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  • Friday, March 31, 2006
    03-31-06 Quote of the Day
    "You and I are the same type of people. If in a relationship, we should be very compatible." [Moses Chan to Bernice Liu, Healing Hands III]
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:15 PM   3 comments

    Baby Pix of 42 TVB artists
    Image Hosted by
    [click for better look] Credits Moon Blue

    [From L to R]
    Row 1: Ada Choi, Marianne Chan,Flora Chan, Gallen Lo, Louisa So,Gigi Lai,Fiona Yuen
    Row 2: Julian Cheung, Ekin Cheng, Maggie Cheung, Shirley Yeung, Deric Wan, Kenix Kwok, Benny Chan
    Row 3: Dicky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Jessica Hsuan, Liz Kong+Alvina Kong, Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye
    Row 4: Maggie Siu, Esther Kwan, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong, Myolie Wu
    Row 5: Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Bowie Lam, Dodo Cheng, Anne Heung, Louis Koo, Bernice Liu, Tavia Yeung
    Row 6: Natalie Wong, Joe Ma, Eileen Yeung, Amy Kwok, Steven Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Joyce Tang

    My picks:
    Cutest Girl: Leila Tong
    Cutest Boy: Alex Fong Chung-Sun
    Who is the most easily recognizable :Dicky Cheung (his head is so round!)
    Who has changed the most: Jessica Hsuan actually later pictures(3yr or so) you can totally recognize her.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:38 PM   5 comments

    Thursday, March 30, 2006
    03-30-06 Quote of the Day
    "Come on baby light my fire!" [Michael Tong, The Biter Bitten]
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    Wednesday, March 29, 2006
    "Its in the Eyes" results- week 2

    Clue #1: Her character had one of the most tragic deaths, the TVB series was broadcast in late 90's
    Clue #2: Her lastest TVB series was in 2004

    Answer: Jade Leung
    Image Hosted by

    tune in for next week!

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:04 PM   0 comments

    Analysis on results on Next Magazine Awards....
    Analysis on results on Next Magazine Awards....

    Top 10

    Angela Tong
    Free Image Hosting at
    If you have read my review of 2005, you already know my feelings towards Angela Tong. Well if you didn’t, let me tell you them [before-today] Basically I liked her in her various supporting roles. In Life Made Simple, her role as Ah Ho was sympathized by many… I can’t say it had that big of an effect on me to turn into a fan. Well anyways it wasn’t her role that I wasn’t too happy about… it was more of the popularity that she received after Life Made Simple. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy she got more popular but there is always a point where you say its too much. With winning Next Magazine Most Popular TV Artist… well that is something where no supporting actress has gone before. She beat all of the most popular TVB artist currently! [Jessica Hsuan and Kenix Kwok included!] I’m seriously thinking she will be the next Sheren Tang [something I predicted before] I thought that she would place in the top ten but to get first…I can’t say she truly deserved it. Her performance in Life Made Simple in terms of acting was anything but spectacular; I can name so many other supporting actors that had phenomenal performance yet they did not receive much for their performance, what a shame.

    Ok besides Angela Tong shocking number 1 lets look at the ranking.
    Ranking order:

    1.湯盈盈 - Angela Tong
    Free Image Hosting at
    2.宣萱 - Jessica Hsuan
    Free Image Hosting at
    3.黃宗澤 - Bosco Wong
    Free Image Hosting at
    4.郭晉安 - Roger Kwok
    Free Image Hosting at
    5.汪明荃 - Liza Wong
    Free Image Hosting at
    6.郭可盈 - Kenix Kwok
    Free Image Hosting at
    7.胡杏兒 - Myolie Wu
    Free Image Hosting at
    8.廖碧兒 - Bernice Liu
    Free Image Hosting at
    9.佘詩曼 - Charmaine Sheh
    Free Image Hosting at
    10.陳豪 - Moses Chan
    Free Image Hosting at

    All picture belong to

    Jessica getting into top ten was not a surprise… nor was it any shock she placed so high. We all know that Next, TVB, HK, loves Jessica…

    Bosco, Myolie, and Bernice… all part of the “younger generation” was a surprise surprise to getting in top 10. Previous awards were given to the older more experienced actors part of “older generation”. I remember Ron Ng getting on the list was a big deal… but now three of them got in and placed so much higher too! Bosco achieving 3rd! Myolie and Bernice placing 7th and 8th respectively. Much higher then Ron’s 10th place last year. I know there is a lot of media with Bernice but I didn’t know she was that popular in HK.

    This ranking nicely ties into a future article, that I can now tie into it and use as proof.

    3 males in top 10! It is total Female domination! Girl Power!

    Top 10 TV Program

    I don’t think there is much importance to this… I have no real objections

    Always Ready
    This series received so low ratings, kinda a surprised its even here.

    Central Affairs
    An ATV series in here? ATV must be celebrating.

    1.Angela Tong beating Jessica Hsuan
    2.“Younger Generation” artist made top 10
    3.Bosco Wong getting 3rd beating Roger Kwok
    4.Bernice making top 10
    5.Finally Angela beating Jessica!!!!

    ok ok I'm breathing! I haven't gotten over the fact Angela beat Jessica!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:26 PM   4 comments

    Congrats to Jessica for getting 2nd in Next Magazine TVB awards!
    Free Image Hosting at
    Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
    credits to Mrs. Luk

    Congrats on getting Second and also
    Most Feminine Beautiful Awards! Truly deserve it!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:07 PM   0 comments

    【NEXT MAGAZINE】2006 Annual Top 10 TV Awards
    Credits to Kitson@TVB Chinese News Collection

    Top 10 Artist

    1. Angela Tong ( first time enters ) - 5103 Vote ( Life Made Simple, Fantasy Hotel )

    2. Jessica Hsuan - 4048 Vote ( Life Made Simple, Just Love )

    3. Bosco Wong ( first time enters ) - 3031 Vote ( War of In-Laws, Life Made Simple, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion )

    4. Roger Kwok - 2897 Vote ( Life Made Simple, Scavengers Paradise, Greed Mask )

    5. Liza Wang - 1845 Vote ( War of In-Laws, When Rules Turn Lose )

    6. Kenix Kwok - 1802 Vote ( Revolving Doors of Vengeance, Love Bond )

    7. Myolie Wu ( first time enters ) - 1764 Vote ( War of In-Laws, When Rules Turn Lose, The Gâteau Affairs, Lost In The Chamber of Love, Scavengers Paradise )

    8. Bernice Liu ( first time enters ) - 1715 Vote ( Love Bond, Healing Hands III, Into Thin Air )

    9. Charmaine Sheh - 1539 Vote ( Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Yummy Yummy, Always Ready )

    10. Moses Chan - 1519 Vote ( Love Bond, The Gentle Crackdown, Healing Hands III, The Charm Beneath )

    Male Newcomer With Most Potential Awards
    Amigo Chui - 5812 Vote

    Female Newcomer With Most Potential Awards
    Fiona Sit - 5719 Vote

    Top 10 Program/Series
    1. War of In-Laws - 5154 Vote
    2. Life Made Simple - 4997 Vote
    3. Revolving Doors Of Vengeance - 4573 Vote
    4. The Academy - 4172 Vote
    5. When Rules Turn Lose - 3022 Vote
    6. Mintues To Fame - 3019 Vote
    7. Yummy Yummy - 2611 Vote
    8. Always Ready - 2604 Vote
    9. Healing Hands III - 2533 Vote
    10. Central Affairs ( ATV ) - 2441 Vote

    Most Feminine Beautiful Awards
    Jessica Hsuan

    Most Exquisitely Acting Skill Awards
    Myolie Wu

    Most Active Artist Awards
    Bosco Wong

    Most New Generation Of Charm Awards
    Fiona Sit

    Most Star Drills Charm Awards
    Bernice Liu

    Most Clear Skin Awards
    Linda Chung

    Most Abundant Luxuriant Awards
    Anne Heung

    Most Potential Extraordinary Artist Awards
    Roger Kwok

    History - All Previous Years Next Magazine Awards Record

    Year 2004 Top 10 Artist
    1. Sheren Tang 2. Bowie lam 3. Jessica Hsuan 4. Charmaine Sheh 5. Maggie Cheung
    6. Gigi Lai 7. Moses Chan 8. Kenix kwok 9. Dayo Wong 10. Ron Ng

    Year 2003 Top 10 Artist
    1. Maggie Cheung 2. Joe Ma 3. Kenix Kwok 4. Francis Ng 5. Leo Ku
    6. Charmaine Sheh 7. Flora Chan 8. Bobby Au Yeung 9. Frankie Lam 10. Sonija Kwok

    Year 2002 Top 10 Artist
    1. Jessica Hsuan2. Gallen Lo3. Roger Kwok4. Bobby Au Yeung5. Moses Chan
    6. Flora Chan 7. Maggie Cheung 8. Hacken Lee 9. Kenix Kwok 10. Charmaine Sheh

    Year 2001 Top 10 Artist
    1. Dodo Cheng 2. Jessica Hsuan 3. Leo Ku 4. Kenneth Chan 5. Gallen Lo
    6. Flora Chan 7. Liza Wang 8. Bobby Au Yeung 9. Nancy Sit 10. Charmaine Sheh

    Year 2000 Top 10 Artist
    1. Flora Chan 2. Jessica Hsuan 3. Louis Koo 4. Bobby Au Yeung 5. Gallen Lo
    6. Dodo Cheng 7. Dayo Wong 8. Wong Hei 9. Julian Cheung 10. Nick Cheung

    Year 1999 Top 10 Artist
    1. Flora Chan 2. Bobby Au Yeung 3. Esther Kwan 4. Nick Cheung 5. Gallen Lo
    6. Kenix Kwok 7. Gordan lam 8. Roger Kwok 9. Louis Koo 10. Lawrence Ng

    Year 1998 Top 10 Artist
    1. Flora Chan 2. Nick Cheung 3. Lawrence Ng 4. Ada Choi 5. Gallen Lo
    6. Esther Kwan 7. Bowie lam 8. Bobby Au Yeung 9. Kenix kwok 10. Willian So

    Year 1997 Top 10 Artist
    1. Gallen Lo 2. Esther Kwan 3. Bobby Au Yeung 4. Gordan Lam 5. Michael Tao
    6. Kenix Kwok 7. Flora Chan 8. Nancy Sit 9. Mariance Chan 10.Wong Hei

    Year 1996 Top 10 Artist
    1. Michael Tao 2. Bobby Au Yeung 3. Dicky Cheung 4. Kenix Kwok 5. Nancy Sit
    6. Joey Leung 7. Chan Sau Man 8. Gallen Lo 9. Wong Hei 10. Aaron Kwok

    Year 1995 Top 10 Artist
    1. Michael Tao2. Kenix Kwok3. Joey Leung4. Chan Sau Man5. Bobby Au Yeung
    6. Adam Cheng7. Gordan Lam8. Jessica Hsuan9. Amy Kwok10. Theresa Lee

    Year 1994 Top 10 Artist
    1. Chan Sau Man2. Leo Ku3. Ekin Cheng4. Theresa Lee5. Leon Lai
    6. Bobby Au Yeung7. Adam Cheng8. Lo Ka Ying9. Liza Wang10. Nnadia Chan

    Year 1993 Top 10 Artist
    1. Luan Gam Tian Si2. Leon Lai3. Kam Chui Kuan4. Chan Sau Man5. Felix Wong
    6. Maggie Siu7. Amy Kwok8. Kenny Ho9. Sheila Chan10. Athena Chu

    Year 1992 Top 10 Artist
    1. Sean Lau2. Dicky Cheung3. Vivian Chow4. Lee Yeun Wah5. Francis Ng
    6. Aaron Kwok7. Amy Kwok8. Dodo Cheng9. Damain Lau10. Emmie Lam

    Year 1991 Top 10 Artist - That year has not supposed the place
    - Chow Jun Fat, Stephen Chow, Lydia Shum, Cathy Chow, Maggie Siu, Jacky Cheung, Deric Wan, Leon Lai, Dodo Cheng, Andy Lau

    Year 1990 Top Artist - That year established a branch top 10 male entertainers and top 10 female entertainers
    - Maggie Siu, Cathy Chow, Lo Wai Kuan, Mo Shuan Kuan, Lee Sze Kei, Liza Wang, Lydia Shum, Cutie Mui, Cerina Lau, Dodo Cheng, Leon Lai, Man Shin Leung, Stephen Chow, Francis Ng, Chow Jun Fat, Tony Leung, Roger Kwok, Sean Lau, Andy Lau, Eddie Kwan
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:03 PM   2 comments

    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    Underneath "Dance of Passion"
    Image Hosted by

    Left to Right: Helen Ma? Maggie Siu, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Lok Yi Ling?, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong , Bowie Lam, Ada Choi, Producer Chik Kei Yi

    Must I scream AHH! Did they all forget to wear makeup one day?

    Helen Ma? I'm not sure its her, it looks like her but I can't say for certain if it is. .. she looks different! Something with her eyes? I have serious doubts its her...

    Maggie Siu: O? she wears glasses? Behind her glasses she looks pretty good.

    Gigi Lai: Are you sure its her? Just bad day, bad lighting, bad anything...she doesn't look like herself

    Charamine Sheh: Ok ok bad picture but what is up with her nose?

    Moses Chan, Kenny Wong , and Bowie Lam: Did you have fun in the sun while filming? (I think not) You guys are too tan!

    Ada Choi: Ada is that you? I had to verify it with someone it was you? You just look so different! What happened!

    Dance of Passion
    Airing May 1 according to Fuzzybear!

    I have to say I'm excited, from the clips, who wouldn't! I'm most excited to see all these interesting characters Ada's strong, controlling, Alpha Female like character... hehe to Charmaine's character... what a was awesome!

    and Bowie and Gigi's heated argument.
    "The first time you don't want to be good, I beat you. The second time you forgot something, I'll beat you." Gigi says back, "If you don't divorce me tomorrow, I burn down your house. If you don't divorce me the day after tomorrow, I burn down your factory!" ...what a couple. I played this several time. And Gigi gets slapped mutiple times! oo I love the slaps.... hehe dramatic scenes are my favorite .

    oo it all seems so interesting! Excited to see it! A must see of this year!

    Dance of Passion Sneak Preview
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:57 PM   12 comments

    03-28-06 Quote of the Day
    No one man can solve all the problems (Chung Kan Fei - My Family)
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:35 PM   1 comments

    Monday, March 27, 2006
    Triumphs in the Skies 2 back on schedule with Francis Ng?
    Credits to Almond @

    Francis Ng said that he may start shooting the sequel this May or June.

    Not much info in the article and there is no mention on the cast, whether the orginally planned Triumph in Skies 2 cast will be in it as most of the cast have projects already.

    Excerpt from news: 新片「放逐」拍了大半年,幾位帥哥檔期全被拖著,為了好戲都咬牙忍著,吳鎮宇說:「這是一部值得去拍的電影,急不得吧。」他透露5、6月應會接拍港劇「衝 上雲霄」續集,原來觀眾除了黑社會,也愛看他文藝戲和談情說愛,所以這次打算拿出自己買的名牌衣服增帥,非要讓觀眾愛死他不可。

    Full article:

    So Francis agree to do a sequel now? why the change all a sudden? there is too little info, but I'm really curious who is going to be in it. Because of the filming dates Francis mentioned it is unlikely Liza, Bosco, and Kenneth will be in it...

    Jessica might still be in it as Do Chueng Fun Wan filming should be done by June but will she film two series in one year? well its not in her contract...
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:08 PM   1 comments

    03-27-06 Quote of the Day
    "Every time when you feel unlucky, luck is actually everywhere around you; it’s just that you didn’t lift your head high enough see it." Kevin Cheng to Niki Chow, Under the Canopy of Love
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:34 PM   1 comments

    Sunday, March 26, 2006
    "Its in the Eyes" Week 2
    Hehe back for week 2 of "Its in the Eyes", I have to say this one is much harder...

    Clue #1: Her character had one of the most tragic deaths, the TVB series was broadcast in late 90's
    Clue #2: Her lastest TVB series was in 2004

    Good Luck!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:28 PM   7 comments

    LWOLAP vs. UTCOL, Why the Ratings?
    Submitted by Sidney
    Inspired by your post “HK Audience: What’s Up” I have decided to do a little bit of comparisons between LWOLAP and UTCOL, mostly for 2 reasons: 1) I’m bored out of my mind in my Organic Chemistry class and 2) just because I want to know, too. hehe…=D



    Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion. One of TVB’s most talked about and anticipating series ever! So why are the ratings so bad? Is it because of the storyline? the cast? the genre? I don’t know. What’s the most surprising is that a series like Under the Canopy of Love could way surpass them, getting a peak of 37 pts for their finale! That’s crazy ratings, when I found the ending just average! Here is what I’ve compared between the two:

    The Love Triangle:

    *Charmaine + Raymond + Sonija*

    The deceitful Sonija; playing with Raymond’s heart to the end. Raymond, oblivious to Sonija’s lies and blinded from Charmaine’s love. Charmaine, naïve but faithful; giving so much, but receiving so little. A typical love triangle that have the audience hating one side (Sonija) and loves the other (Charmaine). Who should Raymond go with? Does it matter? Obviously not! Since the ratings have been so horrible.

    *Bosco + Niki + Kevin*

    Kevin, a wonderful guy; smart and successful, but not cherishing what he had until it’s too late. Niki, a very naïve girl that thinks of others before herself; gives her full trust to people without expecting it to be returned. Bosco, a very sensitive guy, who’s loyalty to his friends and family is beyond limits. An absolute classic with a very original storyline. With fresh chemistry, and a little humor to added to it, it’s understandable that the ratings are good. Even I can’t decide whom TVB should pair whom: Niki w/ Bosco or Niki w/ Kevin. hmm…

    The Chemistry:

    I don’t know how others view this, but I find the chemistry between Sonija, Raymond, and Charmaine in LWOLAP so awkward! The age difference is getting into me the most. No matter how young and beautiful Sonija and Charmaine looks, they’re just so much older than Raymond! Especially when they have to call him 大哥, it makes no sense! Don’t think me wrong, I’m a diehard Raymond and Charmaine fan (Sonija? ehh…) but for them as a couple…not good. Bad call from TVB to expect great chemistry from them. Like TVBsquare once said, “Hydrogen plus Oxygen equals water, it is the concept of chemistry.” I say, chemistry should not only encompass hydrogen and oxygen, but other elements as well. Making H2O = TNT (a bomb!), leaving lasting impressions on the viewers. TVB did just that, but did H2O + TNT = a diffuse unit, unable to spark an interest among us viewers.

    UTCOL, on the other hand, is very simple production, with no exciting fight scenes or dramatic sound effects. Yet the chemistry of the cast is what draws us on along with it; wanting to continue to share the laughter, share the moment, and share the love in watching the series. The chemistry between Niki, Bosco, and Kevin is not just a regular H20 chem, but a bomb! (TNT). No way can it be great with just Kevin and Niki or Niki and Bosco or Bosco and Kevin. It has to encompass all 3 for it to make it work! It doesn’t have to be all about love (but it’s better since it did! hehe…), but also had friendship, family, and many laughs that made us like it more and more. A complete success! Never in a million years, will I find such chemistry! I guess as TVBGeneration once said “TVB is home to several underdogs who are waiting to bite back.” I say, Under the Canopy of Love proves her theory right. They do bite back! With vengeance!

    The Performance:

    *Niki Chow (UTCOL) vs. Charmaine Sheh + Sonija Kwok (LWOLAP)*

    Ok, I’m pretty sure, many of you will automatically think that Charmaine’s acting (& Sonija? ehh…) would beat Niki’s hands down; mostly because of their experience in the industry for so many years. BUT, I found Niki’s character very enjoyable in UTCOL. Not great, but good. Improving slowly with every series she does. (This is Niki’s 3rd series with TVB.) What I found in Charmaine and Sonija’s acting in LWOLAP is that it is so similar to Perish in the Name of Love’s character! But besides the point that they both know kung-fu in this one, (hee yah!) and were sisters in the other, their performance is only so-so. Charmaine’s acting is good. I love her, but there’s no improvement. Nothing “wow” or “Oh my god!” about it. Just good, as usual. Sonija? Ehh…I’m not even going to waste my time with her. (if you guys don’t know by now, I’m not a Sonija Kwok fan; especially not since she stole part of Louis Koo from Jessica Hsuan in ASITP!) I don’t know if it’s a curse on Charmaine right now or not, but her series are just not doing so well when aired. For example: her series, Yummy Yummy, average performance, average ratings; Always Ready, cute character, but gets draggy, again, bad ratings!; Leathal Weapons of Love and Passion, good acting, but nothing special, bad bad ratings. I guess the audiences are waiting, just as I am, for something special coming out of Charmaine’s performance. Niki?...she’s doing pretty good in ratings. Most of her series are really fresh and funny. For example: The Gentle Crackdown; so funny! First time I’ve seen her, okay acting, w/ very high ratings! Under the Canopy of Love, improved on acting, 30+ pts in ratings (average!). I’m beginning to think if TVB really did give the right award to the right person (most-improved actress)! hmm…nope, I don’t think so (not yet, that is).

    *Raymond Lam + Bosco Wong (LWOLAP) vs. Kevin Cheng + Bosco Wong (UTCOL)*

    This is a definite, hard one to compare; with both sides having TVB’s most promoted young actors (Raymond, Bosco, and Kevin) and both sides having Bosco Wong in it! (hehe… =D )making it real hard for me to compare without getting some fans mad! But as Toomanysidesofme once said, “We all have our own views, our own thoughts. I just like to share mine and to inform you guys recent Stuff about TVB!” I agree with what she said, so I’m saying, I’m going to go on typing and not caring what you think! (Please don’t “bash” me!) In LWOLAP, Raymond did an okay job. Not great, not bad, and not much excitement goes on around him. I’m just not interested in his series, like I used to. I don’t know if it’s his fault or is it TVB’s fault for having cast him in such poor storylines, but I do find him having the same curse as Charmaine: Yummy Yummy and LWOLAP. *Hint to TVB: if you guys want better ratings and make more money, don’t cast them together for anymore series. Failed in both modern and ancient!* Will he improve? I would hope so, since I’m a fan of his, but it all depends on HK audience to support him and decide. Kevin Cheng, in my opinion, is not the greatest actor nor is he the cutest or youngest out of the bunch, but acceptable. I find his acting just average, not much difference from his other series I’ve seen in the past. But have to agree with the other Niki-Kevin fans out there; they’re just so cute on-screen! Without Niki and Bosco, supporting him in UTCOL, making him look great, I would have just skipped Kevin in this review! Bosco…Bosco…Bosco. Got 3 words for him: You the man! I’m beginning to like him more and more. Since he was in both LWOLAP and UTCOL, I guess it’s not his fault that the ratings are so good in one and not good in the other; mostly because his character is about the same: funny and innocent at the beginning, and got more serious towards the end. But just look at his performance lately! Besides counting LWOLAP, all his others series are in top ratings! War of In-Laws, Life Made Simple, Under the Canopy of Love, etc. Every series is different, every character is different, and every cast is different, but he’s still does an amazing job. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that other actor/actresses are affecting the ratings, too, besides Bosco, but I’m talking about Bosco right now, so needed something to back my theories, making him look good! (excuse this one time please! Thanks! =D)

    Overall, here is what I think HK audience likes:

    They like comedy. (Who wouldn’t?!) They like drama. (Who wouldn’t?!) They like Bosco. (I’m assuming he’s a good reason for high ratings, but Who wouldn’t?!) They like something simple and enjoyable, that’s easy to understand without using any brain juice (UTCOL + simple storyline = high ratings; LWOLAP + complicated storyline = low ratings). I don’t know if my analysis is right or wrong, but it’s all my opinion. There maybe no curse on Charmaine or Raymond. And maybe I’m just over thinking everything I said earlier! I don’t know! But what I do know is that Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, a much anticipated series, has been a flop, while an underrated, “underdog” Under the Canopy of Love has been a HUGE success. Life is forever full of wonders and surprises, and TVB ratings/series are no different. Here’s one more advice to TVB: keep it real, keep it simple, keep it fresh. That’s the key to “keep” us, fans, coming back.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:21 PM   0 comments

    A Different Side of Ron Ng
    A Different Side of Ron Ng
    By: Sidney

    For the people who know me, I’m not a huge Ron Ng fan, and I don’t plan on ever be! I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with him, and I seriously don’t know why everyone thinks he’s the next “big thing” of the newest generation of “Siu Sungs.” But I have to admit, my perspective of Ron has changed, all due to the latest news of him and his unzipped pants incident. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for him for performing in front of a crowd and having his flies undone, but I’m looking at Ron in a whole new way, different that I used to, but in a good way, I suppose! (hehe...=D)

    I will have to acknowledge now that Ron may be the hardest worker out of all TVB history of “Siu Sungs!” Just look what all he has accomplished in his few short years in the entertainment business! First, he starts off as a dancer, moving on to be a supporting actor, and goes on to being a full-time Male Lead of TVB series. Gaining many fans for his bad boy image in Triumph in the Skies, Ron skyrocketed to stardom; being promoted heavily by TVB’s top executive, Ms. Lok Yi Ling. How can life be just not perfect for him! After debuting his singing potential (I suppose) in his duets with Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung, Ron got the opportunity to sing the sub-theme song to 2005’s hit series, Revolving Doors of Vengeance; landing him a contract with top music company, BMA, to start having his own album released! Although I’ve made it all exciting and interesting about his career, I still wasn’t very impressed with any of them: not his singing, not his dancing, not his acting. But what I do find most impressive about Ron is that he’s working non-stop, and still be able to add another credit of accomplishments he has achieved recently. Besides being a dancer, an actor, and a singer, Ron has now become a flasher, too! Not many contracted-TVB artists that I know of can actually do that, so “Hats off to you, Ron!” (hehe…) I’m beginning anticipate more and more upcoming news of him, never knowing what more of Ron Ng will be “unveiled” to us next!

    Toomanysideofme opinion: There isn't much else I can say... whether you like Ron or not, you have to admit he works hard to get where he is. And its pretty impressive how far he has gotten is such a short amount of time.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:08 PM   2 comments

    Saturday, March 25, 2006
    ToomanysidesofTVB presents Titanic staring Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan
    ToomanysidesofTVB presents: [click to enlarge]
    Image hosting by Photobucket

    I bet alot of you are laughing at me for doing LJ, yet again. But I just couldn't help it! I was browsing though some movie posters because I wanted to join Jayne's poster contest. I came to Titanic, I read the quote on it "Nothing on Earth could come between them" and I just had to do it! It was perfect for LJ! So thats the story of how I ended up doing Titanic with LJ!

    closeup version:
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:46 PM   2 comments

    Friday, March 24, 2006
    TVBsquare is 4 years old!
    TVBsquare located at is going to turn 4 on March 27 !
    Its so close! I would like to wish TVBsquare and its webmaster a wonderful 4 years and let it go on forever!

    Join us in all the fun at!

    Also reminder
    Brought to you by TVBsquare

    Deadline: March 24, 2006 (today!!!!! but I sure she will accept them one day late...)


    Want to know the GRAND PRIZE is?

    Win TVB Monopoly Game (Chinese edition)
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    New Layout?
    I have been working on a new layout, well really new top banner integrated with navagation bar.
    For all those interested in looking what I'm working on
    my testing site:

    There is still a few things I have to fix including the fact that the main left banner into two part... opps. Something careless =I was really just playing around with =)
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    Thursday, March 23, 2006
    Bobby and Jessica starts filming Do Chueng Fung Wan
    Bobby and Jessica films for new series

    "Bobby and Jessica are again colleagues for this new series as gamblers.
    Even their smiles are like each others."

    Translations by Sidney @

    The other day, Bobby Au Yeung and Jessica Hsuan were in Mongkok filming for their new series Do Cheung Fung Wan (賭場風雲). Due to the location is a “tourist spot”, the tourists started using their cameras and phones to take pictures of them! After posing with Jessica for so many pictures, Bobby had to dodge away from getting anymore pictures taken.

    In the new series, Bobby will play a poor, useless gambler. Wearing just a t-shirt, an oversized shirt, loafers, and a huge belly, Bobby was ready to work. Reporters were questioning Bobby if the belly was indeed actual his, but before Bobby could respond, the staffs has already answered that it was! Bobby explained that he has gained about 7-8 pounds for this role. Saying that it was easy gaining the extra weight, Bobby says “I have a huge breakfast everyday, and every night have a midnight snack. Wake up in the middle of the night eats again!” (wow!) The cast has been playing with Bobby and his tummy, constantly lifting his shirt to take a peek at it, having Bobby to say, “Don’t! Don’t lift it so high for everyone to see! It’s not good for them to see my "fake" tummy!”

    During filming, there are always people taking photographs of them and a guy in a suit even approach Jessica, asking her to take a picture with him. Jessica was asked if she minded the interruptions, saying that, “No, I don’t mind. You’ll get use to it. My Chinese isn’t too great, so it was kind of hard to understand them.” Bobby added that “You have to socialize with the crowd or they’ll think you’re rude. Only when we escape from them do we get a breath of relief.”

    In order to prepare for the filming of the new series, Jessica was earlier spotted in one of Macau’s casinos. Although Jessica didn’t gamble herself, she noticed people’s reactions and emotions before, during, and after they’ve gamble; getting to know what the atmosphere feels like. When Bobby was asked if he went to observe, too, Bobby jokingly said “Of course not! I don’t need to go! I go there all the time! No, no, I don’t gamble. I loose every time, so why bother!”
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:29 PM   2 comments

    03-23-06 Quote of the Day
    I have lost you once and I thought we weren't meant to be. But when God gave me another chance to be with you, I knew we were meant to be. (Nicolas Tse - Aiming High)
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    Reuploaded once again!
    All 3 Jessica Super trio has been reuploaded once again but it seems the old ones work too. Scrool down a bit and you will see all the reuploaded links!
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    Wednesday, March 22, 2006
    "Its in the Eyes" - Results

    Clue 1: His series won at the RTHK 2005 Awards
    Clue 2: Was a singer in his early career before he turned to acting

    None other than Roger Kwok!

    Image Hosted by

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:41 PM   2 comments

    *reuploaded Jessica Super trio episode*
    Scroll down a little, some of them have been kindly reuploaded by youknowwho
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    Tuesday, March 21, 2006
    Jessica buys Jewelry/Diamonds for her Mom
    Jessica buys Jewelry/Diamonds for her Mom
    Translation by Sidney @ ToomanysidesofTVB

    Jessica has been seen everywhere lately! First, not too long ago, Jessica was spotted cleaning house on a shopping spree, and now she’s spotted buying jewelry! Just the other day, Jessica went to Master Price by King Fook jewelry store to do some browsing. Happen to find something that caught her eye, Jessica tried some on and ended up purchasing 3 pieces of trinkets worth up to $100,000 HKD! But since Jessica is a regular customer to the store, the jewelry store gave her a discount for her purchase. (they should! Who wouldn’t give Jessica a discount! hehe…=D) Continuing on her shopping, Jessica was later seen at a HMV video store to buy some DVDs, ringing up a cash total of about $700 HKD. The reporter that followed Jessica went back to the jewelry and asked the clerk what she bought. The clerk said that Jessica just bought 3 items: one for herself, one for her mom, and the last one for someone but unknown.

    1st pic:
    Jessica immediately tried on a piece of jewelry and bought it. Is that a bit rushed?

    2nd pic:
    Jessica spent so much time at the jewelry store, picking out them out that she needs to sit down to continue shopping.
    3rd pic:
    The 3 trinkets bought by Jessica were worth up to $100,000 HKD, but the store gave Jessica a discount for her purchase.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:58 PM   4 comments

    03-21-06 Quote of the Day
    TVB quote:
    You owing Ah Wong doesn't have to do with me, so don't pull me into the situation to repay him. [Bosco Wong - Life Made Simple]

    credits x3LKJH

    People die. You lead them into battle, they're gonna die. It doesn't matter how ready you are, or how smart you are. War is about death. Needless, stupid death.
    [Buffy- Buffy, the Vampire Slayer]

    A vampire in love with a Slayer. It's rather a maudlin sort of way.[Giles- Buffy, the Vampire Slayer]

    credits to TVBsquare
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    HK audience, What is up?
    So Under the Canopy of Love received at peak rating of 37, a somewhat staggering number for that kind of series. While just before UTCOL, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion recieve horrific ratings... so what is up HK? Is it cast, plot, genre?

    Lets take a look though a board perpective on TVB in recent years, what does HK want? what are they willing to watch? What's up or should I ask, what is down?

    coming soon...
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    Monday, March 20, 2006
    03-20-06 Quote of the Day
    Ah Hong: "What are your plans now?"
    Ivan: "Haven't decided yet."
    Ah Hong: "Then let's go home...our home...big brother."
    (Deric Wan & Gallen Lo- Golden Faith)
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    Sunday, March 19, 2006
    Quote of the Day 03/19/06
    I'm not petty! I'm just jealous! [Gigi Lai - The Heavenly Sword and Dragon
    Sabor 2000]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 9:57 PM   0 comments

    "Its in the Eyes"
    Every week there will be a picture of someone's pair of eyes along with a clue!
    See if you can guess who it is. Good Luck

    Clue 1: His series won at the RTHK 2005 Awards
    Clue 2: Was a singer in his early career before he turned to acting

    Answer: Will be up on Wednesday

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:30 PM   10 comments

    Upcoming TVB Forumla "Bar Benders"

    So... it offically Bar Benders now, lol it changed from Face to Fate to Le Femme Desperado to finally Bar Benders.. hmm either of the three which ever did air it wouldn't make that much of a difference but Bar Benders is a bit better.

    Bar Benders, Adam Cheng, Anne Heung, Louisa So, Sammul Chan, and Leila Tong

    hmm... a lawyer series? I have no clue about this series.

    Cast: Adam Cheng+Anne Heung+Loisa So for older generation and Sammul Chan and Leila Tong to balance it with the younger generation. Hmms, the cast is okay I guess not really a viewer grabber though.

    Story: I have no clue but Leila as a Lawyer seems cool.

    Pairings: Adam Cheng and Anne Hueng or Louisa So?? Isn't he too old?
    Sammual and Leila is really refreshing I have to say.

    Overall: Leila doesn't pull me in series as much as it used to, I liked her alot before but somehow it faded... I don't know if I'm going to watch it, I would rather rewatch Files of Justice for some laywer action!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 2:49 PM   2 comments

    Saturday, March 18, 2006
    My TVB rewatch/watchlist
    I have decided to start watch another series =) in fact it had a chain effect it made me want to watch more. I needed sometime to recover from A Matter of Customs, and I believe I am.

    [in order of viewing]

    1. Witness to Prosecution
    Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Mariane Chan, Frankie Lam
    Reason: Jessica's Crazy hair and Bobby and Jessica in Do Chueng Fun Wan, well it reminded me of Witness to Prosecution. [I'm up to episode 4 right now]

    2. Under the Canopy of Love
    Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow
    Reason: I heard it was really good, well I shall find out =)

    3. Burning Flames I
    Wong Hei, Louis Koo, Esther Kwan, Jade Leung
    Reason: Seems my memory has faded a bit, I forgot alot of the series (no I did not forget the main scenes just the subplots)

    4. Detective Investigation Files IV
    Sunny Chan, Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh
    Reason: 2 letters: LJ

    5. Revolving Doors of Venegence
    Jow Ma, Kenix Kwok, Ron Ng, Ella Koon
    Reason: I need to finsh watching this series! I been putting it off too long!
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    03-18-06 Quote of the Day
    "Calm down! Okay okay, you didn't go in the wrong bathroom into the mens, I just went into the womens" Raymond Cho - Life Made Simple

    credits go to my partner
    hehe quotes are back!
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    Friday, March 17, 2006
    TVB: 5 W's and a H

    Twin of Brothers
    You wonder who’s the father of Nancy’s Child, is it Ron?

    What- Burning Flames II
    You sit there in shock, saying WHAT! The scriptwriter killed Wong Hei! And made his daughter suffer, losing first her mother and now her father. Poor girl…we cried with and for her, such talented little girl

    Where- A Step in the Past
    Haha, this is one of the funniest scenes in this series. Louis is transported back in the past. He meets this old couple, who are very hospitable to Louis. He ask them where they are… the old couple scratches their heads. And says that a village, would know. Louis asks if it’s close. They said it not far; go east for two days and then south for another day. Louis then sarcastically says it’s not that far.

    Hard Fate
    Several whens in this series, first, Damien’s flashbacks into his past, I thought the flashback was a little to far back. He was supposed to 18 at the time, added to the number of year since then… I was trying to figure out how far back it was. Also at the end Nikki woke up from her coma… you say when did she wake up! She gets married to Kevin and all of a sudden next you see her grave, you shout WHEN again!

    Why- Detective Investigations Files IV
    Breakup scene- Louis picks Anne, leaving Jessica. They say a few words, Louis crying; they hug… she walks away crying. You sit there crying with them, and ask yourself Why can’t they be together?

    How- Life Made Simple

    Ah Wong (Roger Kwok) running with the Baby, down the stairs, with each fight of stairs the baby grows right in Ah Wong’s Hands… seems like months passed as Ah Wong reaches the bottom of the stairs, How? Haha at this rate the baby would be in school by the time they reach the hospital. Then later, less then a day the baby also had a full head of hair!

    Thanks to Amanda for helping me with the Who =)
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    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    Younger Generation: Hidden Beauty? Part III
    This is my last installment of the "No Makeup" I realized that I had one more I forgot to do, the last two I did back to back. I'll let Asia over by her TVBGeneration to handle this feature.


    Haha she reminds me of Ernie! I seen worse pictures of her, but I'm not sure where...

    Bernice Liu

    I see her as one with Hidden Beauty, she just looks a bit pale here...

    Michelle Ye

    She doesn't look bad, I see other picture, like most others they just look like 5 shades paler

    Belinda Hamnett

    ok she doesn't fit this grouping but.... whoa... its bad

    Previous installments:
    Beneath it all... Part II: Top actress Part II

    The Veteran: What Lies beneath.....Part I
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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006


    New TVB Series Discussion Forum otherwise known as the winglin/cinple forums, what ever happened to that forum? Now it all just bashing everyone right and left, there is still news, and sometimes on occasion a good conversation/debate. Somewhere along that way something went wrong, you started to see hate threads more and more. People moved from one actor to the next. I actually can remember the order since the end of last summer. As much as I can hate dislike an actor I would never start one. One its just not nice and two, I would be bashed and clobbered by fans (which has happened to me in the past), the last reason there is no point, why bring up the bad part of someone?

    Posted by Mercury

    “Last year is Ron-bashing, this year is Raymond-bashing. Next year will most probably be Bosco-bashing year, and the year after the next will be Kenneth-bashing year. It's good that Sammul has gone to china before his turn comes.”

    I have to agree with him, this is getting out of control. There is always someone next that people will bash…. Sigh. And the added Sammul part was pretty funny.

    Now you might not agree, and maybe part of this bashing yourself. Now lets imagine that the next person that is bashed was your favorite celeb, now you wouldn’t be too happy right? And you probably defend your idol, yet they keep coming. Sigh poor you not able to fend them off. But now lets think about, why should you have to defend your idol in the first place. Why? What a waste of energy and time…

    And most bashings ends up getting personal. Which happens all the time. People take it personal, and they start attacking each other… name calling, and just plain idiocy. Its like we are all back in Kindergarten fighting over a toy… We all have our own opinions. Lets respect that, but we need to have self-control!

    Long story short if we stopped bashing people! I can’t say that I was never a part of either sides to this, Even I have gotten caught up in it, which I’m not too proud of.

    QuackieChau, the wise person she is, posted this in response to all this

    “I like Ray a lot, too, but what can I do. To each his own. If someone hates Ray so much, no matter how much I stick up for him, they're still gonna hate him. Then, not only do I have to put up with seeing senseless insults thrown at him, I have to get frustrated trying to justify why I like him, which I shouldn't have to do in the first place. No one has to agree with me. If they can see (or at least respect) my point of view, great. If not, oh well.

    I like Raymond Lam. End of story.

    Wise words, wise words

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:16 PM   3 comments

    Tuesday, March 14, 2006
    Upcoming TVB Forumla "The Bitter Bitten" and "Le Femme Desperado"
    Upcoming TVB formula “The Bitter Bitten” and “Le Femme Desperado”

    The Bitter Bitten, starring Benny Chan, Michael Tong, Shirley Yeung, Linda Chung
    Airing after Under the Canopy of Love.

    I saw all of the trailers =) but I have no idea what to make of it… It’s an odd mixture and it’s a about a circus? Hmm… lets look at what TVB has cooked up.

    Cast: Benny Chan + Michael Tong + Shirley Yeung + Linda Chung
    I like Benny, I like Linda, Shirley well it depends, but certainly Michael is a plus plus!

    Story: I’m not so thrilled with it revolving around a circus…Linda trying to become a great acrobat? Can’t say I’m too thrilled but at least a fresh idea. Plus it’s suppose to be suspenseful, some mystery in a circus?

    Pairings: Well it looks like a Love SQAURE… Michael likes Linda, Shirley likes Benny, and what ends up happening (just a guess) Michael and Shirley and Benny and Linda?
    Well Michael and Shirley’s kiss looks pretty good to me. I can see some chemistry.

    Overall: The Cast + Circus idea + The Kiss + the odd title = I say go give it a shot, at least I will.

    Check out MetalAZNWarrior's awesome site on Bitter Bitten

    Le Femme Desperado, starring Sheren Tang, Melissa Ng, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui. Airing after Safe Guards.

    I have read some articles, seen some pictures of them filming. I have to say what was TVB thinking?

    Cast: The cast spells disaster, you have Sheren Tang, Melissa Ng, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui. Not saying that they are bad or anything but none of them have enough power to bring in the viewers. Sheren, Melissa, and Raymond are all pretty good actors, but they alone cannot spell good ratings. Kenneth is too new and still building up him fan base and Kate, I guess same as Kenneth. Don't get me wrong I like Sheren, Melissa, and Kenneth very much!

    Story: I don’t know much but something about Melissa being pregnant somewhere along the story…it talk about how hard it is to be a women, hmm girl power! thats a plus. Oh yeah I heard a bed scene? hmm... there isn't too many of those in TVB series. [oh I just think back to DIF IV =)]

    Parings: I see no chemistry with any of the pairings… hey I could be surprised. You can yell at me then but for now I don’t see any… what was TVB thinking, did they run out of TVB actors to pair with Sheren and Melissa?

    Overall: I say Skip it, sorry guys I’m just not interested. Hey if I’m wrong, tell me!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:40 PM   16 comments

    Monday, March 13, 2006
    Contrasting sides of Jessica Hsuan
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:47 PM   2 comments

    Sunday, March 12, 2006
    Kevin singing in TVB tours 2006 Singapore

    dl link
    clip provided by antisocial [these are not my clips!!! I only converted and reupload them]
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:17 AM   1 comments

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