in my next project. I shan't be shooting the series with Liza Wang. Instead, I'll be working on a new 30 episode series with Boby Au Yeung, Miu Kiu Wai plus a few youngsters (cast yet to be confirmed). Part of this series will be shot in the Philippines. Yes, I have to go away again, but anywhere with Boby! I'm sure it'll be great fun. :)Should spend around a month there.

    This is all for now. Take care and keep warm!


    No translation nessesary as Jessica post her messages in the forum in English so that Fans everywhere can read it

    Note: Jessica has to be careful of what she eats because she has been hospitalized many many times...most often when she films in China.
    Jessica was admitted to hospital for eight days while filming 'A Step Into the Past' and had to have over 20 packs of saline drip

    Yes the message is real as there are Boardmoderator that check IP and actually keep in touch with Jessica.
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    Thursday, December 15, 2005
    12-15-05 Quote of teh Day

    "Let the game begin" (Wong He-A Step Into the Past)

    "You and I exist because of history...if history is ever rewritten, what do you think will happen to us." (Liu Kai Chi- A Step into the Past)
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    Winglin fovever
    Winglin, was and still partly is a huge part of my life on the Internet.... its where brilliant writers wrote down their imagination to share with others. Good times.... as you all should know I'm a huge LJ fan and it pretty much started in Winglin. I randomly read a LJ fanfic, it captured my soul...I had to know more about LJ and read more. There I watched DIF IV and I fell more in love with LJ...ok enough with my LJ ranting... Ok its where all the LJ fanfics lies...I didn't finished them all! and probably never will. I made friends there and I hope it lives on forever.

    Well Great news, Winglin LIVES! link

    Message from Winglin
    Techincal Problem with Winglin fanfic site

    Posted By: HKPOP Admin (
    Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, at 11:22 a.m.

    Currently the fanfic site is temporary down. Someone posted forbided material on the site and we need to take it down. However, one of the BM is sick and could only attend to this later. Sorry for the inconvinent caused. The site should be up soon. And thanks to those who don't give a darm to the rumours about Winglin closing down. As promised earlier, if such day should come, you will be inform on both the fanfic and fanfic problem forums/other cinple forums, with our initial in red, like how we usually post. We will NEVER open a fanfic account on our site to announce such matters. Mark our IP address for the owner of this site only post with this set of IP.
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    Wednesday, December 14, 2005
    12-14-05 Quote of teh Day

    chilam: a pen and a man. .repeat after me..
    charmaine (drunk): ..repeat after me.. (Chilam and Charmaine [Point of no return])

    Hehe the funny thing we say when were drunk... not that I ever get drunk... just saying
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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005
    ATV will keep on trying
    Upcoming ATV:
    ATV broadcasting Ada Choi & Lawrence Ng's doctor series (w/ William So, etc & many famous big name guest stars)

    8 Heroes w/ Anthony Wong, Edison Chen, Lu Yi, Bing Bings, etc (which is another big cast series)

    Grand production w/Patrick Tam, Amy Kwok, Deannie Yip, William Chow, and Benny Chan.

    Also Rain (South Korea's hottest star) to join the "Wonderful Sunset" an ATV drama series, for 3 million HK
    + hotel, makeup, hair style and bodyguards. The project is a cooperation of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea, and seen as a safe investment, according to an ATV official.

    I'm not doubting that ATV will not hit those high ratings.... but soon it will just go back to normal ratings... Like in 1999 with Flaming Brother and HZGG (Taiwan), ATV was right there in it with TVB, but soon after these two series were done... back to single digits. Flaming Brotehr completed with DIF IV... =\ and still DIF IV did fairly well! I saw HZGG, canto dubbed of course, i liked it the second one was okay... really really long though. HZGG was the series that made Vicki Zhou and Ruby Lin Famous thoughout Asia. Similar to what Jewel in Palace did for Lee Young Ai.. I don't think that she will achieve the level of sucess after the series.
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    Jessica Hsuan talks about relationships, accompishments and future
    In a recent issue of TVB weekly Jessica Hsuan was on the cover and the main article is rather fasinating... I like to share it with everybody. Sorry for the delay of this...

    Translation by New Singapore Fan

    I cut the first part out since its been translated already by Starizblue, Me and NSF Read it here
    Other than having expectations on her leading male actors, Jessica also places expectations on her boyfriends in real life. But as she matures with time, she has lowered her expectations. Now she can accept a relationship with a younger man. She says, "in the past, I cannot accept this at all. But now, I feel that as long as our thinking is similar and there is not too much difference in our appearance, I can accept it. Actually, it is not that I have lowered my expectations, but rather, I have widened them a little."

    Although Jessica is currently busy filming in China and will only be back in January, her friends are already busy match-making for her. There are quite few eligible men who are waiting for her to be back to meet with them. She says "my friends are more anxious than me. My boyfriends have always been introduced to me by friends. All along, I only have had only a few male suitors (I find it hard to believe!! Maybe they are afraid to approach her because of her fame? ). This may be due to my male-like character and appearance. Anyway, the earliest I would start dating is next January. Actually, I've always had the mentality of letting nature take its course when it comes to relationships."

    According to some sources, the eligible men who are waiting to have meals with her include famous men. Afterall,one of her ex-boyfriends was Ronald who is also a well-known personality. Hence, there are speculations that she will marry into one of the rich and influential families. But Jessica's goals in life are to seek a simple and ordinary lifestyle. She says, "As long as the family is a happy one, I will be OK. An ordinary life is the happiest. I find that I am not suited to marry into a rich and influential family. Actually, as one experiences more in life, one will understand what one's needs are. But men in the same industry will certainly not be among my choices for a partner."

    The house that Jessica bought 2 years ago at a price of HK$9.5m (over 2,000 sq ft) has now risen to about KH$20m. Although it appears that she has made about HK$10m in profit, Jessica has no intention of selling it because she regards it as a "Feng Shui House" (house with good geomancy according to some Chinese beliefs). Turns out that after she bought this house, Jessica got the role in "Square Pegs" and her career has been growing steadily ever since. She says, " I did check on feng shui (geomancy), plus the fact that my parents have flown back from Beijing to live with me, so I won't sell it. Most importantly, it is my dream house. I had already set my eyes on this house when I entered showbiz, but I had not saved enough then."

    With a multi-million-dollar house and 2 cars, Jessica feels very proud becuase she has earned them herself through hard work. She says, "whatever I own now is earned through my hard work. Even when I was a newbie in the industry and not earning much, my parents didn't sponsor me, except helping to pay more than $10,000 as downpayment for my first car."

    Mingpao Weekly Magazine 1934 Scans here

    This article shows how much Jessica has accomplished! And i'm very proud of her.
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    12-12-05 Quote of teh Day
    An angry person will not read a book about Anger Management, and if the person is not angry, that person will not understand such a book. (Joe Ma - Revolving Doors of Vengeance)

    Credits TVB for pic and TVBsquare for quote
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    Monday, December 12, 2005
    ATV creates a small dent in TVB's hull

    (TVB-ATV) Ratings Report (05/12/2005 - 11/12/2005)
    1. Life Made Simple ( EPS 31 - 32 Ending ) - 41 PTS Peaking at 43 PTS
    2. The Herbalist Manual ( EPS 06 - 10 ) - 29 PTS
    3. When Rules Turn Loose ( EPS 01 - 03 ) - 26 PTS
    4. Tung Wah Charity Show 2005 - 25 PTS
    5. The Unforgerttables - 24 PTS
    6. Always Ready ( EPS 11 - 15 ) - 22 PTS

    1. Central Affaris ( EPS 06 - 10 ) - 8 PTS
    2. A Great Adventure ( EPS 01 - 03 ) - 6 PTS

    Credits to Kitson

    A s you can see... ATV didn't do much, in terms of ratings but it did seemed like it did steal some viewers away from TVB as TVB's ratings were horrible... Always Ready had a horrible horrible 22pts! (for TVB standards), the start of When Rules Turn Loose didn't pull in uch only a poor 26 pts... The last minute pull from warehouse The Herbalist Manual dropped a couple points to 29pts (not bad) from LMS lead in...

    ATV seemed to cause there bad ratings. But not enought to topple the Giant. Michelle's series Central Affairs pulled in a WHOLE 8 pts! Great for ATV... I don't think TVB has ever done that poorly in any primetime show. Surprise Surprise, the Francis Ng , Dayo Wong, Flora Chan trio couldn;t pull in viewers? In TVB+Francis Ng+Dayo Wong+Flora Chan= BIG RATINGS, but no take out TVB and add ATV you get a big fat 6! I say nice try ATV, Great Adventure wasn't an ATV production but an mainland one... still ATV, better luck next time.

    As someone pointed out...something that I totally forgot when writing this. One that only the first 3 episodes where aired... ATV changed it so LMS wouldn't complete with it for ratings.. (they were just scared). Also another thing is Dayo and Flora did not appear yet... I still stand about what I said... Well this is an opinion site! we all have our own views, our own thoughts I just like to share mine and to inform you guys recent Stuff about TVB!
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    12-11-05 Quote of teh Day

    Kenneth: In this world, there are still guys who are willing to love their girlfriends forever and always.
    Bernice: Hmph... Are you talking about dinosaurs?...Sorry, but they don't exist anymore. (Kenneth Ma & Bernice Liu - Into Thin Air)

    hehe... I Loved this couple in Into Thin Air... they are such a cute couple! I like quotes, I really do.. there is something about quotes, I don't know what. I was staring to write teh date as 11-12-05 (date/month/year) I don't know why... too much influence?
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    Sunday, December 11, 2005
    TVB Quote of Teh Day
    New thing I'm staring TVB quote of the day! Send me you favorite quote from any TVB series! Include who said it and from what series ex. (Gigi Lai - The Dance Of Passion)

    Send it to:

    "If you don't divorce me tomorrow, I'll burn down your house. If you don't divorce me the day after tomorrow, I'll burn down your factory" (Gigi Lai - The Dance Of Passion)
    credit to TVBsquare for the screencaps

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    All about Actors/Actress
    TVB recently have been letting the stars of the series sing the themesongs. TVB has been doing this for quite a while. Some have even went on into a singing career like Gallen Lo, Louis Koo, and Steven Ma, wait actually he was a singer before he turned into acting...

    Those who can sing "You need an album!" or at least sing more themesongs and/or concerts!

    All about Women
    1. Jessica Hsuan- She can definatly sing. She hsa been singing in concerts and functions for a very long time...and you can see her improvment though the years. She is really good now, she did great in the Life Made Simple themesong!
    2. Bernice Liu- The Theme for Into Thin Air has been on repeat for so long... I just love the song! and she can sing! Totally surprised. But when it comes to live, she sings too deep, Bernice should work on that. Question to Bernice "How does it feel to be the only actress to sing a themesong solo?"
    3.Charmaine Sheh- I remember the first time I heard her singing it was meh =\ but I see a vast improment... and I like it!

    I would make a All about Men list but they already have one so no need.

    Out of all the actor I think Raymond can sing the best! And he is coming out with an Album YAY!
    I think Ron is okay... no too bad

    TVB ‘s All About Men CD
    (credits- TVBgeneration)
    All About Men 01 - Hacken Lee -(TVB Revolving Doors Of Vengeance Theme)

    All About Men 02 - Ron Ng -(TVB Revolving Doors Of Vengeance Sub-Theme)

    All About Men 03 - Kevin Cheng - (TVB Yummy Yummy Sub-Theme)

    All About Men 04 - Patrick Tang - (TVB Animation Mozcard Theme)

    All About Men 05 - Raymond Lam - (TVB Lethal Weapons Of Love & Passion Sub-Theme)

    All About Men 06 - Bowie Lam - (TVB Healing Hands III Sub-Theme)

    All About Men 07 - Frankie Lam - (TVB The Herbalist's Manual Theme)

    All About Men 08 - Eason Chan - (TVB Animation Fullmetal Alchemist Theme)

    All About Men 09 - Moses Chan - (TVB Love Bond Theme)

    All About Men 10 - Ekin Cheng - (TVB Always On Standby Theme)
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:48 AM   2 comments

    TVB the next Titanic?

    As we all know by now ATV is going to full force with its lineup againist. A campain to steal TVB viewers. With Michelle Ye leaving them and then filmed "Central Affairs" for ATV, and "Big Adventure" with Dayo Wong, Francis Ng, and Flora Chan, not a ATV production but they brought the rights to broadcast it.

    For Decades TVB had this unpresidented edge over ATV, I can't comment much on ATV because I haven't watched any yet. prob the only series I saw on ATV wasn't even a ATV production, it was Taiwan's "Princess Pearl" (Huan Zhu Ge Ge), which was the one that broke TVB's 30 or so years monopoly. Earlier, ATV aired Handsome Siblings w/ Dicky Cheung & Nicholas Tse & The bing bin

    I find TVB overconfident in its dominance, and that is a shame because the quality goes down. As many of us can see. Could TVB be the next Titanic? Titanic was thought to be at that time "Unsinkable" but look at it now, its in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, it was the overconfidence that cause thousands of lives to perish. Can TVB's confidence be thier downfall? ATV is owned by some really really rich mainlander, and that it is able to stay alive so long, and how thier artist get paid even with such low ratings compared to TVB. "Central Affairs"'s rating of 9 and almost peaked 10 is a celebrated victory for ATV! TVB's series "When Rule turn lose" starring Liza Wang, Myloie Wu, and Sammul Chan, having a dreadful 25pts (dreadful for TVB, and Liza)

    ATV also has a grand production ready to be produced with Big names Patrick Tam, Amy Kwok, Deannie Yip, William Chow, and Benny Chan. ATV are able to grab many big names due to TVB's treatment of thier own artist, with low pay, a very restricting contract, and is very baised when it comes to who is going to be promoted. Many TVB stars have switched to ATV because ATV pays more. TVB "Gives fame not Wealth" but what is it no long gives fame? what would TVB do? All in all, TVB should watchout, but I do not believe that ATV will ever dominate the HK television. But they can sure try.

    Upcoming ATV:
    ATV broadcasting Ada Choi & Lawrence Ng's doctor series (w/ William So, etc & many famous big name guest stars)

    8 Heroes w/ Anthony Wong, Edison Chen, Lu Yi, Bing Bings, etc (which is another big cast series)

    Grand production w/Patrick Tam, Amy Kwok, Deannie Yip, William Chow, and Benny Chan.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 10:56 AM   3 comments

    Saturday, December 10, 2005
    Fixed RSS Feed
    RSS feed:

    Haha, I realized a while ago that the Rss Feed didn't work, I wasn't sure why... I knew it had to do with the html... I didn't have time to figure it out at that time so I left it. Today, I finaly sigured out why. When I type my post I type it in HTML, And I realized that I type something worng that cause the whole RSS feed to not work. So I deleted it and now it works fine! Woo... Need music... any sugesstions?
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:32 PM   1 comments

    LMS2? I say: "No more Squeals!"
    As Much as I enjoyed Life Made Simple, I think A LMS2 a bad idea, not only would it over reuse the "Ah Wong" image, it just a Bad idea. I'm sure most people agree three might be too much. Ah Wong was a bit annoying in LMS but he did make it up at the end. Also A LMS2 would mean Jessica would be thrown into "Fung's" role again... limiting her talents. Don't get me wrong I loved Life Made Simple except for serveal things like how Micheal and Catherine broke up... but anyways, People have forgotten Jessica earlier roles and people are just using her recent roles as an way to critisize her... either that for people now are "new" to TVB and have not seen her older series in which I would say to then see DIF IV, CBWH, GF anf many many others.

    Jessica should do a role that shows her versatility, it seems people are forgetting Jessica's earlier roles...where is played many numerous different characters. From Weak in CBWH to a Hobo=) in WTP...sigh I'm getting sick of people who say that all Jessica can act is strong roles, which is so not true, proof is in her pervious roles. Oh well, if LMS continues it just the same character, and also i wouldn't want TVB to ruin the series as they did with Armed reaction. A refreshing new series would be nice but anything with Jessica is a must see anyways...

    Also what else is there to talk about? I'm sure that Jessica would not do a LMS 2 because from all her interviews she knows that the role isn't anything special, I would think she would do something that is worth it.

    But whatever she does I will follow....

    New poll: Should LMS2 be made? Its on the right hand side of the site

    [Semi-Spoilers of ending, Read at own risk]

    Translation by NSF at

    With the last episode of LMS having powered to a high of 42 points in viewership, the producer of LMS revealed that a sequel to LMS would be considered. Having Lor Poh Jai returning to Ah Wong and promising to be "happy together forever" with him, this ending has stirred up much debate among viewers. Some people feel that their marriage is too unrealistic but the producer who was interviewed insisted that love exists between Ah Wong and Lor Poh Jai and such an ending is fair and reasonable.

    A little translation by me, toomanysidesofme

    When the last episode ended, online discussions immediately followed. The audience divided into two sides, "Reality" vs. "Fairy Tale". There was much discussion of the ending before settling on the version aired. Jessica Hsuan's opinion of the ending that was arranged "Its lets everyone imagine what happened, each person's understanding can be different". Roger Kwok said "Actually I do not oppose and the Lo Por Jai marriage, because in the TV world anything can happen." opposite to his Lo por jai's view who oppose a marriage between Ah Wong and Ah Fung." Normal people cannot marry Ah Wong, I do not accept it, also thought the audience cannot accept, Ah Wong and I, although have love, but is not the love between a Man and a Women, is only between one of Friends"

    Even with audience difference in opinion among themselves to the ending, "Life Made Simple"'s popularity is undeniable.

    There is too much to translate...anyone want to add more go ahead.
    The Two Chinese Articles here:
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:26 PM   1 comments

    Thursday, December 08, 2005
    I wanna watch Always on Standby now...

    I saw the first 5 episodes of it and I stopped because its not a series I would wanna "Chase after the series" so I wanna just see it after it all airs... rent it when it all comes out.. but now discovering that Fiona Yuen is in it as Ben's ex-Wife, I wanna see it but I'm still going to wait. I really like Fiona Yuen, I seen her in small roles in many other series like Detective Investigations Files IV and recently Just Love.. (love her character) and always found her really pretty.

    Credits for Pics to SehSeh at her blog

    "If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were."
    This quote I don't agree with for one reason... its because of Fei and Quin in DIF IV... we all know their Love was real, but Quin just have to let him go, Fei had to let her go... it just had to be..
    responsibility/ChinChin... sigh What a sad ending.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:50 PM   4 comments

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