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  • Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    TVBSquare's Lake House Movie Poster Contest
    TVB Square is pairing up with the Warner Brothers Studio to promote an upcoming movie, "The Lake House", starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

    The Warner Brothers Studio has given TVB Square the rights to use the pictures and synopsis to promote the movie, and I will like to create a Movie Contest to make this event more fun and special. Join the contest and win cool prizes!

    Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow

    Romantic Drama. An independent-minded doctor (Sandra Bullock) who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its newest resident, a frustrated architect (Keanu Reeves). When they discover that they’re actually living two years apart, they must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it’s too late.

    Director: Alejandro Agresti
    Writer:Screenplay by David Auburn, based on the motion picture “Il Mare”
    produced by Sidus
    Producers: Doug Davison, Roy Lee
    Executive Producers: Mary McLaglen, Erwin Stoff, Robert Kirby and Bruce Berman

    Cast: Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Dylan Walsh, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Christopher Plummer

    Release Date: June 16, 2006

    The Contest:
    Create Fan Artworks related to the movie, "The Lake House"

    The Deadline:
    June 23. 2006
    Please send your entries as early as possible.

    The Prize:
    The prize pack for the winner will be "Lake House" tee shirt, keychain, and poster from the Movie Studio.

    Special Prize: from TVB Square
    donated by: Rach @

    FREE CD: Lady In Red

    Click here for more detail for the contest (Join the fun!):

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 5:40 PM   4 comments

    Sunday, May 28, 2006
    Quote of the Day
    I have to sit here and study while you go play! Why don't I just marry
    these books? [Bosco Wong - Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 1:56 AM   0 comments

    Funny Female Comebacks

    Image Hosted by

    These are quite funny female comebacks. Lol. Maybe you guys can use them in your fanfics or something. :D

    [I got this off my friends bulletin from myspace, I'm not sure who got all of these, but whoever it is, credits to them.]

    Man: Where have you been all my life?
    Woman: Hiding from you.

    Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before?
    Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

    Man: Is this seat empty?
    Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.

    Man: Your place or mine?
    Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine.

    Man: So, what do you do for a living?
    Woman: I'm a female impersonator.

    Man: Hey baby, what's your sign?
    Woman: Do not enter.

    Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
    Woman: Unfertilized.

    Man: Your body is like a temple.
    Woman: Sorry, there are no services today.

    Man: I would go to the end of the world for you.
    Woman: But would you stay there?

    Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
    Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.
    posted by x3LKJH @ 1:26 AM   2 comments

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    My eyes are blurry
    Besides the point that I have trouble seeing distance, I'm seriously seeing things...
    lol can you see it too? I'm seriously shocked to see that in that picture they look SO much alike.

    Image Hosted by

    who does Jade Kwan (to the right) look SO much like in that pic?

    Image Hosted by

    None other then Flora Chan
    lol rubbing my eyes...

    At first glance it looks like its Flora Chan, second glance still Flora and third and so on... stillif the article didn't say it, I still would be believing that its Flora =P
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:38 PM   2 comments

    Monday, May 22, 2006
    Quote of the Day - 5.22.06
    There is only a couple types of love. Family love, man and women love, or friendship love. The one I have for you is not what you have for me. [Lawrence Ng- HSDS 2000]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 10:11 PM   2 comments

    Sunday, May 21, 2006
    Missing Captions Kevin and Niki

    Kevin: Staring Contest!
    Niki: Ready Set GO!
    Kevin: Why are you smiling?
    Niki: WHy are you smiling then?
    Kevin I'm smiling because you are!
    Niki: So am I
    Kevin: Stop smiling!
    Niki: No YOU!
    Kevin: Haha you blinked
    Kevin: I can't help it, I won! hehe
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 12:14 PM   2 comments

    Thursday, May 18, 2006
    Michael and Leanne cuddle up; Jealous Jessica falls to the ground
    Michael and Leanne cuddle up; Jealous Jessica falls to the ground

    Translated by Sidney

    Leanne Li, Michael Miu, and Jessica Hsuan were filming earlier for their new series “Do Cheung Fung Wan” (賭城風雲). As the plots goes, Jessica saw her love, Michael, in the arms of another woman! (tsk tsk…) After having a heated argument with Michael and being drunk, Jessica falls to the ground; causing her to lie prone to the floor. Jessica thought it wasn’t hard work, and actually does the fall herself! “If I actually fall down myself, it’ll look more realistic. Besides, I tend to do that anyways.”

    Michael revealed that he and Jessica will be having a kissing scene coming up, and needs to prepare for it. Praising Jessica as being a very happy and fun person to be around with; Michael felt no awkwardness towards their upcoming kiss: “Everyone will get used to filming a kissing scene. So it’s just normal. But to make it more realistic, you and your partner must be comfortable with each other.”

    Since this is Leanne Li’s debut series, she’s very nervous; causing her to make numerous NGs and ask lots of questions. Luckily, no one minds and was very patient to her.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:48 PM   1 comments

    New Music: Bernice's New Song "Break up"
    分手 - "Break up"
    Bernice Liu


    Review: Bernice has a nice voice, This follow up to her last song "Truth", certainly reinforce Bernice's potential to enter the Music Industry. Its a nice song, it doesn't reach the level of her last song but it is pleasant. Maybe I have to hear a few more times. hehe... Its on loop right now.

    I heard it over and over and each times it gets a bit better. It got up to pretty good right now.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 4:30 PM   2 comments

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    "Its in the Eyes" - Results 6
    hehe... I almost forgot today is Wednesday.. people remind me! lol, I was just about to go to bed too!

    Most of you guessed it, its Nikki Chow

    Image Hosted by
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:56 PM   1 comments

    Quote of the Day - 5.17.06
    ehh, haven't been posting these quotes lately.. my STUPID RETAINER IS ALWAYS BUGGING ME TO DEATH! lol. ok. *calms down*

    If Lord Yin is so good looking and smart then why don't you marry him
    instead? [Sharon Chan to her Father - Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 9:00 PM   0 comments

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006
    Toomanysidesofme, The Critic - TVB weekly 465 "Girlfriends"
    Images from

    I'm not holding back on my comments, if I offend someone I'm sorry. It was not my intent.

    Free Image Hosting at

    TMs scale:
    1tms, 2tms , 3tms , 4tms, 5tms

    Lets start with the Bad/ borderline okay .

    Kary Ng

    A member of group called Cookies, Kary Ng featured here.

    Clothes: The shorts and top together doesn't look good together.
    Face: I never liked her "look", her eyes looks too big on her face. Something does look right.
    Hair: I like it, nothing wrong with it.
    Body: She look so skinny!
    Overall: It borderline okay... I have nothing against her.
    TM scale: 2tms

    Charmaine Sheh

    Clothes: The dress is just okay in my books. Not bad...
    Face: I have seen much better pics of her. Her face looks umm...weird here.
    Hair: She NEEDS to grow it out or do something else with her hair. I do not like the style here...
    Body: and again "She look so skinny!" thats it, her head and body doesn't seem to be in proportion.
    Overall: eh.. sorry but 2 tms

    Stephy Tang

    Clothes: I like the top and jeans too! good outfit.
    Face: The angle is a bit off? maybe tilt her head a bit towards us.
    Hair: A bit messy, its just a style I don't mind.. if it looks right.
    Body: and again "She look so skinny!" don't you see a trend here?
    Overall: 3 1/2 tms it would have been 4tms but the angle of face doesn't work for me. And was the chair really needed? hmm maybe maybe not.

    Linda Chung

    Clothes: Dress is nice BUT that black part of it is kinda distracting.
    Face: Looks like her... nothing special
    Hair: Alright it could have been better.
    Body: Skinny agian?
    Overall: 3tms, just average

    Sharon Chan

    27? never knew she was 27...

    Clothes: I hate the holes... lol I just hate it.
    Face/Hair: I think she looks good here.
    Body: Skinny skinny skinny
    Overall: 3tms, you know what I hate...

    Viven Yeo

    who knew she was multi-talented too?

    Clothes: eh...I don't like the top, ooo cool belt though not right for outfit...
    Face/Hair: eh....
    Body: lol not she isn't that skinny.
    Overall: 2 tms, everything was just eh...

    The Best with No Doubt

    Myolie Wu , Bernice Liu , Miriam Yeung

    Myolie Wu
    She looks great, the dress looks great(not too thrilled about the middle part though..), everything worked. And she looks good with the weight gain. lol she broke the trend she isn't skinny!
    TMscale: 4 and 1/2 tms

    Bernice Liu
    Bernice go Bernice! She looks great. The position she is in (arching foward) is eh.. but still Bernice pulls it off. woot...
    TMscale: 4 3/4 tms (add a tiny tiny tiny bit of bias there)

    Miriam Yeung
    Ahh the leader of the pack, of course she has to look good! She of course looks great! eh about the ties on her dress but its okay.
    TMscale: 4 and 1/3 tms

    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:07 PM   2 comments

    Monday, May 15, 2006
    Quote of the Day - 5.15.06
    Know yourself, know your enemy, and you will never lose. [Bosco Wong - Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 8:31 PM   1 comments

    Sunday, May 14, 2006
    Quote of the Day - 5.14.06

    Why do you care? Unless you're jealous. [Power Chan to Sharon Chan about Bosco Wong - Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 10:05 PM   3 comments

    "Its in the Eyes" Week 6
    Image Hosted by
    answers on wednesday. I think the clues gave it away =P
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:52 PM   7 comments

    DOP Journal: Entry 5-14
    May 4, 2006

    Episodes 2-4
    On Friday two days ago,
    I rewatched episode 2 because my mom hasn't seen that episode. So we continued watching and finished episode 4. I think I watched till like 1 in the morning.

    What to think what to think....

    Ada: I think she was quite awesome right up to the point were she starts yelling. Its too fast... anyone else thinks that? Anyways something else about when she yells I don't like. Other then that I'm pretty pleased with her character. Nice and Evil... lol

    Self Defense: I have to say immediately after Charmaine said about no one is going to trust them if they told the truth I knew trouble's ahead. Because lying always have lots of troubles that follow. Even though what Charmaine said is completely correct, she totally overreacted. She said that they wouldn't believe nothing happened to them. Well I thought of another series Lady Fan starring Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma, urgg stupid misunderstandings... well it was during the time Joe did not trust Jess and they ordered a "test", couldn't they have done the same here?

    "Its Hard to be a Women"- This series should really be called this... this whole series is how hard it is to be a women. Every woman in the series has suffered.
    - Ada- married an old man, had a child, and now carries on his family for him.
    -Gigi- Educated, bright, yet she was forced to marry someone she doesn't love
    -Charm- People in her village makes fun of her because she is bad luck. Like when her brothers dies, canceled marriage, and death of parents. And her speech about how they are "only women"
    - Maggie- She keeps the secret of her husband even if it means people will think that she is unable to conceive a child. She is mocked at by others yet she remains loyal. She is willing to conceive a child with another man if he wants her too.

    Kenny and Maggie- its kinda sweet how far she is willing to go for her husband and her unwavering loyalty to him. In the end he was unable to allow her go "down the path"

    Pity Factor- lol the pity factor is on overdrive again. You can pity everyone!

    Umm can't think of anything else... if I do think of other things I'll add them on.

    feel free to post our comments. Debate mine if you wish.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 1:36 PM   0 comments

    New TVSF
    Well its offically opened. Registar here: New TVSF <-- its a refferal link! you can help me by getting points =P if you don't want to help me I can't force you. (scroll down and I will put a normal link) For those not familar to what TVSF is reffer to this:

    My thoughts on the new TVSF:

    TVSF itself it kinda of a legend in itself. Not many people are still around after so many years. I myself was not a member as I didn't discover it soon enough. You hear about the infamous "letter" and the closing of TVSF. TVSS arose soon after, I join this forum and where I met some really cool people... some in very odd ways. Who would of thought spam (something that I detest now) would bring people together ;-) One thing that I loved about these forums was so much LJ talk =) Happy times. Even though it was obviously focused to Viets, it didn't bother me.

    The downfall of TVSS became evident soon after, it started to lose popularity and the Admin and some of the staff (too all people who were staff before, I am not talking about you know who you are) were inefficent. The closing of TVSS was without warning. Guess the Admin just let the domain expire and everything else too. It was just more of a shock that it just was gone just like that. I had already lost much interest in the forum be partly remain because of friends there and LJ of course.

    I joined another forum AF a little while before TVSS's shutdown. AF could be considered another on of TVSF's spawn but I feel it more on its own. The layout was different and it was focused not only on Viets but embraced other Ethnicities (not saying that TVSS didn't) AF I believe surpassed what TVSF had.

    TVSF was the foundation of Asian(mainly TVB) Forums and Sites. Trying to revive it makes me a bit uneasy (too simlar), but I have registared and will just give it a shot because it wouldn't hurt.

    Link to TVSF (aww =P, scroll up to help me)
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 12:46 PM   1 comments

    My computer troubles
    Do not read if you do not care ... lol

    Haha lets talk about my computer troubles

    Well it was just three days ago when I started to feel something was wrong. I told ny Dad and he kinda brushed it off. Oh well so when I came home one day and turned on my computer, not sure what sound I heard... something like a loud click? Well I heard something down there and my computer shut down. I was on the floor at that time looking for the smell that I smelled. Without hesitiation I shout off the power supply in th back. I turned my computer around and I saw smoke coming out from the back.

    What happened exactly?
    Well I think that some of the wires in it fused together... eh I didn't care that much I just knew it was total. Oh well.

    Why did it happen?
    Too much power was drawn from my computer. Too many fans. Why did I have so many? Well it because my CPU is VERY hot. It reached 50's with all three fans on if I have many programs running. haha this isn't the first time in recent months... other time it was only the 12V that was completely down.

    So now I have my computer back and I took the box cover off (so no more blow ups)

    updates soon to follow!
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:52 AM   1 comments

    Friday, May 12, 2006
    Quote of the Day - 5.12.06.
    Philip: Hey, you guys are so compatible, is she your girlfriend?
    Nadia: *laughs* No no no, I'm his godsister!
    Kevin: *jokes* So godsister, what do you think of the car?
    Nadia: This is a great car godbrother, you should get it!
    [Kevin Cheng and Nnadia Chan - Trimming Success]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 9:48 PM   4 comments

    Thursday, May 11, 2006
    Dayo Wong Look-a-like?
    I had just come to realize that my friend looks kind of like Dayo Wong! I was at his myspace and saw his picture, I just thought he looks a little bit like Dayo. Do you guys see a resemblence?

    My friend Christrin Chung:

    Dayo Wong:
    posted by x3LKJH @ 8:26 PM   2 comments

    "Its in the Eyes" X4 - Results
    haha your going to laugh when you see this:

    Free Image Hosting at

    Came right out of a magazine =D

    lol it was really easy this week's. I'm making a hard one this week! no more Mr. I mean Ms. Nice Guy I mean =P
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 6:29 PM   0 comments

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006
    All About Women

    Release Date: May 18th 2006
    Preorder your copy here: YesAsia

    Artists include are:
    Miriam Yeung
    Stephy Tang
    Kary Ng
    Bernice Liu
    Myolie Wu
    Charmaine Sheh
    Linda Chung
    Sharon Chan
    Vivien Yeo

    The CD+DVD includes:
    Image Hosted by

    Vivien is singing her version of Don't Blame Her (well isn't it Him now?
    Bernice sings two songs one Into Thin Air themesong and her new series's Subthemesong

    Comments on each individual's singing tomorrow! and when I hear the CD, I'll write a review of some sorts =)
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 9:24 PM   1 comments

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006
    Good News and Bad News
    Lets start with the good!
    AHH rumours are true Julian (Chi Lam) Cheung and Anita Yuen are having a baby!

    Image Hosted by

    Its has been confirmed that she is THREE months pregnant!
    HA I knew it! She is pregnant! AHHH! can't believe it! CONGRATS! Well I believe it is some superstition of sorts that to not to announce pregnancy before 1st trimester...something like that. Lol Chinese and thier superstitions, well one time that the Media wasn't wrong about =P

    I can imagine this baby (and any others one he has) with cute dimples just like his! I swear this kids is going to be the cutest little thing! Aww I'm going to want to pinch the kid's cheeks!

    Now the Bad....Nnadia's cancer has came back. It saddens me that she has to once again face this.

    Image Hosted by

    Best wishes to Nnadia for a complete and speedy recovery!

    News Links:
    Anita is Pregnant!
    Nnadia's Cancer came back
    Credits to Jayne
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 11:05 PM   1 comments

    Monday, May 08, 2006
    Dance of Passion: One episode down
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Offical Banner:

    lol I watched one complete episode and I have to say I am very disappointed so far at least.

    I feels that there is too much going on so fast. Right off the bat Moses is strung with firworks and his "lover" is burning to death.

    For all the publicity, I feel its not worth it. But for a regular series it would be okay. I haven't seen Ada or the other main character yet so I will have to wait for till they appear and get more into the plot to make my final verdict. Who knows the tides may change... lol I'm so late in DOP but oh well

    Episode 1 Featured Character

    Image Hosted by

    Charmaine's Character (Ka Chun Fan): For a series that is so packed with drama Charmaine gives a breath of fresh air.
    From her walk to her umm... forgetfulness she has cause me to unexpentantly to laugh.

    * Her Walk/Run- I think it is one of the funniest parts, her running is so...akward! She swings her arms in a weird manner and her legs are raised so high up! haha... she runs everywhere in the series. Even when she does not have to! like when she runs back after making her delivery. Someone has to tell her to slow LOOK what happened she slid down a hill into a watering hole!
    * Her smile- I love that smile! but she gives it to everyone including men (giving wrong signs) lol I so agree... it really funny to see her smile! her front teeth are showing a bit too much though
    *Tendency to forget things- She runs back after remembering she left something. I can't help but to give out a little laugh.
    *Spilled milk water- Because of the way she walk she spills ALOT of water! well goo thing its raining because if it didn't she would have alot of water missing ( I know once it reaches a certain amount it can't spill no more) anyways by the time she got back alot of it would have evaporated. haha... whats the point of going so far for so little?

    Charm in a Flash [epi 1] ~6mb gif file
    I'm sure use if MS's pic view will not show you the hole thing... I'll try to upload it tomorrow.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 8:55 PM   4 comments

    Sunday, May 07, 2006
    “At the Base of Lion Mountain” to be air on May 14th
    “At the Base of Lion Mountain” to be air on May 14th

    Free Image Hosting at

    Translated by: Sidney

    TVB’s new rendition of “At the Base of Lion Mountain” (獅子山下) will be airing this Sunday, May 14, 2006 @ 7:00pm (HK) on Jade channel. The whole series/show will be composed of 10 episodes, and with each episode there’s to be a special meaning or moral that teaches a lesson about life, love, family, and friends.

    It has been over 30 years since HK premiered “At the Base of Lion Mountain” in 1973. For a long time, this series has been memorable to a lot of Hong Kongers (a term I just learned from RIta!); since the whole storyline was based off the reflection of Hong Kong’s social and economic status. After such a long period of time, TVB has made new rendition of it and with an even stronger cast. Eric Tsang is the head producer and takes part as one of the cast, along with Jessica Hsuan, Jackie Liu, Wai Ying Hung, etc. Joey Yung will be singing the theme song, and with the usage of a special audio device, it blends her singing with her late mentor’s, Roman Tam; making it into a classic duet.

    Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) character will be a father who’s having communication problems with his son. Oblivious to new technologies that is rapidly entering society and influencing teens, Eric’s mission is to try to learn as much as he can of today's advancements; hoping to bring his relationship with his son a little closer.

    Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and Jackie Liu (呂頌賢) will play as an unmarried couple in the show (so NO, they are NOT dating!). Together, they’ll solve mysteries and find hidden treasures (I assume very much like the Biter Bitten characters, if you’ve seen it). The characters that Jessica and Jackie portrays should be very similar to their personalities in real life; a possibility that that’s why they were cast the roles.
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:17 PM   2 comments

    "Its in the Eyes" is back! and four times better!
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 7:17 PM   5 comments

    Saturday, May 06, 2006
    Quote of the Day - 5.6.06
    This isn't exactly a quote, and it's not the exact words of what Ha Yu said in When Rules Turn Loose, but I thought it was a pretty cool story he told his 'daughter' Yat Sum [Patricia Lau].

    There were two piggybanks. There was a beautiful one, and a plain one. Everyone would put their money into the beautiful pig and the plain one would get none. One day, the beautiful pig was full of money and couldn't fit in anymore money. The plain pig still had none. A person came and smashed the beautiful pig and got all the money. The plain piggybank was still there sitting alone with no money in it. For ten years, twenty, and thirty years. Soon, the plain piggybank became an antique and was very valuable. [Ha Yu - When Rules Turn Loose]
    posted by x3LKJH @ 10:25 AM   0 comments

    Friday, May 05, 2006
    Sonija Kwok to film new moview with Louis Koo

    Ok I just read this the headline "Sonija Kwok to film new movie with Louis Koo" and I could feel my blood pressure raising!

    There have been recent reports that Sonija will be filming a new movie with Louis Koo Tin Lok.

    Louis' next filming project will be 《很想跟你走》("Wanting to Leave with You") and his co-star will be Lau Yeuk Ying. Sonija will likely be playing Louis' girlfriend in her first major role in the movie industry. - Jaynestars

    Well you all should know why I felt such anger! That roles was for JESS not Sonija! Jess already had to "share" Louis with Sonija ASITP...

    lol I'm overreacting...sigh
    I just wish SO badly that it was Jess instead of Sonija. I do feel bad for Sonija...all the rumours are stupid. One after the other...when will it stop? I guess never, as long as they are in the public eye the scrutiny never ends
    posted by toomanysidesofme @ 10:20 PM   0 comments

    "Go with the Flow"
    hehe I have several things in store over the coming weeks!
    I made a new layout, I decided not to change the background color. Ok maybe just lazy to see with one would look good with this banner, I think black looks fine ;-)

    Oh yeah... OK OK I won't shut down... but seriously if I did it won't matter that much. Its just ONE blog less, still have plenty left to go to.

    lol I randomly took a test... and i have to say pretty accurate. my motto "Go with the flow"

    You Have A Type B+ Personality

    You're a pro at going with the flow
    You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
    A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

    While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
    Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
    You're passionate - just selective about your passions
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    Quote of the Day - 5.5.06

    Kenneth: In this world, there are still guys who are willing to love their girlfriends forever and always.
    Bernice: Hmm... Are you talking about dinosaurs?I'm sorry, but they don't exist anymore. [Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu - Into Thin Air]

    posted by x3LKJH @ 8:34 PM   4 comments

    Thursday, May 04, 2006
    Most Wanted News | Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan are Dating!
    Many fans always wanted miracle news on things to happen in TVB.
    For instance: Some fans wanted to have Triumph in the Skies II ft. Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan and wanted news on that. But Louis turned down the role, so then fans waited for a miracle to happen. They wanted a piece of news on Louis Koo accepting the role in Triumph in the Skies!

    Or when fans waited for Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion to air as soon as possible. It kept being delayed and delayed. Fans wanted news on it saying when it'll air!

    Well... Here is the kind of news I've always wanted to see. toomanysidesofme too!

    [I know, this piece of news is not real and it doesn't sound real at all. This is just a fake article.] Sorry, this is very unrealistic...
    Yesterday evening on May 3, 2006, Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were spotted eating dinner together. Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan arrived around 6:30 P.M. walking hand in hand into the restaurant smiling brightly.

    As soon as they got their seats, it seemed as if Louis was making jokes or doing something funny. Jessica kept laughing which made Louis smile 120 watts.

    After dinner, they were sitting around joking and laughing happily. When asked if they were dating, Louis answered, “Yes, we’ve been dating!”

    Moments later, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu came in the restaurant, seeing Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan, they immediately rushed over. Asking his idol and his older ‘sister’ how to keep things down low, Jessica replied, “We didn’t keep it down low! Back then, reporters didn’t pay much attention to us. I’ve been rumored with Gallen Lo Kar Leung numerous times. Louie and I have always been close back in 1999-2002 but reporters never to have rumored us about relationships. Instead, friends and family have always asked me if I was dating him.”

    Louis added, “We come over to each other’s houses a load of times recently but no one ever suspected us. Bosco, if you weren’t so popular, you wouldn’t have been caught dating Myolie!”

    Obviously embarrassed when complimented by Louis, Bosco waved bye and went on with his date Myolie.

    Later on, Louis and Jessica accepted an interview; they could be in the mood for anything!

    Reporter: When did you guys start this relationship?

    Louis: Ehh… in 2003.

    Jessica: Yeah, we met a while back filming in Class of Distinction.

    Reporter: How was it that you guys created great sparks for Fei and Quin?

    Louis: We were very close friends back then so we felt more comfortable acting together.

    Reporter: Have you ever noticed how many fans of yours you guys have created?

    Jessica: *laughs* Haha, yes! After Detective Investigation Files IV we have gather many fans from around the world since our hell ending in there.

    Reporter: Will there be another LJ pairing?

    Jessica: I remember that interview!

    Louis: Oh, I know which interview! I agree with Michael and Kenix, if their fans can wait 7 seven years, I'm sure LJ fans can wait 10!

    Louis: Which make us the Golden Couple of TVB. *laughs*

    Reporter: Do you guys plan on getting married?

    Louis/Jessica: Of course!

    After that question, Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan left the restaurant driving home.
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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006
    Nervous Bobby gives Jessica a “wet” kiss!
    Nervous Bobby gives Jessica a “wet” kiss!
    Translation by Sidney

    Image Hosted by

    Yesterday, Bobby Au Yeung and Jessica Hsuan were filming the “kissing” scene for their new series, “Do Cheung Fung Wan.” Although Bobby calls Jessica his “old friend” (老 死) and has known her for a long time, never were they needed to film a kissing scene before! No wonder Bobby was so nervous; constantly sweating and leaving behind a residue of sweat on the corner of Jessica’s mouth! (eww….)

    Before actually filming the “kissing scene,” Jessica leaked out that Bobby was so nervous; he had already started chewing gum for the scene right before it! “I don’t understand! Normally male actors should be happy that they could film a kissing scene, and not nervous! I’m not worried about it, since compared to my past passionate kisses with Michael Tao and Louis Koo, this is real easy for me!” said Jessica, laughing. “But with Bobby, there is a little bit difference. I can’t imagine myself doing a kissing scene with him. He looks so much like Garfield! How can I imagine passionately kiss a cartoon!”

    During the filming, Jessica and Bobby had to kiss about 7-8 times, in order to get the different angles necessary to for the scene. Since had to kiss so many times, it made Bobby very nervous, causing Jessica to blurt out “My lips are all wet now!” Bobby was asked later if he was scared that his wife would be jealous for filming a kissing scene. Bobby laughed and said, “Of course not! My wife even laughed and said that I got to kiss Jessica Hsuan, Yoyo Mung, all these beautiful girls! Knowing that it’s part of my job, she’s not worry at all.” Jessica also said that she’s not worried, even if she has a boyfriend; it was all part of her job.

    another pic
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    Updates: 5-03-06


    1.Well my APs are over for now! Until next year! (if you want to know, they were EASY!)
    2.Seems like a while I was gone, my hits have gone to an all time low...haha
    Need to get those daily updates going again! (lol maybe next week)
    3.Desperately trying to get the last known (to me at least) Jessica super trio episode
    (old time buddy one! if you have it email me ASAP! Please!)
    4.New layout coming soon! (feat._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)
    5.Finish Ratings article
    6.Write WTP review
    7.Start watching CBWH or RDOV? (Ooo... excited!)
    9.Says sorry for so little updates this past week or so
    10. Thanks Sid million times! woot three cheers for SID!
    11. Last but not least, thanks to Amanda for all the recent quotes! WOOT!

    now that I think about it, maybe I should just close up shop. There are so many other blogs out there now. Those are far better than mine anyways. hmm... I should consider that. =
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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006
    AP tomorrow!
    woot! AP tomorrow that I can finally get it over with *does cartwheels across living room* lol... wish me luck! but by the time I come back to my blog I'll prob be done with them! hehe...
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    Monday, May 01, 2006
    Quote of the Day - 5.1.06.
    The time is only right, when you make it right! Unless the batteries are broken and you don't know what time it is. Hahahaha. [Moses Chan - Family Man]
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    HK and Ratings
    HK and TV ratings
    Free Image Hosting at

    This is more of a ramble… lol bear with me…also all this is my own opioion. Don’t be offended… at least I don’t think I said anything offensive anyways.

    -skip down if you do not want to read about HK skip down to the ratings part of it-
    Just fast facts about Hong Kong
    6,940,432 (July 2006 est.)

    Age structure:
    0-14 years: 13.5% (male 488,607/female 445,593)
    15-64 years: 73.7% (male 2,495,679/female 2,620,336)
    65 years and over: 12.8% (male 413,031/female 477,186) (2006 est.)

    Population growth rate:
    0.59% (2006 est.)
    Birth rate:
    7.29 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)
    Death rate:
    6.29 deaths/1,000 population (2006 est.)

    Sex ratio:
    at birth: 1.08 male(s)/female
    under 15 years: 1.1 male(s)/female
    15-64 years: 0.95 male(s)/female
    65 years and over: 0.87 male(s)/female
    total population: 0.96 male(s)/female (2006 est.)

    noun: Chinese/Hong Konger
    adjective: Chinese/Hong Kong

    Ethnic groups:
    Chinese 95%, other 5%

    Chinese (Cantonese), English; both are official

    I can say that most of the people reading this blog is not in HK. It is hard for someone outside HK to understand their lifestyle, their way. Looking from the outside in doesn’t give the whole view, but what if we had an inside look in HK.

    A few months ago I had a pleasant visit from my aunt who lives in Hong Kong. Hehe, she was fun and we even watched all of Golden Faith together! During the viewing of Golden Faith, she said that she vaguely remembers seeing small fragments of the show. Then she said that she hardly ever watch TVB anymore! (screaming inside…) Thinking back to my last visit to Hong Kong I realized that hardly anyone was ever home. Always out on the “fast track”. Out of the whole month I think we ate in like seven times. There was a different restaurant everyday. I have to say it was yummy mmm…food. (I do say I love the train system in HK)

    Something about Hong Kong that some must realize is that most people in Hong Kong spend most of their income on living. Apartments are very expensive because of the lack of space Hong Kong has. (Something shocking I learned that the land bought in HK isn’t actually your forever. The deed only last for x amount of years and then the land is return to the HK government and resold again. I have always wondered how come the HK government has so much land to give out and it seems never run out of land, but in fact they are just reselling land over and over. Sounds unfair, it is. Something that is starting to be used in China too…they took the idea from HK)

    Lol I got off topic al little there. But I just wanted to point out HK life is very fast and it’s a pretty though life out there. Reason HK population has been dropping is because Kids are very expensive these days. More exactly the books needed for school are very expensive.

    Back to my conversation with my Aunt, she said the main reason she didn’t watch series is because she is just busy, Her shift at work varied and to follow a series was quite difficult.

    Something that has troubled me is the unpredictability of ratings.

    Who would of thought one of the most talked about series LWOLAP but do so horribly in ratings? When TVB moved back the date there was an upraising of protest. But when it finally aired the ratings were very disappointing. I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment.

    I was looking at the Top Series from 1997- present.

    Here are some observations

    1999- It like a desert that year… the highest averaged rating was 32? Lol thinking back to what happen that year. I finally understand why… even I was diverted from TVB. The Taiwan series HZGG (Pearl Princess) was aired on HK’s other free channel ATV, which it drew impressive ratings. (umm whoops I was also one of the people who was drawn into the hype…lol I was obsessed at that point)

    Anyways, one of my all time favorite series was aired at this time Detective Investigation Files IV… ahh Louis and Jessica…*heart*

    War of Gender the series with the highest single ratings was the third highest average rated series with its average ratings of 35 pts.

    Sigh one of my biggest shock was from two series who had disappointing ratings

    Image Hosted by
    9. Golden Faith
    Cast: Gallen Lo, Deric Wan, Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam, Michelle Yip
    Average Ratings: 29 PTS
    First Week Ratings: 24 PTS
    Final Week Ratings: 37 PTS
    Peaking: 43 PTS

    Image Hosted by
    and A Threshold of An Era
    Which I do not have the exact ratings for... but for the impressive cast ensembled it was quite disappointing…

    War And Beauty did not have THAT impressive ratings… overall. But it did make it the second highest rated series that year.
    View Truned In: 2.08 Million
    Average Ratings: 32 PTS
    First Week Ratings: 30 PTS
    Final Week Ratings: 33 PTS
    Peaking: 41 PTS

    Image Hosted by
    The Highest rated series is a tie between Square Pegs and Jewel In The Palace
    Both with average rating of 36 pts
    Weird year…
    Le Femme Desperado did not flop
    One of the least hyped series, Safe Guard, had a very impressive run peaking 40 pts
    LWOLAP failed to be a hit
    Ekin’s return failed Always Ready
    Under the Canopy of Love- a cast comprised of the “younger generation” was very successful
    Welcome to the House did not flop like expected.
    Benny’s returned saved many series cough…Biter Bitten… woot Benny!

    HK viewers are just too hard to understand…. That is my conclusion

    to be continued... there is more but I have to go study now... bye!
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